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  1. The whole bus was drunk. They left us for 3-4 hours in a massive stadium bar and expect something else? Lol. I remember everyone banging on the windows at their fans as we arrived and they looked visibly rocked 😂 Pissing in the bucket was a low point though Another memory was some lassy wearing a signed top off wylde or something and wouldn't shut the fuck up about it
  2. Are you trumps doctor? Hurt my head trying to read that.
  3. Nameless Ghoul


    Just an expensive scarf tbh
  4. Always going to happen. They were always going to be handed 8.5
  5. Hopefully be able to come up with something. Would love a white kit with the star
  6. Hibs are by far the worst in the uk for fan behaviour at their shitey stadium 😂
  7. I like it. Can't see any sponsor willing to have their logo so hidden though
  8. My only real memory of them while supporting us was being on coach 3 in 2010 going from the DW stadium to old trafford to play them in the champions league. Approaching the stadium and the walk up the stairs to the stadium was noise I won't forget. Overall a class trip but lucky i didn't piss myself with the toilets not working on the bus. Shambles.
  9. Both hopefully but details will be limited due to current contracts i bet
  10. My kids love it and free is a bargain as it's still £40 on the store. Enjoy it myself too if i'm honest. Today only i believe.
  11. Brutal. Used to be one of the first things you saw when you reached the top of the stairs to the copland side of the stand if my memory is correct
  12. I remember it well sitting in broomloan front for that one.
  13. There used to be a shop in the clubdeck too. Not sat up there for years but assume that's long gone now too
  14. Hopefully they already have production well under way
  15. In recent times i'd say miller. Can't think of many scoring against them as much as he has and he always seemed to play well against them.
  16. So what does this mean for us? Just on a stronger footing for null and void? Or for finishing all games?
  17. Sounds like we had fuck all and now will be left looking like idiots
  18. "Eeeeeeeer yeah of course..." Not listened to it just a guess
  19. No chance does she support Rangers lol
  20. I won't believe it until i see something official from a twitter account with 1888 in the handle
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