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  1. theres not been suh a hillarious thread since when that guy was cheatin on his fat wife with some burd from here
  2. although i am a litte nervous dundee united seem to be our bogey team of late
  3. how terribly offensive i think i mite shed a single tear
  4. call it blind faith if you want but i cant see us getting humped,im not confident of a win but im pretty sure we wont be embaressed and may even come away with a draw,will be interesting to see walters tactics as he will know fergusons style very well
  5. what car you got that goes from gailoch to auxerre in 2 hours seriously though i couldnt care about the "glamour" ties i just want the lesser,if you can even call them that,teams
  6. there amazing ,thats a better job than the real design team will do i bet
  7. just got 1/2 for chelsea 1-0 with a couple mins to go,yass
  8. i really dont want this ellis guy to buy us i would rather continue as is than be sold to someone whos not a rangers fan or at least filthy rich,anybody else feel that way ?
  9. miss the game due to work fuckin again but never mind ill get my season ticket back next year just wondering though on sky sports it says weir was left back and beasley center mid is this right im guessing it to be a mistake
  10. robbie keane,doesnt scare me in the least tbh i think its funny the tims are pating him mega bucks when hes living on a reputation and couldnt cut it at liverpool,well win the league and the timmys will be ragin
  11. Funny that. In all my years of going to the Kirk I've never been 'taught' that terrorist support was welcome. Neither offering safe harbour to sex criminals. At memorial services the silent display of respect is perfectly observed. Not that I needed the Kirk to teach me these things - my Parents and non-sectarian education was more than sufficient. You don't half talk some shite. You are naive if you think organised religions of all shapes and sizes won't have elements in them that are pedophiles and do their best to cover it up. Maintaining control is what religion is all about. As for disrupting memorial services as mentioned ealier if you are fighting for freedom of speech and win you can't then moan if you don't like what is said. If you want to be told how to behave and what you can say then go live in North Korea for a while. although i agree with some of what you have said i dont agree with that just because something is allowed doesnt mean its right,disrupting remeberence day or any memorial service for that matter is disgusting behaviour
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