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  1. Cummings Press Conference

    “Part and partial”
  2. It's nice to read some common sense here, I think you're spot on. It's extremely disappointing and has impacted our momentum, but if this team and manager are good enough they won't give up and they'll use to get tore in about our enemies
  3. *****The Official Rangers vs Hibs Thread*****

    I've got no doubts an 11 man rangers would have created and buried more than enough opportunities and took that game. Sickened by the ref and glad to see Bruno etc getting into the refs face at the end
  4. Pena

    Thrown under the bus IMO, a difficult first game, but feel like he started to get into it. Hopefully realises what is expected now
  5. *****The Official Rangers vs Hibs Thread*****

    I'm not paranoid but I can't blame the players or pedro, we are a goal and a man down and it's all because of the referee. Mhanky
  6. *****The Official Rangers vs Hibs Thread*****

    Spoonburnin bheasts cannot wait to fuckin annihilate these cunts, alves is gonna separate stokes' head from his body
  7. This is the greatest thread of all RM history
  8. EDU! EDU! Last minute victory - couldn't have been sweeter
  9. FS the paranoia! Robbie Keane can't stop us beating every other team in the SPL or the Cups
  10. There's a draft....shut that window

    Is Walt friends with owen coyle? If so it's gonna be Shittu
  11. SuperScoreBoard Xtra & Real Radio

    Loved the guy that said he had a son up the stairs who was '5 or 6 years of age' Doesn't even know what age is son is. Dirty tim
  12. The broad Church of modern day Rangers fans

    I disagree, most of the "hardcore" Loyalist/Protestant fans do not put that first, they put Rangers first, it seems that those who dislike that aspect in general, cant seem to understand that. There is no contradiction, we were formed in an area where that was the demographic, I believe the founders were of that persuasion as well. The problem with all this is, nowadays, people look into it too much, try to make links etc that arent there. We were created, and, that was a common value/belief system among those who built the club, and, those who followed it. Over the years, the club celebrated this. Its only since Murray took the helm that it became a problem. 1 man! I dont think anyone said the club should retain and uphold religious and political ideals, what I said, was that they have their place, and, a great number of bears hold this dear, and, makes following the club that bit more special. I like the last line, "absolutely no valid connection or relevance to Rangers Football Club", could be coming from Murrays mouth about the opinion of the common Rangers fan For me, that paragraph just sums it up perfectly
  13. The broad Church of modern day Rangers fans

    I wouldn't say our support was divided really. Only so much as that some people will songs like TBB while some won't - and i understand both views, and both sets of people believe they are doing whats best for our club. Fair enough a lot of people have different opinions on some of our more controversial songs, but people aren't sheep. While some people's family history might not share some of our history which is supported by the clubs history (such as serving in the armed forces or member of an orange lodge) i don't know any rangers fans who would try to take that away from them. Generally i think our supports view is very united. We will always have certain religious and otherwise affiliations at this club - its unavoidable - and in the same way it is impossible in modern Britain not to attract people from other backgrounds. I think the problem is when people start trying to change peoples points of view. Each to their own and all that. I'd never criticise someone for singing Derrys walls, but in the same way i'd never criticise someone for not singing it. I can't expect everyone to feel the same connection with the song and topic
  14. Rangers pressing against this aberdeen side will score before the end. We can't conceed however. MILLER ON!
  15. It did sound absolutely amazing. The away support today is fantastic as always