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  1. I’m confident he doesn’t mean hovering his studs over an opponent off the ball
  2. Alf is incredible, but is making things harder than they need to be. SG has spoke to him before, but that didn’t seem to make a difference. What does Gerrard need to do to get through to him?
  3. Personally I think it’s magic. Alfredo is the BEST forward in the country and he’s only doing what any one of us would love to do against celtic. I don’t know why folk get wound up at his lack of discipline, he IS a hothead but he’s also the top goal scorer in the league and could well fire us to the title so just enjoy their rage and bitterness, it only Spurs on the buffalo
  4. BlueEdu


    Lol why is noone allowed to make a mistake, or ever be forgiven? OP must be infallible
  5. A win today and I’m gonna be in a crackin mood all week fuckin get in there ??
  6. Must win tomorrow, just to take advantage of all of the momentum we have and to really set up the old firm game. Would be more worried about tomorrow, but Stevie KNOWS the opportunity he has and won’t accept anything other than a win
  7. All absolutely beautiful well worth the wait
  8. Really loving our clubs recent actions and our direction, and really think sacking this idiot now after this would send the perfect message to our support and the rest of the world
  9. Agree about the press conference. Personally guys like Mculloch are heroes to me, even Mccoist, and I’m not the type of fan to slag them because they were bad at their jobs, they gave everything in my eyes. McGregor makes good business sense
  10. I’m totally level headed about it and you’re right in what you say, but then I think about someone like Mculloch and what he did for us and I can’t help but resent McGregor. Like I say I’d love to see him win us all over but it’s a tall order
  11. Can’t wait to hear his interview, I wonder if he talks about abandoning the club. Would love for this to give Wes a kick up the arse and “shagger” can warm the bench for two years
  12. Have we had a shot at goal? 45 minutes in our half but to be fair apart from a wrong decision it would still be 0-0
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