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  1. It's nice to read some common sense here, I think you're spot on. It's extremely disappointing and has impacted our momentum, but if this team and manager are good enough they won't give up and they'll use to get tore in about our enemies
  2. I've got no doubts an 11 man rangers would have created and buried more than enough opportunities and took that game. Sickened by the ref and glad to see Bruno etc getting into the refs face at the end
  3. Thrown under the bus IMO, a difficult first game, but feel like he started to get into it. Hopefully realises what is expected now
  4. I'm not paranoid but I can't blame the players or pedro, we are a goal and a man down and it's all because of the referee. Mhanky
  5. Spoonburnin bheasts cannot wait to fuckin annihilate these cunts, alves is gonna separate stokes' head from his body
  7. This is the greatest thread of all RM history
  8. "Bigotry; An intolerance toward those who hold different opinions from oneself."
  9. That's terrible news RIP
  10. Fultons face makes it, too good
  11. R.I.P
  12. The pic of him and Beasley looks like a young happy couple
  13. :praise: Easily the best yet! Would love to see this :praise:
  14. Thats top class