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    I live too far away to attend many matches.
  1. Jbb has went to shit the past 5 years. Don't even go into them now. Sports direct footy boots tho
  2. Quality tonight. Good seeing him in the flesh. He will rip up D3
  3. Need people like him in the dressing room as someone said. I'd love it
  4. It's different for players who aren't gers supporters, I've no problem with them leaving, like Aluko to further his career. But hope/wish players that are rangers through and through stay I.e. McCullough, Davis etc. I know I would stay no matter what!!
  5. I just hope we stick together if division 3 happens for 3 years. With our supporters I'm confident!!
  6. The Rangers, Glasgow Rangers, la la Rangers, it's all the same! But this shit day by day is slowly breaking my heart can't wait til August to show how united we actually are!
  7. I love this chant, imagine 40k+ singing this when we play them
  8. Of course
  9. This is great, cancelled my willy hill. Keep it up guys
  10. Can the government do anything about it?
  11. I've the urge to spend days playing FM :/ bastids lol
  12. They planted claymores and C4 everywhere. Dirty bheggars
  13. He's not great tactically lets be honest but will gain great experience from the shambles we find ourselves in. I voted yes as Im confident he will turn it around
  14. Yeah they can go fuck
  15. Feel like crying here. Lump at the back of my throat. Good luck in your careers lads :'(