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  1. Rugby GIP

    She could play with my odd shaped balls. She looks like she could play in a variety of positions. Etc....
  2. Just watching Newcastle v Liverpool

  3. Aye..even a goal down they were giving it plenty. And the team responded.
  4. Butcher

    Sutton actually speaks more sense than Butcher about the game and Rangers....and I fucking hate Sutton.
  5. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Looks like he was hit with an EBT.
  6. Davies smeared on social media?

  7. Lewis MacLeod

    Less than a grand? Fucksake.
  8. Sheep - Photo caption competition

    Ram a lamb a ding-dong.
  9. Has Mark Allen Started Work Yet?

    Bought everycunt £2 scratchcards today. Good work.
  10. Oh Bruno Alves

    A fucking proper defender.
  11. Your all time Rangers XI

    1.Goram. 2.Jardine. 3.Numan. 4.Gough. 5.Wilkins. 6.Butcher. 7.Albertz. 8.Gascoigne. 9.McCoist. 10.Hateley. 11.Walters.