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  1. 1.Goram. 2.Jardine. 3.Numan. 4.Gough. 5.Wilkins. 6.Butcher. 7.Albertz. 8.Gascoigne. 9.McCoist. 10.Hateley. 11.Walters.
  2. There's two months of the transfer window to go,you miserable sod.
  3. *Lndesfarne.
  4. Where's Berwck?
  5. I liked Joe...wish him all the best.
  6. I agree...Wallace was playing through an injury for a large part of last season. I want to see him in a better team (hopefully) fully fit.
  7. It's like something out of Viz......
  8. Thunderbird. Fraser Fyvie.
  9. Michael O'Halloran is more of a Ranger than you Scott ya wee diddy......Fucksake.