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  1. As far as I can imagine, the way to get it off will be heating it up to melt the glue with an iron. Not sure how clean it would come off. I would either speak to Carling and see if it can be exchanged, if not, just wear it
  2. Where we all these bids when Murray was offloading us? Why now if some of them want to keep us out of admin?
  3. Laffety has a look on his face...
  4. I'd say Ehiogu, but he did us one favour or Konterman for that matter
  5. Kinda ironic when they've stole everything they have...
  6. Keepers can play alot longer than most outfield players. Such as Van Der Sar, who was over 40 when he retired. I think he has alot of life in him yet.
  7. We are the fucking people. No you, Peppe la Pue
  8. YAASSSS up ye ya fuckin inbred
  10. Can Samaras do anything but dive?
  11. Because that would make sense...
  12. so a relativity simple process, could see this raising a fair bit of cash then, would happily buy a few if i ever get some cash through
  13. But if we are no longer listed on the PLUS market will this affect this?
  14. I thought the tax case verdict would be heard before the 10 days were up?