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  1. This was the exact same as me
  2. It's not really an issue for me. IMO this wont happen anyway. Usually players are given flags from supporters in the stand. It's not very likely any of our support would happen to have a tricolour handy to give to daly. Although I know there is a Dublin Rsc (behind enemy lines iirc) so my point could be open to argument. IMO unlikely but not an issue if it happened
  3. I've been looking at this today I've currently got.... sky tv base package, espn, HD, documentaries & kids Sky phone line rental and free evening & weekend calls Unlimited broadband All that for 72quid per month. Quite pricey IMO If I switch to BT lock stock and barrel I'd pay 38quid per month inc line rental, bt sport, free evening & weekend calls and that fibre optic broadband. I'd miss the documentaries to be fair and the kids channel bring silence to my house lol. Too much of a saving not to consider. I'm not taking sky sports, I've done without it just fine this season. RFC are hardly on it anyways
  4. No from me. The money was not raised for this kind of thing. There are still a few issues in which the club may need defended, the money should be used to for this 1st and foremost Ie possible Craig whyte claims/ sfa possibly revoking footy license etc etc
  5. Hearts debt alone is about 20million quid irrc
  6. Ps my ST is in GF6 and it cost 313quid last yr iirc The govan rear is usually dearer than the govan front
  7. If ur that hard up Get a Saturday job with g4s or whoever the security is next yr Get paid to watch the footy. I used to work with 3 guys who done this, mon - fri they did their normal job then Saturday stewarding at ibrox
  8. No Thanx Buy cheap at a young age and sell high, sad to say but Celtic do very well with this policy. We can't be going back to broadfoot, novo (as much as i love the wee man) and smith. Nicky Clarke would be an excellent example of this. I'd be very pleased if we get him
  9. No offence m8 but why didn't u just throw them out the house. My mrs wouldn't dream of pulling that shit on a night like that. Luckily I had a ticket but but if I didn't we wouldn't be watching corrie or easties that night I'm afraid
  10. No it's defo in the main stand. That much I do know
  11. Me neither until last week. I think they've opened up unused lounges because of the high demand for the game next week. It was my brothers birthday the other week and this is what we wanted to get him
  12. Got hospitality for the Berwick game, me, my young brother and my old man. We got put on a waiting list as the hospitality suites were all sold out, then got a call offering us the east tower lounge/old players lounge. We took them, decent price actually. Anyone ever Been in this lounge? Thoughts on it? I can't see it on the website or anything like that. Is it similar to club Europe (slightly less formal etc)? Cheers
  13. There was no record if his ban. This was whytes argument in court (this can be found on Internet etc) the judge said info wasn't available.
  14. Using a companies assets to buy said company is highly illegal (there's a legal term for it) Whyte mortgaged ST's to pay lloyds. That in itself isn't illegal, although lying to ticketus on the loan application form is