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    I live too far away to attend many matches.
  1. What Other Teams Do You Support (If Any)?

    Just saying that's all, when we've drawn rangers in champions league twice was the worst 4 games of my life was hard big time my life is always about utd and rangers drives my wife insane big time
  2. What Other Teams Do You Support (If Any)?

    I know ur going to shot me down ere but I have my dads side in family come from Glasgow always went to games when was young before moved away ,but got a season ticket at old Trafford I always get up to see the rangers whenever possible I can always buy the gear and all sorts I await the response...
  3. Coverage of tonights game

    Where abouts in Essex are u im chelmsford never know maybe hitch a lift?
  4. Off topic with what's going on

    Ok thanks for ur help much appreciated
  5. Hi there people first post bit nervous esp with what's happened since all the uncertain of the football club in recent months and that don't get me started, I live in Essex and I'm making a special trip to see in ibrox never been before, hows the best way to get way to get the famous ground from the city centre sorry to bother you all