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  1. BBC sport also doing a live text minute by minute of the game on their website
  2. League one play offs on just now Bradford vs Fleetwood Scunthorpe vs millwall Bradford have Stuart McCall managing them and nicky law playing Scunthorpe have jamie ness playing, think crooks has been injured Millwall have Shane Ferguson on their bench. Hopefully Bradford vs Millwall final
  3. Daylight robbery but fuck thistle
  4. Jeff stelling just said Warburton did a great job at rangers. Sky are clueless about Scottish football
  5. Gone backwards, no one can deny it. Not his team and all that but nothing has shown me hes the man for the job
  6. spineless bastards, Tavernier & Waghorn the two worst culprits
  7. Never thought I'd see the day where I'm cheering a charlie mulgrew goal
  8. Joshua to win in round 5 or 6 I reckon. Who do you reckon they will have in the next Wembley fight? I think wilder will jump in the ring after and set up Joshua vs wilder in Vegas. Then fury fights winner at Wembley in 2018?
  9. No heart, no passion, no desire. That stems from the players and the board. Dont think Pedro is long term answer also, we went for the cheaper option..... again
  10. bump (just in case)
  11. Agreed but lewandowski was flagged about ten Mins before when he was one on one incorrectly. The two that really stick out for me are the card decisions. Vidal is self explanatory but he had his hand in his pocket to send casimero off and didn't take the yellow card out because he walked away from him. Edit: can you imagine this was Celtic and these decisions went against them? There would probably be a vigil in George square tonight
  12. my gran is from Munich so i had a foot in that camp also for tonight
  13. Would have been good to see another half an hour of arguably the 2 best teams on the planet go 11 vs 11 and not be talking about official mistakes after it buddy thats all I'm saying
  14. exactly what i just said