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  1. bump (just in case)
  2. Agreed but lewandowski was flagged about ten Mins before when he was one on one incorrectly. The two that really stick out for me are the card decisions. Vidal is self explanatory but he had his hand in his pocket to send casimero off and didn't take the yellow card out because he walked away from him. Edit: can you imagine this was Celtic and these decisions went against them? There would probably be a vigil in George square tonight
  3. my gran is from Munich so i had a foot in that camp also for tonight
  4. Would have been good to see another half an hour of arguably the 2 best teams on the planet go 11 vs 11 and not be talking about official mistakes after it buddy thats all I'm saying
  5. exactly what i just said
  6. we get you don't like them from about 18 years ago, but ref has ruined what could've been a great game of football.
  7. Shocking decision from ref, what is it with refs and Spanish teams? Casmiero should've went in first half and don't ask me how Vidal got a 2nd yellow. Praying this doesn't cost Bayern.
  8. Looking for anyone selling tickets for this. Would take as many as possible if they're spare. Cheers
  9. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.thescottishsun.co.uk/sport/football/664693/former-chelsea-star-jason-cundy-says-celtic-have-less-fans-than-some-english-league-one-sides/amp/ Cundy is a fucking walloper. I know its about Celtic but sums up the over inflated egos of English football.
  10. Was at the Wycombe game today, I've adopted them as my English team since I moved down south, big turning point was first minute if Hayes scored the header where he hit the bar we would have been 3-0 up at half time. Great effort by them however.
  11. No one in our midfield showed a tenth of the fight that brown did for Celtic today. As a player he's not the most gifted but the lack of aggression in our midfield is so worrying
  12. Was at the Chelsea game today. Hazard was outstanding, as was Pedro but real unsung heroes again were Alonso and moses. They offer a great out for Chelsea to build from the back when Bournemouth had them under pressure
  13. Dortmund frontline looking terrifying, their defence still far too shaky to sustain a challenge to Bayern though
  14. Its a bizarre concept, I like the idea of a penalty shootout though if the games are a draw. Managed to get a couple of tickets for Barcelona vs Liverpool at Wembley for it, hopefully Barca are bringing the stars. I know Messi and Suarez have flown over, Pique, Iniesta etc dont return until Aug 1 from holiday unsure if they will join squad in London
  15. Dvd

    Any technical genius willing to burn myself a couple of copies of the victory today onto a dvd? Had to go to work straight after the pens so missed celebrations. Will of course reimburse for post and packaging and any materials and time used Thanks