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  1. Bottle jobs. Horrendous performance. Game we really need Morelos IMO
  2. I’ve gone to lie down in a dark room after this. Would have rather got pumped than that happen
  3. Thanks for the bounce game you sheep shagging bastards
  4. Their title aspirations were ended after the first game of the season. Miles behind us & celtic. They only turn up for about 4 games a season vs us
  5. I think thats a good move from Hibs Tbh compared to someone like Kewell
  6. Truth be told it’s 2 average fighters going at it against each other. Good thing is neither is scared of taking a beating and neither is too defensive. I reckon it could be a really good fight
  7. Anyone else think Price can upset the odds tomorrow vs Del Boy?
  8. 7-2 vs Falkirk in the league. From memory Cousin scored twice as did Boyd. also I think 7-2 vs Dunfermline in the cup when Jelavic scored a bicycle kick
  9. Genuinely think it could be Arsenal at end of season
  10. So i take it this means he wont go for the world record equalling title next year? hypocrite
  11. Never got a chance. Hes kicked on now to be fair to the lad
  12. Should be about 3 or 4 up by now. If you told me we would dominate like that against a team like Feyenoord a couple of years ago i would have laughed in your face
  13. What’s actually soul destroying is the long ball to Defoe with nothing going in behind Him vs Julien and Biton in the air is like basketball players vs a jockey
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