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  1. William Carvalho to West Ham for 30 million apparently.
  2. Bt sport 1 now for draw lads
  3. City Utd Chelsea Liverpool Huddersfield Brighton Swansea
  4. Got tickets for the relay heats next week. What are chances these guys will be in heats or will they save them just for final? Was reading somewhere bolt may be rested for example
  5. Man U arguably aren't the biggest club in Britain let alone the world. Those other 3 are in a league of their own. My point was that if neymar was joining one of the other teams I mentioned I could understand it (maybe) but PSG are not a big club. They have lots of money yes, but not a huge fanbase, not a loyal fanbase, no history, no huge rivals. All of the teams I mentioned above are bigger than PSG, Chelsea or Man City. But we live in a world now where currency supercedes everything.
  6. Money grabbing cunt Barca, Real, Bayern are the three biggest clubs in world. If you are leaving one of them and not moving to one of other two its probably due to money or lack of match time. As he was in the team, its money. I could accept it If it was likes of Man U, Juventus, Liverpool, Atletico, Rangers, Celtic, Arsenal, Dortmund. A group of clubs just beneath those three big boys. The fact that a team from Ligue 1 is paying this is horrendous I'd expect it from England. PSG as a club aren't that much older than Neymar. He's a gifted player but if I was choosing the best eleven in the world in my opinion he wouldn't get in. When you're paying that amount of money for a player it needs to be someone who doesn't divide opinion. For me he flatters to deceive in a lot of big matches and goes missing if wingback puts in a rough tackle early doors on him.
  7. Dembele out until September supposedly
  8. I went to it yesterday with the Mrs and going today. Trying to convince her its not all over but weather is much better than I thought it would be at this time which will play into spieths hands
  9. Just flew back from Bulgaria from work and heading along to this tonight with the Mrs. Got free tickets in the metro down here cos they were struggling to sell for it. 35 each at one point. Good seeing some legends tonight.
  10. Yeah what i mean is that for a team of Aberdeens ambition which is 99% going to be 3rd at best, they are scouring the correct leagues from a quality & financial perspective. It hasn't worked for us cos we arent aiming for mediocrity unlike the sheep.
  11. He's doing the right thing imo, he's scouring League 1 & 2 in England and since I've moved down south I've been to a few league two where there isnt much difference in standard to playing the usual dross in the SPL outside Celtic and us. And thats the position Aberdeen are targeting, 2nd or 3rd to keep them financially stable.
  12. West Ham supposedly after Arnautovic from Stoke, big window for them i think they really need to hit the ground running after last season. They've been linked with Javier Hernandez & Joe Hart too. Hernandez would be awesome for them, Hart not so much, he wouldnt improve their squad that much. They'd be better going after Forster, Cillissen or Krul if they insist on a new GK.
  13. Easy come easy go for PL Clubs sickening. Wolves record signing now costs as much as ours and Celtics combined. That's just wrong
  14. Douglas Costa to Juventus confirmed. Man Utd paid more for Lukaku than Bayern paid for James and Juve for Costa combined with the agreements in place.
  15. Rossiter's reaction better, actually thanking and sympathising with the fans. Caixinha is a joke and has pulled the wool over some fans eyes, i hope this exposes the stark reality of this imposter.