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  1. Not overly inspiring so far. We’ve had about 5 shots/headers which would (or have) gone for bloody thrown ins
  2. God Crocker, Walker & Hartson love mentioning that Rangers/Hamilton game at Ibrox don’t they? Think they’ve mentioned that more than the current game being played
  3. We should have been all over that imo
  4. Talking about City fullbacks. Cancelo was about 60 million and not seen anything to justify that. Can’t even remember him starting too much edit. Just seen it was about 35million with Danilo being valued at 30 going the other way, so around 65 million valuation
  5. He’s probably not going to get more than 10 grand a week wherever he Goes. I’d rather earn £6000 and move to Rangers than £10000 at Crystal Palace even if I wasn’t a Rangers fan. Money to these people means nothing after a certain time if you’ve got nothing to show for it. A relegation battle in the EPL isn’t the pinnacle of a career, I know we do our league down but we shouldn’t do our club down when you have the likes of Defoe & Arfield leaving these kind of teams to come to us
  6. Life changing is more than just playing in the EPL man 🤣 Money, history, European football, winning trophies, thousands of fans every week, playing for what many consider an icon of the game explain what Burnley and Palace can offer from the above more than us beside money when we would be able to double his wages and some
  7. Not sure if posted already (Lyle Taylor) https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/52881671 out of his linked clubs. Us, Palace and Burnley I’d imagine we are the only life changing move he has been linked with
  8. Not too strange, already said he was probably signed based on his Bundesliga form but you said it was based on his Europa League campaign. So was playing devils advocate in assuming your conclusion is correct I was merely pointing out the gulf in quality of opposition Frankfurt faced compared to us (so far) hence the higher fee for Jovic if you are adamant he was signed based on Europa League. I would be surprised if a club the size of Real Madrid signed someone based solely on someones Europa League form considering the level they play at normally.
  9. I think have a better than a goal every other game ratio in the Bundesliga helped his cause more so than Europe. Regardless even by that logic the standard of team that Jovic was playing and scoring against was harder than our run, Chelsea, Inter, Shakhtar, Marseille and Benfica are arguably all better than any of the teams we have played minus Leverkusen and maybe Porto
  10. Yip and the key word there is Bundesliga. He has done it at a higher level and can command a much higher fee
  11. Also unpopular opinion thread....
  12. The point was you would think we had someone like Lewandowski or Suarez on our books. Prime example is someone just above saying ‘he’s unplayable at his best’ people need a reality check he plays in Scotland and in the Europa League. People on here were saying we were going to get 30million for him at one stage 😂. We will be very lucky to get 1/3 of that
  13. Always has (and will) unquestionably let us down in the end however.
  14. Not sure, the way Morelos was idolised in here at times over past couple of years was staggering
  15. Edouard is a better player than Morelos and they will get a much larger fee for him due to this and our boards incompetence
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