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  1. Rossiter

  2. Brilliant finish that
  3. Stupid rule anyway mate, this kind of thing and VAR kill emotion in football
  4. For sure he has. I agree rule is shite for everyone though but doesn't help the notion down south that Man Utd benefit from a lot of questionable decisions. For the record also I can't stand either of these teams in case people think I'm biased :D
  5. Yes I agree, but where is consistency as 99% of time they do get a booking for that.
  6. Surely Rashford lucky to be on the pitch now? First celebration he went into crowd (no booking) and he just got another yellow for the tackle
  7. Was at the Spurs game tonight. Brilliant match and glad Juventus went through. Hardly any respect was paid to them by the media after a couple of good results from Spurs, nice to bring them back down to earth
  8. ***** Transfer Thread *****

    Carassco, Gaitan and Fonte all made their debut yesterday in China & their team lost 8-0
  9. Mr Holloway, there is only one Rangers and it ain't that shower of shite you manage. He will want to come here 1) playing at Ibrox vs Loftus Rd 2) chance to win trophies vs surviving relegation Absolute no brainer, Holloway just wants to get best possible price for him if he is even manager next season
  10. ***** Transfer Thread *****

    Carrasco and Gaitan have left Atletico to go to China What a waste, especially for Carrasco
  11. Liam Miller

    He's died according to Twitter. Terrible :(
  12. well that was dreadful, shows what i know :(
  13. Never even been to Wales before haha. Now I live down south easier to travel to and always wanted to visit. Just the Aviva left now will try do that in 2 years time when we go over there
  14. ***** Transfer Thread *****

    Batshyuai (sp) isn't nearly as bad as Conte makes out either. Must be something from training ground between them
  15. ***** Transfer Thread *****

    For me mate he's better than the options they were linked with apart from Dzeko. Plus Giroud is used to being a back up striker. Policy is strange though, they were linked with every back up striker in the PL.