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  1. jackg93

    Darren Bent

    Said some nice words about us, but not for me. These kind of deals rarely work for the club
  2. jackg93

    *** The Tennis Thread ***

    Cannot stand her. Always had a nasty edge to her in my opinion and likes playing the victim.
  3. jackg93

    ****Official NFL Thread.****

    Not really into NFL too much but as fate would have it I am in Orlando when the ProBowl is on Tickets are around $70 each do you reckon it's worth going for atmosphere etc rather than the action itself ?
  4. Wonder what odds you'd have got on both promoted sides changing managers after 4 league games. Football has gone mad!
  5. Get it up you Craigan. Bitter bastard
  6. Only thing worse than Kevin Thomson calling Craigan "Crags" is McCoist calling him it Horrendous
  7. jackg93

    ***** The Official Ryder Cup 2018 Thread *****

    Nevermind Pieters, big John Daly making a late charge for wildcard selection for Team USA 🤣
  8. Am I the only one who finds it embarrassing as fuck when Kevin Thomson says "Crags"
  9. Hate Broadfoot. Hate we even gave him a chance at our club.
  10. jackg93

    Man City - All or nothing

    He's won everything apart from the Champions league even then he shouldve had a couple in 2014 & 2016 Guy will be a huge hit in Premier league when he comes
  11. jackg93

    Man City - All or nothing

    Not going to disagree with you mate but think Simeone runs him really close. Would like to see how he would do in England
  12. jackg93

    Any tickets

    Much appreciate mate thanks Let me know if you hear anything
  13. Nice big Rangers and Man City flag at the emirates
  14. jackg93

    ***Official Golf Thread****

    Well done mate that's a belter
  15. jackg93

    ***** Transfer Thread *****

    Hibs after Hyndman supposedly