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  1. So i take it this means he wont go for the world record equalling title next year? hypocrite
  2. Never got a chance. Hes kicked on now to be fair to the lad
  3. Should be about 3 or 4 up by now. If you told me we would dominate like that against a team like Feyenoord a couple of years ago i would have laughed in your face
  4. What’s actually soul destroying is the long ball to Defoe with nothing going in behind Him vs Julien and Biton in the air is like basketball players vs a jockey
  5. Just waiting for Sane to be fit again i think. Normally Bayern have 2 year loans, the fact this is only 1 year shows Coutinho is a stop gap for Bayern
  6. Pens is a lottery mate and theyd be shitting it. Would take pens now
  7. Been waiting on a bet coming in but this has my full attention now 😂
  8. True mate I know sweet f*ck all about Twitter. Just been told by my mrs it’s not the actual clubs Twitter
  9. There was a year where Serena Williams won Wimbledon and she spent shorter time on court in all of her matched than Federer did in the final when he won it the same year. Find it baffling women are pushing for equal pay in tennis
  10. Sickening tbh. That’s the one thing with Rodgers - his big money recruits are normally not great. Outside of Firminho at his clubs, he’s spent a fair whack on likes of Benteke and Markovic Even at celtic they bought Eboue Kouassi and that bloke from the Bundesliga who played twice for a combined 5 million - that’s a decent spend in Scotland now
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