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  1. I would be looking at the players downing tools (especially Pogba) rather than Mourinho tbh. Just because you don’t like your boss doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put maximum effort in, especially on their wages.
  2. jackg93

    *** Official NBA thread ***

    Been out in Orlando for past 10 days. Went to their games vs Pacers & Nets tonight and theyve played really well. Would highly recommend the Amway Center for a visit if anyone is out here in near future
  3. jackg93

    The Boxing News Thread

    Embarassment Earnt about 67 grand per second in the ring
  4. jackg93

    *** The Official Rangers FC V Paedophile FC***

    A few cowardly performances have creeped in recently similar to yester years. Need to do this for the fans for how we have suffered in recent years vs them.
  5. jackg93

    ***Official Rangers v Hibernian Thread***

    Not a chance, this has been in the pipeline since late last year (getting Gerrard in), King is infatuated by him. Also tbh, we cant keep sacking managers we are going round in circles then - now we either stick with a rookie or rebuild (again).
  6. jackg93

    ***Official Rangers v Hibernian Thread***

    Clarke would have been the better option out of himself & Gerrard, not sure many would disagree on that. I really dont know what the answer is though tbh, but i think we are in cuckoo land if we think the likes of Tommy Wright, McInnes & Neil would get us closer than where we are - that being said again, I didnt buy into this Gerrard hysteria at the time, especially as i reckon Rodgers would have definitely walked with all that shit going on in August/September with them if Gerrard wasnt our manager.
  7. jackg93

    ***Official Rangers v Hibernian Thread***

    🤣 What has Alex Neil won? Tommy Wright & Derek McInnes, one cup each when we were in the depths and the poorest celtic side in recent times. I am no fan of Gerrard, but these guys wouldn't get us any closer.
  8. jackg93

    ***UEFA Champions League 18/19***

    Typical BT sport commentators so wrapped up in their English game saying Spurs go in as favourites for the match. They are absolutely cluless about the quality of football teams outwith England
  9. jackg93

    The Boxing News Thread

    Really want Fury to win this. Think its one or two fights too soon for him though
  10. Very open CL at the moment. Bayern also struggling a fair bit. Fancy Barca or Juventus mind you to win it come June
  11. Was still some available on the website as of last night mate because of Villarreal being moved to CD
  12. Never betting on Wolves again. Utter pish performance by them
  13. jackg93

    Greg Docherty

    As fate would have it the mrs got free tickets for the Wycombe game tomorrow and they are playing Shrewsbury. Looking forward to seeing if hes improved at all from last season.
  14. That goal not being awarded at half time was a game changer unfortunately Other than that same story, always too late to make subs and when we eventually do they have been questionable
  15. Laughable how people thought we were going to win the league this year.