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  1. Kompany to leave Man City - just been announced
  2. Potentially Chelsea, PSG, Bayern & Juventus looking for new coaches this summer. Some good names as well who are /potentially available. Can see Allegri going to PSG, Mourinho to Bayern, Conte to Juventus not sure who Chelsea could get. Baffling Blanc is still without a job after all these years
  3. No chance. You’d give about 3 pens a game if that’s classed as handball
  4. Lustig only seems to come off when playing vs Ryan Kent 🤔
  5. That’s very true, didn’t realise the goal difference was so obscene in favour of Bayern
  6. Last day of season vs Frankfurt won’t be easy for Bayern though. They are chasing a champions league spot still
  7. I think she is - she seems everywhere now. I’ve noticed they very rarely have her on with Carragher or Neville for some reason. Can you imagine what would happen if Roy Keane was in the same studio as her 😂
  8. Herrera confirmed to leave Man Utd. Likely to go to PSG
  9. Seems like a nice enough person but not a good pundit in my opinion. This "low block" she said teams were using is just utter nonsense. She now seems to be on everything, i mind seeing her do the NBA when it was in London Mind you, afew of them on Sky (including Soccer Saturday) are just as bad - Merson and Redknapp immediately spring to mind so she probably gets it worse than she deserves.
  10. Bayern just about stumbling over the line at moment. Need a win to win the title and its 0 0 against RBL, with Dortmund winning it might be going to last game of season
  11. Was also quite sceptical about the calendar changing but only 5 weeks until crowning the next major champion at the PGA is getting me very excited
  12. Got the luck of the green over past couple of days but took advantage as others faltered. DJ and Koepka will look at this is a big chance that got away. Next few months will be interesting still dont see him catching Jacks record but glad he got to win at least one more major
  13. Pocket change to replace them unfortunately. Combined transfer fee for both of them is £65million doubt they will bat and eyelid about replacing them with 2 players for even more money never mind the loss of the money in transfer fees
  14. Stick your Morelos up your arse. All about Ryan Kent hes the man for the occasion
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