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  1. TerryTibbs


    absolute banger of a tune This should be getting belted out at Ibrox frequently
  2. So happy Anyone got the full RTV interview they can post in here?
  3. What I don’t understand is old firm managers always seem to implement these wild changes for this match. And they never work. And then they get blamed after the game. Rightly so The set up today was a shambles. Please oh please Kent come back
  4. Underlines yet again how important Tav is to us. btw their right back looks some player too
  5. Just bought it. Is this a pain in the arse if you don’t already have a now tv account?
  6. Not once did I say we were a better team without him. The money we could potentially get for him could vastly improve the squad was my angle
  7. Every interview I’ve seen he has hinted at being at another club next season. Pretty clear to me I love Morelos. I just feel the money we could potentially get for him could win us the title. Providing we get a big chunk of it to spend and spend it right
  8. At the risk of being controversial, selling Morelos is a huge factor in what happens next season. He clearly doesn’t want to be here and as our biggest sellable asset, could hold the key to us toppling them next season. We’ve already proved we’re a good team without him.
  9. Moyes or Lennon and I’d be happy
  10. Know what you’re saying. But this is the worst they’ve been since we came back up. And the best we’ve been also. I said at the start of this season that I would take second. Expecting a slight jump in points between us and celtic. But also very comfortably 2nd. To think we would win the league this season after the huge overhaul of pish we had last season was seriously unrealistic to me. Whats transpired with them losing Rodgers, and whether Lennon/Moyes gets the job, puts us in a great position next season. Maybe a different story if it’s Benitez This summer is absolutely massive. For both sides. Whoever gets it right wins the league I’d say
  11. These cunts are there for the taking Especially if they hire Lennon. Which I’m starting to think they might. They are fucking brutal. A couple of quality players to add and then I’m buzzing for next season Mon then!!!
  12. Please tell me some of these cunts contracts are expiring in June
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