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  1. Such a shit game and performance. Hate to get on our own players but Flanagan is just so bad. If Patterson isn’t the 2nd choice RB ahead of him then there is no hope for bleeding our best youth players into the team. Pretty depressing if that’s the case
  2. On his performances this season, I honestly think he wouldn’t look out of place in just about any of Europe’s top sides. The only player in our team I could say that for at this time. Not a dig at our other players btw happy new year. X
  3. TerryTibbs


    Superb today. As good a defensive performance he’s ever had for us
  4. Aribo out wide. Davis, Jack, Kamara in the middle
  5. I’m sure it would have been decided before the game that if we got a penalty Morelos was taking it. We’re not a fucking amateur team that just decides on the spot
  6. Shut the fuck up. everyone was crying for him to pass the penalties on to Alfie anyway. If Alfie scores the pen and we win, taV would be seen as a good captain for passing it onto him. Been a bad week. Really bad
  7. Stating the obvious here but losing barisic for tonight and having fucking Flanagan as back up made me shite it as soon as I saw the line up. Barisic playing like he has has been is one of the main reasons we’re a much better team than last season. And Flanagan (especially after not playing a competitive game in fuck knows how long) is just such a terrible footballer to replace him. in saying that, drawing a game we were so dominant in is so fucking gutless. There’s every chance we’ll be much further behind celtic come the new year than we were last year
  8. Fuck your perspective. This has been an awful night
  9. He’s annoying. But fair play
  10. Didn’t think it was a goal initially with how muted he was. Fucking hate that commentator. Such an insufferable twat
  11. That’s mad. Actually looks like one of those face swap things. Refusing to get my hopes up here.
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