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  1. McLaughlin Tav Goldson Helander Barisic Kamara Jack Roofe Hagi Kent Itten Would be amazed to see Morelos tomorrow. Although I thought the same after Leverkusen
  2. Aye, Arteta’s a wank. guardiola wannabe too. Who is also a wank Compare Van Bronckhorst to him, much better and more decorated player, moved up rather than sideways/backwards to Arsenal and always speaks fondly of us.
  3. McGregor Tav Goldson Edmundson Barisic Jack Kamara Hagi Aribo Kent Balotelli
  4. A bit presumptuous to say Davis is finished. Only a week ago I thought he was outstanding against fucking Lyon. I do think he is much better suited to European football against better opposition though
  5. My old 5s team were called Buy a Leather Cushion For the record I think we’ll get a doing
  6. Fuck him. He’s showed he doesn’t really care about our club. Kamberi up top til the end of the season
  7. Personally, I like the split. makes it more exciting at the end of a season. Also gives us a fighting chance if we can somehow manage to only be a few points behind going into the split
  8. Hindsight’s a wonderful thing... but I wish we’d sold Morelos in January
  9. Fucking pish Wouldn’t have created a clear chance if we played that game 10 times over
  10. Such a shit game and performance. Hate to get on our own players but Flanagan is just so bad. If Patterson isn’t the 2nd choice RB ahead of him then there is no hope for bleeding our best youth players into the team. Pretty depressing if that’s the case
  11. On his performances this season, I honestly think he wouldn’t look out of place in just about any of Europe’s top sides. The only player in our team I could say that for at this time. Not a dig at our other players btw happy new year. X
  12. TerryTibbs


    Superb today. As good a defensive performance he’s ever had for us
  13. Aribo out wide. Davis, Jack, Kamara in the middle
  14. I’m sure it would have been decided before the game that if we got a penalty Morelos was taking it. We’re not a fucking amateur team that just decides on the spot
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