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  1. Please tell me some of these cunts contracts are expiring in June
  2. I’m confused cos they started rabbiting on about the Europa league then started drawing CL teams
  3. Found a link if anyone’s interested https://www.uefa.com/uefaeuropaleague/season=2019/draws/round=2000989/
  4. Re the fortune Katic could make us; Same goes for Goldson if he keeps to that standard. Especially when EPL teams need a certain amount of English players to be registered in their squads
  5. Really hope we can get in Solanke. Think he would make a massive difference
  6. Glad to hear that he knows McCrorie is in no way a centre half and was being played out of position fuck I’m excited
  7. Hate that idea. Would be embarrassing
  8. I know But running is also quite a big part of being a good footballer, so we shouldn’t just dismiss the fact that Docherty is obviously very fit and a strong runner
  9. Aye, and there’s no running involved in football either is there? Wait. Yes there is
  10. Anyone else think King would give Gerrard more leeway because of who he is and how much the appointment has been billed up? If we came 3rd next season and didn’t win a cup I wouldn’t be surprised if he was still in a job. I may be wrong. League is the bread read and butter for me. If we got knocked out of every competition but were in a title race til the end of the season: I’d take that for his first year
  11. Anyone know of a stream that will work fine on an iPhone for today?
  12. Whoever is streaming it has a terrible taste in music
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