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  1. AndyHalliday

    ****Official Deadline Day Thread****

    kyle bartley ive heard
  2. AndyHalliday

    ****Official Deadline Day Thread****

    looks like a do know something ha ha, diouf medical
  3. AndyHalliday

    ****Official Deadline Day Thread****

    renfrew high, & a have 2 brothers iain & robbie !!
  4. AndyHalliday

    ****Official Deadline Day Thread****

    got told of my mates about this comment & couldnt stop laughing !!!! at the end of the day a play with 2 ex rangers players me & my whole family are die-hards, my mum & dad have followed the team everywhere for about 40 years so you not think a may know a few people within rangers ? am just a fan like the rest of yous so am not saying its a done deal but i got told we where trying to sign 2 players so a thought i'd share, no need to start slagging people. Anyway let's hope we get a couple of signings, take care everyone
  5. AndyHalliday

    ** Official RM Season 09/10 Betting Thread **

    get your money on meridean city 1.50 at musselburgh today !! final day in the 3.20 race & flipping at the 3.10 in wolverhampton are worth a bet too
  6. AndyHalliday

    ** Official RM Season 09/10 Betting Thread **

    thanks mate hopefully these could win people a few bucks 12.50 sandown - spunk 1.00 exeter - james de vassy 7.20 wolverhampton - lady of akita recommend if yous fancy it to stick them on £20 pound treble pays £160