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  1. Bruce

    Another Celebrity Ger

    He wore a rangers top when I went to see him back in 2005.
  2. Bruce

    Sportfreunde Lotte V Rangers

    What was the score?
  3. I hope Walter's half time team talk is sufficent to give them a good kick up the arse.
  4. Anybody got a link to the game, hate listenin to the radio. I don't want to install any program shite though.
  5. "fat eddie murphy" isn't racist, it's funny and banter just like us at hibs last week singing to makalamby "you're just a tall eddie murphy".
  6. Fuckin terrible match. I'm worried.
  7. The game is on the tele Bruce, BBC1 Scotland 7.30pm I believe? It's on BBC 1 Scotland mate. Weird. Doesn't say in the Evening Times or The Sun. Thanks for tellin me anyway.
  8. The game isnae on the tele, radio it is then.
  9. Bruce

    SuperScoreBoard Xtra & Real Radio

  10. Bruce

    SuperScoreBoard Xtra & Real Radio

    You would have more freedom of speech in Nazi Germany.
  11. Bruce

    SuperScoreBoard Xtra & Real Radio

    The first person to talk sense.
  12. Bruce

    SuperScoreBoard Xtra & Real Radio

  13. Bruce

    SuperScoreBoard Xtra & Real Radio