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  1. anyone fancying pm'ing a wee link to the game for us bears that couldnt make the trip?
  2. see thats what i was worried about, the wee cousins are right into it and ive seen glimpses that have been a bit cringeworthy.. will certainly give it a chance to redeem itself though.
  3. not watched this in years, kinda went off it when it all split up. Now ive got sky back i might watch a few, is it much different from how it used to be?
  4. the other day i took; Napoli Bayern Lille St Etienne Marsielle Ath Bilbao PSV Valencia FC Twente for a hefty sum.. seriously hoping its not just Bayern that fucks it or i'll bubble. stuck a few quid on hernandez first goal and 3-0 as well.
  5. because we NEVER set out to play football like this against them. Surely today is just a wee kick up Walters arse to show how much better a team we are when we're keeping other teams on the back foot instead of sitting back ourselves. so many positives from today, and Shagger once again sat about doing fuck all most of the game but still manages to throw himself infront of everything when required. We should set out with this mentality that we can take anyone on for the rest of the season. The taigs would shit themselves if we started with a team like that against them.
  6. I don't dribble ;) xx

  7. I've got good control xx

  8. Your ball skills lol xx

  9. I was just thinking about haha xx

  10. I think I did. xx

  11. Just re read that comment, thought it said something else! Who? :P x

  12. Eh.... Ok lol

  13. back in CM :D

  14. No not at all.

  15. I like kinky!

  16. Ok then boy!

  17. That your a very wise man!

  18. I believe you son. ;)

  19. Your profile says your 25.. if so im no younger than you.

    But wisdom doesn't just come with age, i'm a man (boy) of the world.

  20. Those are very wise words for someone so young!

  21. I will take it as compliment.

    You learn something new everyday on here!

  22. Thanks foe clearing that up for me.

    Fap, fap, fap!

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