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  1. Harry Forrester

    Sounds about right tbf.
  2. Harry Forrester

    He’s shite. He’s obviously talented, and I can only assume the talent is natural as by all reports - as well as his appearance - he’s lazy as fuck.
  3. Auchenhowie extension work set to commence

    At this stage I can only assume that you’re so dense that you can’t comprehend very basic concepts, or so stubborn that you’ll never shift from your initial opposition regardless of what evidence is presented. Better training facilities = good.
  4. Murty wants to emulate Southampton model

    FWIW this is exactly what everyone was saying we should do while we were working our way back through the leagues. Folk are just moaning now because it’s the club that’s saying it and everything the club do is, by definition, wrong.
  5. Murty wants to emulate Southampton model

    Well then what are we supposed to do if scouting other leagues doesn’t work and signing the best players in your own league doesn’t work?
  6. Auchenhowie extension work set to commence

    “The stand will be a tangible legacy provided by the supporters which will also provide more dressing room capacity and education space, which will benefit our young players. It will facilitate greater utilisation of our Academy pitches and thereby the amount of time the players spend with a ball at their feet. Ultimately this will assist us in producing more players for the first team. “The new floodlighting will also allow us greater pitch availability, which again will benefit the players. I would like to thank the RFFF for allowing us to push forward with this important and exciting initiative and, along with the support from our friends at the Scottish Football Partnership, we will deliver a facility that all Rangers fans can be proud of and which will benefit the club for years to come.” If you need me to do 15 seconds work to find a simple solution to a question please do let me know.
  7. Auchenhowie extension work set to commence

    Well then that’s something to raise with the board. Nothing to do with RFFF or how the money has been spent.
  8. Auchenhowie extension work set to commence

    “Waste of money” ”use it to meet an operating expense”
  9. Auchenhowie extension work set to commence

    Improving facilities for youth players?
  10. Auchenhowie extension work set to commence

    I don’t really get what people are so upset about. The fund is no longer required for its original purpose and so it’s funding development at the club. What’s the big problem?
  11. *** The Official Cricket Thread ***

    Looking at the match situation now, Root really fucked it with that dismissal last night.
  12. Preferred XI for 2018/19

    KDB would be doing well to get Joshaldinho out of the side tbh.
  13. Rangers Sign Aidan McAdams

    Folk need to get over this idea that Rangers are at the forefront of everyone’s mind. Walked past the local pitches yesterday and the kids playing were in Barca/Real/Man Utd shirts. When I grew up I’d never have anything but the Rangers kit on. Of course his dream is to go play EPL. These times they are a changin’.
  14. How low can a support go?

    Fucking hell