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  1. Tbh he looks pretty much like what people were expecting Garner to be.
  2. You would imagine he has the faith of his new signings, and the more professional members of our squad. Other than that you mostly have Waburton's wasters; who I honestly couldn't care less about.
  3. We're not Celtic. We're not winning trebles or playing in Europe. You need to be winning consistently to start demanding fees like that.
  4. If selling him for £2m meant that we could promote Alnwick to #1, Kelly to #2, and bring in Walker and one more; I'd be pretty happy with that.
  5. Foderingham probably cost us as many points as he won us last season. Made some great saves, but has absolutely zero interest in claiming crosses.
  6. Leave Lawell's personal life out of this!
  7. Then you apply the same logic to the top Scottish players that did join. Didn't do much for Lee Wallace's development, did it?
  8. Having experience not being a guarantee of success doesn't mean that going for someone with no experience is a good idea. That's like saying staying sober is no guarantee of not getting in a car accident, so you're as well driving drunk
  9. I guess I prefer my manager to be, you know, managers. Like people who have managed football clubs.
  10. See all you folk saying Kenny Miller, do your brains actually function properly?
  11. The non-pass to Dodoo, probably.
  12. Probably wouldn't have developed into the players they are now though.
  13. This year hasn't started yet