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  1. You do though. If they had the attributes required for success, and the ambition to go after it, why would he take a coaching role as the 'local guy' in Pedro's staff?
  2. Someone with savvy, brains, and ambition wouldn't take the role.
  3. I'm stunned that Bomber Brown was considered. Absolutely stunned.
  4. I was certain this was bumped because he retired. Ah well. There's always the summer.
  5. Anyone else draw the inference that King blames Warburton for the Barton thing blowing up? Just the parts about needing a big personality to manage a big personality and not asking for advice you're not ready to hear. Plays into the narrative that Warburton wasn't happy at Barton's post-OF feedback.
  6. Not only should we be looking outside of Scotland but, to be frank, we have to. They currently have a better side than us. We cannot outspend them to catch them. If we can't buy bigger, we have to buy smarter. Make profits on transfers, re-invest in youth and scouting.
  7. You're right, it's not difficult to comprehend. Glad we can agree you made an arse of it.
  8. Given that you directly asked why I thought that, I'll accept the assumed position that you're essentially illiterate.
  9. Where did I say I was convinced?
  10. It's probably got something to do with the fact that this is the third consecutive season that he's scored 20+ goals.
  11. Since when did we have an excellent record bringing youngsters into the first team?
  12. He'll probably get the Kilmarnock gig.
  13. If we beat them twice we finish second. They'll bottle it.
  14. It's too hard to fit the f-word into Penny Arcade.
  15. I'm pretty sure he just means that we're linked with him all the time.