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  1. I doubt it'll be a sell-out. Even if it is, it won't sell out until the day of the match.
  2. Half that thread is people talking about how he was too good for the third division - he was - and glad that we're actually going to have players playing for Rangers next season.
  3. Absolute tosh. This place was fuming when Black signed.
  4. He'd be a good signing if we can move on some of the junk in the squad. It'll be a long season, and we could do much worse than someone like McLean for 20-odd starts and plenty from the bench.
  5. You can sign players anytime you like. Transfer windows are just when you can register them to play.
  6. Does Wallace having "the right" to be captain mean the job is his until he decides to relinquish the title?
  7. Ryan Jack has looked very good.
  8. Dan Evans has failed an out-of-competition test. Tested positive for cocaine.
  9. We pretty much always play Celtic in the middle of September. The Old Firm games are generally always at roughly the same times of the season.
  10. Any of those mad Russian links with highlights?
  11. Some fan page pretending to have inside info.
  12. No chance whatsoever that Dembele isn't on more than £30k a week. He didn't sign for Celtic for the SPL...
  13. I'm 25 and pretty much never wear a football top unless I'm playing 5s or it's matchday.
  14. Even if we signed him on a pre-contract, that would be signing him in January. We wouldn't get him until next season.