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  1. I don't really mind it, but we're pretty poor at it.
  2. I'm never one for saying the board should comment on things, but if the ref cancelled the silence we should be calling the SFA and Celtic fans out for it.
  3. It's very much possible that you could rule someone out of a game without knowing the full extent of the injury.
  4. Wait a minute...
  5. Now how do we recreate the sort of plays that Gibraltar sides are known for...?
  6. Pedro's already worked Brown out. Hes going to tape some tin foil to the top of the main stand, and watch 'Broony' get confused and stare at the shiney shiney.
  7. Played Premier League football for 8 of the last 9 seasons, and is a Scotland international, yet there's no way Pedro or JJ could know about him...
  8. Horrible news. RIP, Ugo.
  9. Scottish Sun are reporting that it's a heart attack. Get well soon, Ugo!
  10. He's 37 this year and runs like the pitch is made of sticky toffee pudding. He'd be an awful signing.
  11. If they came as an alternative to the tag, I think we've found the first - and last - to pick the trainers.
  12. Signed him permanently in January.
  13. See that's nonsense. We've won titles with Mo Ross and Boab Malcolm.
  14. That's you got me bang to rights. Slaughtered.