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  1. News on Alves

    Don't see much point in us risking him on Friday tbh. He should be our first choice CB going forward, but there's not much value in risking a more serious injury rushing him back.
  2. espanyolification

    Because we don't play a 7 game season. St Johnstone are overly reliant on the player on loan from us (a loan that ends in Jan btw). We're better than Hibs, too. They just had a nice bit of early season form. Aberdeen could run it close for a while, but they look poorer than they did last season and I can't see them posting near the total they did last season.
  3. Soooooounness

    Let's keep changing managers every six months. Worked well for the Taigs in the 90s...
  4. Damning Statistic

    So Dorrans and Jack should be mortified that they didn't get booked? You get booked for things like mis-timing tackles and conceding fouls. I'm happy enough that we didn't do too much of that. Also, reading too much into yellow cards in a game that Thomson refereed is utterly pointless.
  5. Naismith

    These sort of arguments are, in my view, pretty naive. If we carried a greater attacking threat then Celtic would have had to adjust their game to account for it.
  6. The thumb

    Yeah I was saying this during the game. He's a very good striker at SPL level, but he's the embodiment of Celtic.
  7. espanyolification

    Celtic do a great job of making themselves look great when there's absolutely no pressure on them. But you've done a great job of talking them up this morning.
  8. espanyolification

    Slightly better gets us close because slightly better means that we beat Kilmarnock, St Johnstone, Dundee et al much more consistently. FWIW, I think they drop in quality, but I agree we can't rely on that. When Sinclair, Dembele, Roberts etc leave then they won't replace them with equal quality. They can spend big all they like but they got fortunate with the availability of the above players. We almost disappeared entirely 5 years ago, the fact that our fans are already up in arms that Celtic are better than us is ridiculous. We're not that far away.
  9. espanyolification

    Aye so we'll fix it by pissing and moaning about how the system is against us? Running them close is a positive as it's a fucking improvement. When we can run them close we can beat them. People that think that we're losing by factors outside of our control, or who think that we have a right to turn up and beat everyone because "we're the rainjurs" are part of the problem. We need to be realistic.
  10. espanyolification

    By doing what we're doing slightly better. We're a much better side than we were 6 months ago. This is despite the fact that half of the squad were entirely replaced over the summer. I'm honestly stunned at the overreaction to yesterday - I don't know why because it always happens - because we could well have gotten at least a point but for individual errors. They're still better than us, but expecting us to be at their level after a single season in the top division was just never going to happen. We'll comfortably finish second this year, and run them close next.
  11. nothing that some steel won’t fix.

    Tbf I think my kicking would be put off too if the folk behind me chucked a flare at me 👍
  12. espanyolification

    Load of shite. People on here need to develop a sense of perspective. We'll be back, and it won't take long.
  13. The start of a run to the end of November which are pretty much all games we should be winning with a degree of comfort. Big test of Pedro's side; because a long winning streak is something we haven't really done under him.
  14. The Boxing News Thread

    Did anyone else catch the two guys making a complete arse of lifting up Parker immidiately following the bell? Anytime one bent down to lift him the other stood up to give up
  15. The Boxing News Thread

    Reckon Joshua should ask if he can fight Parker 20 mins after Pulev. The guy's a bum.