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  1. Creampuff

    Adam Lallana

    Liverpool confirmed to Sky a week or so ago that he wouldn’t be loaned out.
  2. Creampuff


    Aidan Fitzpatrick. Ooft.
  3. Creampuff

    Ravel Morrison

    119 appearances isn’t that few... Obviously everything else in the post is agreed. If he was going to grow up he’d have done it by now. Gerrard won’t be able to control him if the others couldn’t.
  4. Creampuff

    Mohanad Ali

    It’ll be like when we got Bates on loan from Raith. He’ll play in the youth side and we’ll use it to inform whether to sign a perm deal.
  5. Creampuff

    Greg Docherty attracting interest

    I’d much rather retain.
  6. Creampuff


    That ended with Ross County agreeing to pay St Johnstone compensation, IIRC. The question of whether pre-contracts are legally enforceable is a pointless one when talking generally. The wording of the specific contract will decide.
  7. Creampuff

    Zak rudden to become a top player

    8 goals in 16 appearances in the Championship for a terrible Falkirk side.
  8. MOTD is worth watching tonight just to see David Luiz’s ping for Pedro’s goal
  9. Creampuff

    Greg Stewart

  10. Creampuff

    Are there any players in the Spfl worth buying?

    Bates is 3 years older I’d wager that Porteous is twice the player that Bates was at his age.
  11. Creampuff

    Are there any players in the Spfl worth buying?

    He didn’t look shite against us.
  12. Creampuff


    Why would someone pay for Shankland and loan him back? His contract is up in the summer...
  13. Creampuff

    Herrera (Out:Loan)

    I think once we made the ‘bold’ move of appointing Caixinha, we had to back him by letting him sign the players he wanted.
  14. Creampuff


    Finnish? Kamara’s no Finnish, he’s only 23!
  15. Creampuff


    I think he meant being Finnish. Pretty racist if you ask me.