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  1. No sense whatsoever in promoting a 16-year old before he’s ready. The fact that the most relevant comparison for how it could work is around 50 years ago should tell you all you need to know.
  2. Aberdeen winning home and away is great news for the coefficient going forward. Would be a shame if Celtic couldn’t get into the UCL qualifiers as runners up.
  3. Creampuff

    The pitch

    That injury happens on grass as well. He’s just planted his foot awkwardly.
  4. Not a classic in terms of quality, but this has been a great final to watch.
  5. Neither player is playing well third set.
  6. Probably comes from realising he can’t go 4+ hours against Djokovic.
  7. If Federer could have served like this in his pomp he would have won another 5+ majors.
  8. I think they both had a decent shout, but with Anderson struggling and the opener situation...
  9. Roy and Archer have probably played themselves into the Test team for the Ashes as well.
  10. I’d be surprised if we were dropping £5m on Karl Svensson’s cousin if we weren’t close to selling Morelos.
  11. Difficult batting track, for sure. Williamson is a proper batsman.
  12. That midfield suggests to me that Gerrard would be perfectly content with a calm, controlled 1-0 win.
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