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  1. I wonder if he's due loyalty bonuses etc, and Norwich wouldn't accept our bids until he handed in the request.
  2. He's basically already signed. I heard he's our wildcard. Starting on Thurs.
  3. #FuckingConfirmed
  4. You're at it. Holt scored 12 of those goals in 2015-16; when we were in the Scottish Championship. He's also played a half season for Hearts in the Scottish Champ. McLean has, outside of a loan spell when he was a teenager, played all of his seasons in the SPL.
  5. That's not a rumour, that's what we were directly told in the statement.
  6. Faye and Beattie actually is black and white, mate.
  7. I apologise unreservedly for my lack of faith in our incredible support.
  8. The patter in this thread is so bad I'm not sure I want Dorrans to sign..
  9. That video was of yesterday's training. Could well have travelled up today.
  10. Anyway, if he's training with u-20s we must be fairly close on terms with someone.
  11. Only wish I could have seen the look on Jackson's face when he tasted the pish in his cornflakes this morning.