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  1. Christian Gentner

    He ran out to meet Rod Wallace (I think) took a poor touch past him, then slid making sure he got the ball into touch. Was all pretty standard.
  2. Christian Gentner

    Folk need to stop blaming Khan for Mols' injury. Probably the most common misconception amongst our support.
  3. Tynecastle's new stand😂

    Gregory's Girl will be chuffed to have somewhere to watch Abronhill High in the Cumbernauld Derby 👍
  4. Cardoso Celebrating A Great Tackle

    It's no different to when a player tries to gee up the crowd at a crucial moment. It's not like he pulled a Klinsmann or cracked out the robot ffs.
  5. Cardoso Celebrating A Great Tackle

    Aye, imagine getting emotionally invested. No pleasing the usual suspects on here. I swear this place will be miserable when we win the league because there will be arse all to moan about.
  6. I'd rather you fucked off back to your own country regardless, to be perfectly clear.
  7. Jason holt

    He's 👏 Not👏 Good 👏 Enough 👏
  8. Mccrorie...

    No idea why he wasn't playing ahead of Bates last season.
  9. We've got an extra 24 hours to rest.
  10. Hard to blame Pedro for the players missing a handful of sitters.
  11. We didn't really show any intent of putting the ball in. Just fannying about.
  12. Eventually we're gonna have to learn that missing 4 or 5 massive chances in a game is a bad idea.
  13. Windass, Candeias and Morelos have all missed cracking chances in this game. We simply cannot be this wasteful on Saturday.
  14. Oh Carlos Peeeeeennnaaaaa