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  1. That UEFA final was his only 90 minute appearance
  2. Creampuff


    Not sure about the goalkeeping, but Arfield’s was a lovely finish.
  3. Chris Woakes’ drive is a thing of beauty, tbf.
  4. Good move for him tbh, assuming he plays.
  5. Interesting chase this for England. 212 well under par, but middling scores can often cause trouble if a couple of wickets fall, and England may well be without Roy and/or Morgan.
  6. I think Stewart will be a useful squad player. He was one of the most effective forwards in the league at Kilmarnock, and I think we can safely assume his slight drop in form arbitration Aberdeen was little more than McInnes doing a McInnes.
  7. Ferrari have confirmed they’re not challenging the penalty. Suggestions that new evidence suggests Vettel adjusted his steering toward Hamilton once he rejoined the track.
  8. Pakistan may not be the most consistent side, but they almost always serve up an exciting game
  9. When your openers put on a combined 189 (195), you really need to go on to 350+
  10. Maxwell’s dismissals always look horrendous
  11. Khawaja is really just there in case Australia lose an opener first ball, isn’t he? They’ve never any interest in using him when they get off to a good start.
  12. @psb07158 you alright, mate? Frustrating as fuck start by Pakistan. Wasted Amir’s excellent spell by leaking runs at the other end, and a dreadful drop in the slips. Warner and Finch aren’t really the opening pair you want to let get to 77-0 at around a run a ball...
  13. Weather in Taunton looks okay. Pretty cloudy, and a little miserable, but decent enough to get through 100 overs.
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