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  1. When did Broadfoot start fancying himself as a hard man? At Rangers he was as hard as the egg that nearly blinded him.
  2. When have Everton ever ‘occasionally won cups’?
  3. Typical excuse maker. Jack would score 20 a season under McInnes.
  4. Failure to disclose the evidence is essentially what the Judge criticised the Crown Office for.
  5. King made it clear Gerrard was to lead a project of rebuilding. If we were to consider sacking him soon we’d be committing to a full rebuild essentially ever summer. Save for a material change in circumstances, I wouldn’t even seriously consider his position until the end of next season. We’re improving, and it’s only the usual suspects on here that can’t seem to accept that.
  6. “Guaranteed” The person at the ‘top of the chain’ will have had no input whatsoever. Is it Dr Reid again? This fanciful idea of Government Depts being instructed to act certain way in certain cases simply doesn’t happen.
  7. I don’t mean to be disrespectful here, but can you read? At no point did I suggest things should be accepted, and whilst it is too late to find a solution for this case, what could still be addressed (at ministerial level) is the chronic underfunding that causes cases to be dropped for similar reasons everyday.
  8. No one is on the “this is acceptable” side of the argument, so I’ve no idea why you’re acting like there is. All I am saying is that “calling for heads” at the PF’s office (or indeed wherever Any purported evidence was lost) doesn’t address what is the fundamental underpinning reason for it. Seeking retribution rather than a solution solves nothing.
  9. It definitely won’t have cost a million quid, but the root cause will likely be little more than an underfunded Office with too few staff who have received too little by way of training.
  10. Underfund your justice department and stuff like this just happens more and more.
  11. Creampuff


    He’s obviously considerably better than Kiernan.
  12. He does need to add more goals/assists to his game. But that’s probably because he’s a 22-year old winger, and that if he was the end product at his age he wouldn’t be on loan at Rangers...
  13. It’ll be fine. We’ll batter sellik in a few weeks and you’ll need to go back to whinging about a temp ban, rather than a Rangers result.
  14. We had a 5 point gap after the same number of games played last year, and Aberdeen had a game in-hand on us (which they went on to win).
  15. Aye, it’s a battle right enough...
  16. Interesting qualifying, this. Looks like the rumours of F1’s death may have been exaggerated.
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    I think this is a point most are ignoring. It’s hugely difficult to rebuild an entire team. You don’t know what attributes or skills you need from a player because you don’t know who else will be in the squad. Almost always ends in mis-balanced squads.
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    I’m gonna remove your ability to start threads.
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