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  1. That ban doesn't apply to existing third-party ownership. It just prevents new ones.
  2. You haven't quoted a statement, you've quoted the first half of one. He's not saying that most loan deals contain an option, he's stating of those loan deals with an option; most have an agreed price.
  3. I wouldn't think it covers loan agreements. Essentially what it's there to prohibit is a Scottish club co-owning a player with an individual.
  4. The SFA will back any application. I doubt they even bother reading them.
  5. Get your tips posted, gamblers
  6. Because Man Utd with AG aren't all that far away, probably. That's before you consider that their business for the window won't start and end with him.
  7. Honestly think this place is just full of stupid wee weans now. I read the title thinking it was about Oscar Cardozo, because I didn't immidiately recall that his name was Oscar Cardozo.
  8. That picture looks more like Carlos & Mrs Bocanegra to me...
  9. If we're lucky, mate.
  10. First opened this thinking it was Oscar Cardozo
  11. Because he looks like the eventual 'drowning in his own saliva' is inevitable?
  12. His pay off wasn't even almost near £1m.
  13. Cocks away, gents. You both weren't good enough to play pro, so arguing over who is the better player is fucking embarrassing.
  14. After 16,000 posts, two Andy Murray major wins, and a few sassssaaa meltdowns, I've retired the old tennis thread and replaced it with this shiny, fast, new one; just in time for the grass court season! Predictions for Queens? Who'll win Wimbledon? I LOVE GRASS COURT TENNIS!
  15. Not a chance we should be accepting £500k for Garner and then buying Moult for £500k + a loan signing. That's garbage business.
  16. Aberdeen fans are fucking fuming about this FWIW, their main gripe with him as a player seems to be what our gripe with Ferguson used to be - he just makes tackles and passes sideways. But that's probably precisely what we need from him. I can see why they don't see him as their "best" midfielder because he's not the one that scores the goals. Could well be their most important, though.
  17. Aberdeen are going to really struggle next year. Losing a few key players for nothing, and likely losing a few more for very little money. Helluva job to keep them in the top 3 next year.
  18. Height for a centre half is no where near as important as how high they can jump. Kyle Lafferty is tall, that doesn't help him when he shrinks half a foot by jumping.
  19. Whether they could or couldn't isn't really part of the discussion. If you can get £20k, why settle for less?
  20. The season prior Celtic scored over 100 goals and finished 17 points clear of us. Big swings happen in Scottish football. They aren't the juggernaut that they think they are.
  21. Or, you know, the development of sports science and with it understanding of the benefits of a proper training ground.
  22. He was linked with Man City last weekend
  23. Zverev is undoubtedly a future major winner. He'll win loads.
  24. Oh dear