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  1. Dundee Utd Statement Anyone chipping in?
  2. You can tell it’s bad when Rangers fans think corruption is bad given our shite over the last decade or so
  3. In a strong market I could see us getting something like £15m for Barisic, but this market is anything but a strong one.
  4. Yeah, it’s fair to say we conceded a lot of goals last season from defensive errors but it was more freak accidents and individual meltdowns that you can’t really account for. All-around our defensive stuff was consistently really solid, especially when down to ten men.
  5. Bates was a weird one. Everyone thought he was shite and then suddenly everyone thought he was the best defender we’ve ever had. He was good in the air and a decent defender who used the ball with his feet like someone with a nervous twitch playing FIFA. Would be our worst centre half if he returned IMO.
  6. If Marv played through it so can Niko. Cancel surgery, get him in for 40cc of Staunch Prayer.
  7. Yeah I could see him playing a decent number of games in the role in the squad Halliday played across 2017/18 and 2018/19 except he covers CM/RB/CB rather than CM/LB.
  8. How were they reading Twitter in 1998?
  9. Hearts et al would have to seek an interim interdict to prevent the start of the season, as I understand it. Depends on what they’d actually ask the Court to do though. If they’re just looking for cash then the season could start as normal.
  10. Tbh when it was received is potentially irrelevant. The SPFL Articles of Association have a clause to deem electronic documents to be served at the time they are sent, not received.
  11. These SPFL Articles of Association are horrendously drafted. Could drive a bus through some of the clauses.
  12. The issue the SPFL have is that the serving of Dundee’s vote may have the effect of concluding the vote. If that’s the case then it becomes more difficult for SPFL.
  13. Kent has been inconsistent this season. Presumably based on the reaction of some on here he’s the first 23-year old winger to not find his game every week.
  14. Castore are a class act tbh.
  15. Thankfully we don’t need to choose and can have the best of all worlds.
  16. They probably do know. Doesn’t mean they care. They’re trying to rush into mass market football kits, they aren’t going to be making enemies with Mike Ashley. It’s business.
  17. Don’t really think anyone is doing anything other than business tbh. We signed our deal with Castore, SD wouldn’t match it, SD still think there’s money to be made from stocking our strips so are buying them from Castore. We still profit from this in accordance with the deal we have with Castore.
  18. No, but they do with their mass market football business, apparently.
  19. It’s pretty clear how SD are involved. They have a deal with Castore.
  20. Almost like the meltdown over the last few hours was all a ludicrous overreaction...
  21. Someone has to notice what Sports Direct have said, realise the likely fan reaction, draft a statement, have it signed off by whoever’s name is at the bottom, and presumably have legal look over it. These things just don’t happen in under an hour.
  22. I honestly 100% just don’t care. It’s not important. They negotiated it with Castore; or its part of the old contract break clause, or some other commercial reality. It really doesn’t fucking matter
  23. I think people need to calm down. It’ll be confirmed that Sports Direct will have a temporary ‘exclusive’ on the High St because they’ll get their stock before other retailers. It will be available everywhere. We’re not tied to Sports Direct. The club make the money regardless. Go buy kits. Just make the sensible call and don’t give Ashley a penny.
  24. Och behave yourself. Bisgrove is going nowhere.
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