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  1. Get your tips posted, gamblers
  2. Russell Martin

    Martins and Cardosa ffs.
  3. After 16,000 posts, two Andy Murray major wins, and a few sassssaaa meltdowns, I've retired the old tennis thread and replaced it with this shiny, fast, new one; just in time for the grass court season! Predictions for Queens? Who'll win Wimbledon? I LOVE GRASS COURT TENNIS!
  4. Sell him and we’ve got enough to sign Cummins, Murphy, a good standard of replacement, and still have plenty in reserve. Would change the entire complexion of our Summer business.
  5. Hemmings has 8 in 23 (League Two) this season, having scored 6 in 40 (League One) last season. He’s hardly banging them in all over the shop.
  6. Ian durrant. Michael mols. Lesdey king jack Wilshire

    Thread title just a list of the best ever wingers tbh
  7. Windass on Rangers Mind

    He can be dumb as fuck all he likes so long as he keeps swazzing them bottom stanch.
  8. Scottish Cup Draw - Falkirk (H)

    Morton, or Falkirk. Something straightforward.
  9. *** The Official Cricket Thread ***

    When he gets going I don’t think I’ve seen a batsman more destructive than Chris Lynn. Guy hits it for days.
  10. Best midfield Rangers have ever had?

    Namouchi Emerson Malcolm Whittaker
  11. Liam Miller

    Fucking hell. Brutal.
  12. Liam Miller

    No age at all. Tragic.
  13. Signed durrant.

    Safest pair of hands in Scotland.
  14. We don’t have even the smallest chance of winning the title.
  15. We’re spastics for not accepting an offer millions of pounds lower than what we will ultimately end up with?
  16. ** Rangers V Hibs Official Thread **

    Windass has been brutal until this season. Even then, he had a month or so earlier in the season when he was awful. Make your points on Cardoso/Holt as you will, but to pretend Windass was anything else is ridiculous.
  17. ** Rangers V Hibs Official Thread **

    Cardoso is a better player than he gets credit for on here.
  18. Jason Cummings baby

    Sasa’’Papac has some bold opinions on everyone else’s songs for someone with such abortion-worthy thoughts himself ?
  19. kranjcar

    Maybe he could help butter the bread for lunch.
  20. ***Official Golf Thread****

    Tiger = Money.
  21. *** The Tennis Thread ***

    Federer also catching-up significantly on ranking points. If Nadal doesn’t make the semi-finals of Acapulco then Fed becomes number one.
  22. King at BBC today