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  1. 16-year old sending them in above 90mph. That boy is going to have serious pace
  2. McGregor at right back, no keeper, and playing with 10. I know Hamilton aren’t great, but...
  3. I think this only leads to him having a relatively short shelf life where he isn’t allowed to sign a decent number of players. With decent squad rotation things stay fresh.
  4. I’ll take one too if the 20 in here all get them first
  5. Still don’t understand how Borna’s effort didn’t go in
  6. Everyone who isn’t Alan Brazil is saying the replacement will be Luis Enrique. Wonder what’s motivating Brazil’s off-piste prediction? Well placed sources at the Emirates? Only place he’s got sources left nowadays is Lauders.
  7. I can see why the purists hate it, but Paul-KSI is a big money fight.
  8. This is bang on. About 10 minutes into the second half it seemed pretty clear Porto we’re getting leggy.
  9. Joint top of the league + league cup final + joint top of Europa Group = radically change the system. Seems sensible.
  10. Don’t give a fuck what the scum did. We’ve won so it’s time you disappeared for a few days.
  11. Can’t wait to see Alfie lining up for Man City next season. Most expensive player of all time.
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