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  1. He's still doing the videos but both him and his Mrs haven't been keeping too good of late and been a bit of a tough summer for them, he's looking to get back on sooner rather than later though.
  2. Will find out just now for you, give me 10 mins
  3. Fuck sake missed the first 10 mins of the first half... switched back on to the QoS goal and thought we were 2-1 down!! Haha
  4. Google VPN mate... I'm using one called ExpressVPN which I pay about a fiver a month for but you can get decent free ones too. Basically just makes your computer look like it's coming from another country so you can buy the games off RangersTV with no issues.
  5. Get a VPN program and buy the game off RANGERSTV instead... only 5.99, club gets money and you get an almost HD stream instead of the shitty ones off these streaming sites.
  6. Was that a wee game of rock paper scissors from O'Hallaron and Forrester there? Haha
  7. Forrester will no doubt get 30 mins... hopefully maybe see Thompson or Hardie too though.
  8. This! Over the course of the season playing the short ball from the back instead of humping it up the park will get us alot more goals than we will concede from doing it.
  9. Can see a few late goals in this one, Airdrie players are looking pretty fucked already
  10. Just had a wee look on the site, looks like less than 100 tickets left now! ?
  11. Still early in the season but I think a couple more signings next summer and we'd be there, defensively I think we might struggle a little bit but in saying that they have only played a handful of games together so still plenty time to gel... Also an out and out goalscorer may be needed as I can't see our midfield getting forward as much against the likes of the unwashed. Still I don't think we're that far away from the finished product and would think this team could at least finish in a European spot comfortably next season.
  12. Think he was meaning it's all one sided and not very open because of that as he also mentioned in the same sentence that Burnley haven't had a shot on goal.
  13. Nice play, getting more and more excited for this season
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