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  1. Possible yellow for the incident with Ralston, nothing in other two with Brown and Christie. So Mr Sutton, you can run along and keep that big mouth shut, if possible. No chance of a red says wee Dermot.
  2. At long last we have signed a player that may give the team better balance,a naturally left sided player,who has a reputation for his delivery from set plays.Looks like a great bit of business. Time now to stop the rumour mill(until January) and get right behind the boys,regardless .
  3. Speaking to one of the coaches at Murray Park, there is a problem with jjb. If you notice there is no longer Rangers gear taking over 1/2 the store.Also ,there will be no transfer activity until management return from holiday,which is next week.The talk of a takeover is real,all will be revealed by mid july.
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