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  1. Great to hear they got used and raised a little bit of much needed funds dude. No doubt will be able to donate again through the season. Keep up the good work GB ?
  2. Would laugh, but sadly wouldn'tbe surprised if it was
  3. Love all three of the current tops, normally would have bought all 3 at the start of the season and again at the end for the collection, plus the grandkids. At full price it's around 500 quid, but only bought the red one pre old firm game and the last 2 before the Aberdeen game, at £20 each was to good an offer to refuse. Next season hoping for it to be sorted out so we can get behind the sales
  4. Been checking my emails every 5 mins all afternoon still nothing, but no one else has said they've received one so still holding out hope
  5. I sence experience in a service industry ?
  6. So ballot today, but any ideas when we'll get the emails through to say I got a ticket?
  7. A mate posted it on fb. Good guy and has good contacts so comfortable posting it myself. Not the easiest night to get hold of him and clarify his source. Will let you know own when he gets back to me on it ?
  8. Rangers will not facilitate a flag display by Celtic fans at the New Year’s game The vile behaviour by Celtic fans at Parkhead during the last Old Firm game means that no group will be allowed in to set up a display at Ibrox.. The agreement between the two clubs to allow rivals fans to create such choreographies has been negated by the the murderous racist and sectarian display Celtic fans put on at Parkhead. No such display will be facilitated by Rangers. Individuals fans may of course sneak in materials one-by-one but the early opening of access and the carting in and distribution of boxes of materials by groups of Celtic fans is now at an end, due solely to their behaviour. Celtic and the relevant authorities are aware of this decision.
  9. Typical of the board atm Build bridges? Fuck off! The only bridge I want built is one those scum can jump off when we do 55 and end their world!
  10. If true disgusting! Would they allow our lads to prep a display at the San giro? Also who will be checking their display to make sure it's not their usual bile?
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