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  1. bluegecko

    Where we all sitting next Sunday

    South lower P5 above the emergency access tunnel. Looks like a shit seat, but at least I'll be there
  2. bluegecko

    Is ticket office open Good Friday?

    Poping in for my ticket as I'm in the area after on but if it's mobbed I'll just get another day. It's not like my tickets going anywhere
  3. bluegecko

    Semi tickets issue

    I got the email but they still haven't taken money out if my account yet. Called earlier to check I still had a ticket and it's there but apparently the card details are right for the cccs but different for the semi finals and finals part (fuck knows how that's even possible)
  4. bluegecko

    Rangers bar in salou?

    Bluenose ll in Salou seems to be the shout for future bears heading there. Argentinean bar converted to a bears pub it seems 👍
  5. bluegecko

    Rangers bar in salou?

    Thabks will have a look through them
  6. bluegecko

    Rangers bar in salou?

    Anyone know of a Rangers bar in Salou of Cambils? Going the end of April
  7. Haven' been online much just way to busy, but now I know this was happening I'll get a donation sorted out
  8. bluegecko

    Netflix & Rangers

    Watched it last weekend, less of the usual hate via the MSM here, but horrific result and the usual new club rheoric just showed them as bitter little people. One thing I noticed was the imagery used when talking about religion it was 90% them, not something that the Scottish media likes to promote
  9. Great to hear they got used and raised a little bit of much needed funds dude. No doubt will be able to donate again through the season. Keep up the good work GB ?
  10. Glad it's getting used. On route to the ibrox bar
  11. bluegecko

    17/18 kits

    Would laugh, but sadly wouldn'tbe surprised if it was
  12. bluegecko

    17/18 kits

    Love all three of the current tops, normally would have bought all 3 at the start of the season and again at the end for the collection, plus the grandkids. At full price it's around 500 quid, but only bought the red one pre old firm game and the last 2 before the Aberdeen game, at £20 each was to good an offer to refuse. Next season hoping for it to be sorted out so we can get behind the sales
  13. bluegecko

    ST renewals (zebra)

    Finally got it. Need to put in card details first then it gives the option. Now signing the agreement with zebra won't go through ??? ffs it's never easy is it
  14. bluegecko

    ST renewals (zebra)

    Trying to renew online, but there doesn't seem to be an option for any finance, cc payment only. Anyone have any idea where the finance options are in the process?