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  1. Exactly mate. Easy to say these things when you're behind a computer screen.
  2. What makes you say that? IMO, he has better qualities on the wing than Gregg Wylde. Kerkar can actually dribble, cross, and atleast close a man down. Gregg unfortunately only has pace.
  3. Kerkar has done nothing to deserve all the stick he gets. Atleast he looks lively when brought on. Also one of few players recently who actually looks like they're trying. IMO McGregor Bartley Goian Bocanegra Wallace Aluko Davis Edu Kerkar Jelavic Celik I'd have Celik playing just behind Jelavic though.
  4. :McGregor: :Bartley: :Papac: :Aluko: :Davis: :Edu: :Jelavic: :Healy: Hopefully Celik makes his debut today.
  5. Hopefully. I'd love to hang on to him until summer, but if we can get a decent ammount for him, then fair enough.
  6. You're probably right pal. Would rather see him go to a team like Newcastle etc. That wont happen though.
  7. We wont get the £10 million IMO. I can see us coming pretty close though, if we hold out. Hopefully we won't sell him at all.
  8. Hmmm, I suppose so. But didn't he say he wants to play European football?
  9. Okay, they are a good Championship team. What makes them so good then?
  10. West Ham are shite, and everyone knows it. Can't see Jelavic wanting to go to them.
  11. :McGregor: :McMillan: :Davis: :hutton: :Bendiksen: :Aluko: :Jelavic: :Wylde:
  12. Got Walter Samuel in a pack and fernando Llorente in another.
  13. Mcgregor Whittaker. Bocanegra Perry Wallace Edu Aluko Wylde Davis Jelavic Lafferty 4-1-2-1-2.
  14. Bought my first premium gold pack and only got olic and petrov (tim).
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