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  1. Guess what? Time for more statements

    The scary thing is that probably cost a few grand for Scotzine Jack to come up with that measured and informative response
  2. Jack Irvine - Spinning Out Of Control

    Absolutely incredible he gets the backing he does from some, considering his interview with that scummy fat prick from scotzine
  3. Ahmad Suing Rangers

    Pretty sure the record don't put their stuff up on the website until 8am
  4. ***The Official Rangers vs Falkirk Thread***

    Alexander Argyriou Perry Cribari Bocanegra Black McLeod Little Shiels McKay McCulloch
  5. ***The Official Rangers v East Stirling Thread***

    If no signings before then; Alexander Perry Emilson Bocanegra Wallace Hutton Black Shiels Little McCulloch Sandaza
  6. ***The Official Rangers v Inverness CT Thread***

    For all the abuse Edu takes, Davis has been by far the worst today
  7. ***The Official Rangers v Inverness CT Thread***

    fuckin brutal!!! Whittaker is just not good enough
  8. *** The Official 'Champions v Dundee Utd' Thread ***

    Very good ball, well taken by the lanky freak Kenneth
  9. *** The Official 'Champions v Dundee Utd' Thread ***

    The definition of a stonewaller
  10. *** The Official 'Champions v Dundee Utd' Thread ***

    Yassss Great ball by McKay and great header by Jelavic
  11. *** The Official Rangers 1 Vs 0 Liverpool Thread ***

    big diving greasy woman beatin bastard