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  1. The scary thing is that probably cost a few grand for Scotzine Jack to come up with that measured and informative response
  2. Absolutely incredible he gets the backing he does from some, considering his interview with that scummy fat prick from scotzine
  3. Pretty sure the record don't put their stuff up on the website until 8am
  4. There must be a chance of Sandaza coming back. The appeal was supposedly this week at some point so it depends if that's successful
  5. Remember sitting in the club deck with my Dad for a game against Dundee. We had an old pished Irish guy next to us and he was brilliant. Near the end Vanoli picks the ball up 25 yards out an he screams "Vanolis gonna give us one!" a secon later he slams it top corner. Legend (the pished Irish guy not the pishy haired froggy)
  6. Kal Naismith is a terrible terrible player
  7. I think the inference is that the deposit on the 5.5m was 10% and this was to be split 4 ways
  8. He is good pals with Scott Allen....
  9. We signed him because Kilmarnock released him due to hip problems and they weren't willing to risk offering him a full time contract
  10. Alexander Argyriou Perry Cribari Bocanegra Black McLeod Little Shiels McKay McCulloch
  11. We need another left back, at least 1 winger and a creative midfielder
  12. I'm sure the money owed was £2m it similar (prize money for finishing second and tv money) the 800k is what the SFA are holding from Southampton for the Davis fee
  13. Both teams have to agree a price I'm sure. I remember there was an issue with prices for a league cup game against Kilmarnock in a Monday night (Rangers wanted lower prices, Kilnarnock higher) so prices reverted to the previous SPL meeting of the clubs
  14. If no signings before then; Alexander Perry Emilson Bocanegra Wallace Hutton Black Shiels Little McCulloch Sandaza
  15. I agree Alexander was commanding at almost all corners, but thought his punch for the goal was very poor. Broadfoot and Goian have been dreadful in both away games now, and hardly impressive against East fife either!