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  1. Proud to be a gunner and a ger! The light gun was perfect. Display was class. Silence was observed with the dignity it deserved. Airdrie supporters were good too. Lest we forget!
  2. unbelieveable, its on sky news, the mhedia are obviously at full tilt to put a negative on what was a great day.
  3. Love it when timmy calls ibrox greyskull, admitting we;re the good guys with moral standards!
  4. new owners, new era? hopefully we can go on now and forget this horrible season. i hope the new owners listen to the support and get rangers our title back, untainted ! roll on next season
  5. absolutely amazing, truly the greatest fans in the world! thats the difference !
  6. i fcukin hate that wee rhat flood
  7. can just imagine aw the rhats faces when that flew over. i wonder if ian ferguson is still laughing at it (-:
  8. http://www.helpforheroes.org.uk/tesco/ hope they raise loads o money.
  9. up at 6 am on a sunday )-: i;m nervous awready, hopefully a celebratory pint after game, lets win this and let "sir" walter bow out in style
  10. i;ve no nails left awready, time to pour a cold one CMON RANGERS
  11. love seeing them hurt (-: next thing theyll be moaning about is the split that guy if an absolute arsehole, arent QC;s meant to be intelligent ? came across as thick as a typical timmy
  12. hope wylde starts, will definately put celtic on the back foot, lets more for a more attacking game today, theyre there for the taking at the back
  13. healy hasnt that great a record in england, but he;s definately a good finisher, after all a striker can only score if the team creates the chances for him, if he signs then good luck to him, one things for sure he;ll definately be up for it, think this could turn out to be a good signing if it goes through. heres to 3 in a row (-:
  14. this is going to be a laugh watchin fat hartson come out wi excuses after this as for samaras, "the better" team, do they drug test spl players? wish i had tomorrow off CHAMPIONS novo give us a goal
  15. roll on next sunday i;ll be a bag o nerves when games are being played, the beer tasted even better today after the tattie howkers draw at fester road lets have a drink (or 3) to number 52