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  1. i;ve no nails left awready, time to pour a cold one CMON RANGERS
  2. healy hasnt that great a record in england, but he;s definately a good finisher, after all a striker can only score if the team creates the chances for him, if he signs then good luck to him, one things for sure he;ll definately be up for it, think this could turn out to be a good signing if it goes through. heres to 3 in a row (-:
  3. this is going to be a laugh watchin fat hartson come out wi excuses after this as for samaras, "the better" team, do they drug test spl players? wish i had tomorrow off CHAMPIONS novo give us a goal
  4. fuckin ragin referee;s a joke, are these c*nts trying to win the league for the IRA lovin scum?
  5. danish bacon for breakfast tomorrow 1 point out of 54 wheres the "greatest fans in the world"? awfy quiet
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