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  1. Wasn't a fan of Ejaria at first but he's turning out to be a great signing. So proud of our team and delighted we have the fight back. Fuck the ref.
  2. Stevie understands our club and the morals that come with it. We finally have a team that put everything on the line for us fans. First time in years that I feel like we're getting the appreciation we deserve. Long may it continue.
  3. You should of stuck to attendin mass you smelly disease ridden Can't wait for the Sunday edition of nightmare on kiddyfiddle street! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssssssssssss
  4. The boy is doin his best to stall IMO....give them the 2.8m and get the boy signed! we would defo make a profit if he stayed for 3 or 4 seasons
  5. Anyone that's feeling nervous get yourself on youtube and start watchin gers videos. Start by watchin a Jelavic tribute and go from there. I know that compilations are just the highlights of our players but when you see the quality of our play and think about how fired up they'll be 2moro then surely we can win by at least 1 goal. Walter Smith deserves this more than anyone for what he has done for our great club and I can't see players like Davie Weir, Steve Davis, Steven Naismith, Allan Mcgregor, Steven Whittaker etc. not turning up for one 90 minute game of football that could mean so much for everyone that cares about Rangers. I wasn't lucky enough to get a ticket but Rugby Park is going to be a bears den 2moro and the place will be absolutely bouncin! An early goal will settle our nerves and we can all enjoy the day knowin that the tims will be cryin into their holy water. Keep Believing
  6. to the 199 guests............ Get That Right Up Ye!!! so much for a "fakeover" away n have a bath ya smelly soap dodgin bassas!! don't go spendin all yer giro on special brew, you'll need to start sellin out the tattie dome cos the gers have less debt than you!! yassssssssssssss
  7. tell all the guests they know that we've got hunners a cash n they've no!! yasssssssssssss what a 21st!!
  8. hahaha big jim white just started his shift! please let him announce it!
  9. the burd is stayin the nite but 2moro is a different story. will go watch the champions beat the hearts then after i'll see where the beer and tonic takes me.
  10. it's ma 21st the day. A dont think a could get a better present than this being completed!
  11. You can just tell that Diouf is goin to love playing for the shirt. Did you see his eyes when tanner mentioned the old firm? The guy is goin to love windin up the filth, and the negative reaction he gets from everyone is just goin to help motivate him to make those sick.
  12. Horrible group but at least we don't need to travel very far.
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