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  1. Big improvement from the last time there. Controlled it. Alfredo did well for 1st and scored a superb 3rd on a bastard of a pitch.
  2. If only our team was ready . Utter kick in the balls to our support . Allowing a poor bheast outfit to pull ahead yet again is almost unforgivable.
  3. They have been , but it makes you think back to the games we haven't scored . In other words onwards and upwards 😁🇬🇧
  4. Will be roughly but I'm expecting Lafferty to start .
  5. If it goes ahead I'm more worried about Cowdenbeath players damaging ours far less a frozen pitch.
  6. Many happy memories of those days . I am proud to have stood up to the threat of Aberdeen and Hibs back them.
  7. That's me heading up the road .CR1 today. Sons of William , over to you lads! WATP
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