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  1. airds final ball has been shocking, temp would be having a field day
  2. we are signing better players in the 3rd than we did in the spl haha fuckin quality
  3. will we not have names on the tops in the scottish cup?
  4. crazy money, 150,000 a week i think hes on now
  5. id say davis is a far better player now than he was then
  6. there would be a worse uproar than when we went into admin if you did that!
  7. obviously a typo, i think he meant 12
  8. fs if you had finished that post with show us yer tits, we were well in
  9. so bad a tease, you keep checking the thread cock in hand
  10. embarassing, how can players do this knowing fine well they will be caught on camera? but its not just barca, search alot of the foreign teams in youtube combined with the words diving or cheating and there will be just as much IMO
  11. when did i say they only did this against chelsea? chelsea definetly never played 4-4-2..and they only made 17 passes in the barca half all game which tells me they sat deep in their own half as a game plan and not because barca pushed them deep
  12. they WERE forced to play like that, thats why di matteo and his players are getting so much credit for sticking to the game plan which was shut barcelona out and try and steal a goal..correct? but even at that, barcelona had more than enough chances to win and probably should have
  13. i dont see how you find barcelona last night ruined it for the spectator and not chelsea, bizarre infact... drogba was barely in the barca half except for his goal, infact im sure most of the time he was deeper than ramires and mata.. barcelona HAVE to play sideways and back because of the 9-10men behind the ball tactic team use against them, its a common sense way to play simple as that..sure it can get a tad boring in games but its alot to do with how the opponent sets up than barcelona IMO
  14. chelsea ruined it for the neutral, but it was the only way they could win the game even if they were lucky a number of times
  15. less than madrid last time i heard? could be different now though
  16. know the feeling mate, had a 340quid coupon bust on saturday with preston scoring in the last minute to fuck me...
  17. any idea on how many tickets are left? cant make the ticket office earlier than 7 half 7
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