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  1. Ok I am impressed, pair of very good looking girls to be honest, and I must say Bogtrotters your come backs at some of the posts on here are great, nice to see a girl with brains as well as looks.

    fs if you had finished that post with show us yer tits, we were well in :craphead:

  2. no they weren't... heres an idea, play someone in the box. try having someone in the traditional striekr role rather than every fucking player in midfield.

    this photo went up as a joke earlier today, its entitled "Chelseas amazing tactics for keeping a clean sheet vs Barcelona, it's called 4-4-2"


    most would agree this is typical of last nights game? yes?

    barcelona always have lots of players in close vinicity of the ball - its a defensive thing as much as a possession thing, because if they lose it, within seconds they surround the opponent like piranahs.

    the attackers come very deep, into midfield, and the back line pushes very high up the pitch - so they completely overload midfield and constantly go sidewards and backwards, hoping to open up space for someone to run into.

    your delusional if you think Barca only played liek this against Chelsea, they play in the same way they always play.

    when did i say they only did this against chelsea? chelsea definetly never played 4-4-2..and they only made 17 passes in the barca half all game which tells me they sat deep in their own half as a game plan and not because barca pushed them deep

  3. nonsense, your acting like barca were forced to play like that by chelsea.

    barca play like that vs nearly everyone, the more they fear the opposition, the more cautious and ball-hoggy they become.

    like i mentioned before, its liek when you play an absolute cunt in a game of fifa or pro evo and he just passess aroudn his midfield and back 4 to annoy you. sprinting after them gets tiresome.

    i prefer direct, agreesive football with a mix of passing, 1-2's long balls and crossing. you never get that from barca.

    they WERE forced to play like that, thats why di matteo and his players are getting so much credit for sticking to the game plan which was shut barcelona out and try and steal a goal..correct?

    but even at that, barcelona had more than enough chances to win and probably should have

  4. disagree, i think when a team like barca spend so much time going sideways and backwards it ruins it for the neutral.

    sure you could argue that chelsea could have pushed the back line up higher, but look where that got AVB. When they came up against a fast passing side like Arsenal they conceeded 5 goals.

    Barceloan don't play as cautiously as that against lesser La Liga teams, sometime barca just seem terrified of losing possession, so much so they would rather play a safe, 5 yard pass sideways or backwards, then try a riskier through ball in the final 3rd.

    i dont see how you find barcelona last night ruined it for the spectator and not chelsea, bizarre infact... drogba was barely in the barca half except for his goal, infact im sure most of the time he was deeper than ramires and mata..

    barcelona HAVE to play sideways and back because of the 9-10men behind the ball tactic team use against them, its a common sense way to play simple as that..sure it can get a tad boring in games but its alot to do with how the opponent sets up than barcelona IMO

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  5. your rambling mate. Barca are a top level team, as are Madrid.

    Valencia, Bilbao, Atl. Madrid... these are more 4-star out-fits rather than 5-star.

    interesting you mentioned Boyd. His goalscoring record in the SPL is unmatched, he'd score for fun against the St. Middens of the league, but he was so poor against Septic, and in europe, when we were playing teams of a similar level - he started to get benched.

    lol we aint talking fifa mate for fuck sake :anguish::lol:

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