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  1. He's far too central for my liking and tends to be dropping deep. Can only imagine he's been instructed to do this... Much more effective getting the ball on the wing and cutting inside IMO
  2. Why.... How he could come on ahead of Stewart or even Ojo (I know! ) is absolutely baffling. Terrible footballer and shouldn't be with us
  3. This is worse than all the hammerings in recent years, feel fucking empty
  4. Why have we slowed down right since they went down to 10 men
  5. Why would you fucking change the kick takernin a fucking final, what a joke
  6. Confirmed its £75, that's a fucking joke
  7. Our inability to actually play some fucking football at times is shocking. The pitch might be shite but that's not an excuse for not being able to put 3/4 passes together
  8. Anyone you thinks it wasn't a foul by helander has their blue tinted specs on. We need to get the finger out out in the 2nd half, we're lucky livi are shite in the final third.
  9. It's been covered before but now we're at the end of the window it's a big worry for me. If anything I think we are slightly less strong There's still a question marks around a few of them but we were told we would bring in quality rather than quantity. We haven't replaced Kent and although a lot of people didn't rate candeias I don't think we've replaced him either. Add to that we didn't add the number 10 we've been crying out for. I don't quite understand what our signing policy has been this summer I'm hoping someone that's able to cut teams open or a winger that's able to beat a man comes in tomorrow but Gerrard all but confirmed we are done.
  10. Calmest I've been in a while on OF day. Truly believe if we get an early goal they will fall apart
  11. I hope this is nothing like the celtic game, they've had a bad start and although we definitley shouldn't go all out attack we shouldn't be backs to the wall for 90 mins either. I think we've shown some teams too much respect at times
  12. As much as it's only a tenner itv putting 2 ppv on in a week is a bit much, should have done a deal for both Groves will have far too much for Cox
  13. I'm struggling to stay awake here. Where this aggressiveness in attack Pedro keeps going on about
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