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  1. I thought he meant we had a CB OUT on loan, not that we had a CB ON loan. We actually have two Worrels' playing for us, depending on what day it is.
  2. So who is our best CB that's out on loan?
  3. Thanks as usual for the report. Elfideldo across the youth groups. We seem to be doing very well at this level. I watched all of the ALKASS International Cup tournament and there is some genuine talent in there that have a reasonable chance of taking further steps to the seniors if they keep progressing. It's obvious that Nathan Young-Coombes is a standout for a kid that's just turned 16 yrs old, but I agree with you about him being nowhere ready to play in the SPFL at the moment, as he would get the shit kicked out of him with some of the hammer throwers that lurk about every matchday. We played young Serge Atakayi against Motherwell for 10 minutes and the poor kid got crocked. I wouldn't be surprised to see Young-Coombs move up to play for the U/20's next year though.
  4. Yea , mate, the Bull in Mikołajska street isn't too bad for watching football as long as you can put up with the tarriers that frequent it. There are far better pubs to watch games but they are further away from the Rynek Glowny and by the sound of it, the OP might be pushed for time.
  5. Krakow airport is in Belice which is 11 km (almost 7 miles west of Krakow. Your best bet if you want to see the game i(and if you have time) is to catch the train into Kraków Główny which is the main railway station and go to the John Bull pub. It's about 17 minutes by train, but just make sure you have a valid Bilet (ticket) because the inspectors don't take any excuses if you haven't got one and you will get a massive fine and possibly end up in the nick. BTW! Krakow airport is the John Paul II International Airport Kraków–Balice, named after you know who. The price of beer at the airport is around 19-25 zloty, which is twice the price what you pay in the city. Best of luck.
  6. If ever there was a rancid bastard that detested Rangers, it was (is) Gerry Collins. For that bitter cunts information, when we were basically kicked out of Scottish football, we had a squad of 37 players of which 23 of them were full internationalists representing 10 different countries (9 Scottish players) plus we had 8 or 9 who were U 19's - U21's, so as far as I'm concerned, him and any other fuckwit blaming Rangers for the demise of the Scottish National team can go and take a flying fuck to themselves.
  7. Ozblue


    Well my neigbour is Colombian and he speaks pigeon English, but from what he tells me, it means "I'm Alfredo" so it's obviously a story about his Journey from Colombia to Rangers.
  8. It would not surprise me if Steve Clarke is approached to take if he doesn't get his dream job as manager of the paedos.
  9. Where the fuck do I start with this? What type of player do we need to win this league? Why am I changing my mind every minute? e.g. Baxter, Laudrup, McCoist, Gascoigne, Cooper, Greig, Ferguson, etc. All good choices, but I'm going for Mo Johnston.....He would have the scum frothing at the mouth and making a beeline to the Erskine bridge.
  10. "Put them in their place"? borna, Captain Cutlass would have put them in a hospital ward if they weren't playing good enough.
  11. Couldn't agree more, mate! in the end product we have caused our own downfall.
  12. I've been saying that for years, mate; in fact, I've been saying that since Sir moonbeams let these cunts trample over us with impunity
  13. I do not believe for one minute you expected anything other than silence and deflection, BD. Wouldn't have anything to do with the fact it was about Rangers, would it? Nah! that would be us being paranoid, wouldn't it.
  14. We actually have lost 7 games; 4 in the League (Tims, Livingston, Aberdeen, Kilmarnock.) Aberdeen in the League Cup, and 2 in Europe (Spartak Moscow, Vienna Rapid) and if that's not an improvement then I don't know what is. When you consider we could have won or even drawn those games then it's infuriating where we could have been. The 8 draws have been the Achilles heel this season and look to be going to cost us big time.
  15. Yes, we know Fiorentina 1-4 over two legs in the CWC in 1961; Bayern Munich 0-1 aet in the CWC 1967; Zenit Saint Petersburg 0-2 in the Uefa Cup in 2008, but I'm talking about being knocked out before the final by any team that went on to win the competition, such as Spurs in the 1962-63 first round of the CWC.
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