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  1. Wes Foderingham

    I seen what you did there The filth support doesn't have a monopoly on stupidity apparently.
  2. Connor Lyon (Aviemore)

    I would say the answer to that would be that you don't expect that kind of shit from a Bluenose, especially one that has been seen at games by guys on here. For a Bluenose to rob/scam a fellow Bluenose is being lower than a fucking snakes belly.....and that's about as low as it gets. I hope the cunt gets the living shit pasted out of him.
  3. Easter Road allocation

    It gives me the fucking dry boak when I see them on the telly taking over the Broomie,because it actually gives the impression to the casual viewer that it is their home game. If I had my way I would stick them in that corner of the West enclosure and if we really HAD TO; the two blocks of the Broomloan.
  4. Jorg Albertz

    From my point of view since I started watching Rangers there have been a few brilliant left footed players that were superior to big Jorg, but in the modern game would be hard to think of any with the power and accuracy of one of my favourite players.
  5. Lost ticket

    Fuck all to do with this thread, but it reminds me of the time in the late 1980's when I took my wife and 3 of my mates to watch a one day cricket semi final match at the Sydney Cricket Ground between New Zealand and the West Indies. We were sat mid-wicket in the Bill O'Reilly stand (which was sold out) when a lot of people appeared claiming that we and those around us were in their seats.We showed them our tickets we had actually bought at the gate but as we were doing so more people appeared with tickets in their hand claiming the same thing. Finally things got so much out of control the Police appeared and threatened to throw them all out...It was like a fucking Monty Python sketch. Then as the Umpires threatened to stop the game, the stadium announcer told everybody with a ticket but no seat that they could move to the Don Bradman stand where there was plenty of seats available. At that, my big Aussie mate yelled out so loud the entire stadium heard him......"Yea! Ya bunch of thieving bastards, no wonder that fucking stand has plenty seats... you've sold these fucking seats 10 times already Perhaps your mate might be put in another stand.
  6. Because all their management staff and players will be at the Pineapple on Sunday giving the confession box laldy, so we have to do the Sunday gig.
  7. Tavernier.

    The problem with Tav is that when he puts some pace on his cross the ball has probably more chance of ending up in the car park or Edmiston Drive depending on what end we are attacking than it has of getting to our players in the box. If he keeps pinging them in like he has been doing lately, that will do me fine.
  8. Nemane

    Windass should have a fucking health warning printed on the back of his shirt instead of numbers,and you are right; there are more important things in life than football, although at times I seem to ignore that fact.
  9. Nemane

    Yea mate; I'll be fine no worries at all, as I will improve, but the subject of this thread is young Nemane and should he get a chance in that position as opposed to Windass who seems to be Pedro's golden boy at the moment, yet has not improved one iota since he came into the side. This might sound strange coming from me, but I would play Kenny Miller there before Windass. Miller has not the pace but by fuck his football brain and his shooting are light years away from what Windass offers. At 2-0 up on the 78th minute it was the ideal time to put Nemane on to see what he could do against a tiring 10 man Saints yet Pedro waited until the 92nd minute to drag Windass off; to me that was a missed opportunity.
  10. Nemane

    Wouldn't really matter mate...Even if I didn't watch it live and watched it after I knew the result, useless slackers like Windass would make my blood boil.
  11. Nemane

    That one will be worth it,mate
  12. Nemane

    Thanks mate....There is a fair chance I won't be posting for a while because starting from tomorrow it's "wall to wall" tests and examinations with Neurosurgeons, Ophthalmologists etc so all the best to you and the guys on RM. ,
  13. Nemane

    Yes mate, I agree the result was pleasing and there were a lot of good performances from players who certainly stepped up, but if Windass is our best option as a left sided midfield man then we have a fucking problem that needs fixing in the next transfer window. If Nemane is not better or even remotely as good as Windass, wht the fuck did Pedro bring him to Rangers? (or was it on the recommendation of our new DoF) Two hours after the game finished I was back in that hospital with a brain ready to explode and I must be one of the few guys on the planet where my discharge papers state that the symptoms of my stroke was; "Watching football on TV, namely Rangers Versus Hamilton.
  14. Nemane

    Believe it or not,mate, but that fucking "performance" by Windass ended me back in hospital yesterday. Not even my loss of vision could hide the fact that he offers absolutely nothing to our team, apart from taking a throw-in. He couldn't hit a barn door with a bucket of Kangaroo shit; and as for the rest; his pitch geography, as Mark Warburton would say, is fucking abysmal. If he is on the teamsheet next game,I'm turning off the telly and going back to bed.
  15. Another Good Bear Gone

    It's always sad when we lose a Bear, but far worse when it is a relative or close friend. My condolences to you and the entire family,Kev.