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  1. Ozblue

    *** Official Rangers V Accies (Away) Thread ***

    Are you fishing again, Colin? Lafferty plays= 3-0 to Hamilton Accies.
  2. Ozblue

    U16s win v man city

    That was a great result for the kids, unfortunately, we went down 3-1 to Benfica today. Great experience for these youngsters.
  3. Ozblue

    Our crowds early 80's

    It certainly was; Our home League games against the sheep that season were 40,000 and 34,500.
  4. Ozblue

    Our crowds early 80's

    Our attendances in the 1980's were certainly varied. Our lowest home crowds during that period were as follows, which takes in League, Scottish Cup, and League Cup games. Season 1979-80. Kilmarnock: 7,655 (League) Season 1980-81. Morton: 7,000 (League) Season 1981-82. St. Mirren: 6,000 (League) Brechin City: 5,000 (League Cup) Season 1982-83. Dundee: 8,500 (League) Kilmarnock: 5,342 (League Cup) Season 1983-84. Dundee Utd: 7,500 (League) Season 1984-85. Dumbarton: 8,424 (League) Season 1985-86. Clydebank: 12,731 (League) Clyde: 11,350 (League Cup) Season 1986-87. Dundee: 22,992 (League) Season 1987-88. Dundee: 31687 (League) Season 1988-89. Hamilton Accies: 33,684 (League) Season 1999-2000. St. Mirren: 31,797 (League) Arbroath: 31,762 (League Cup) Talk about being up and down like a whores knickers, over those 11 seasons
  5. For me, it would be more productive and successful if the 9 clubs with grass pitches made a stance about plastic pitches and refused point blank to play on them. There is no way these 3 clubs (at the moment) will volountarily get rid of their shit pitches and install grass, so unless there is a united front against them, we are stuck with the fucking things.
  6. Ozblue

    Smart new seats in the dugout!

    I quite believe that. I didn't see the away dressing room at the Marshal Józef Piłsudski Stadium, (The former Polish Army Legion Stadium) so I have no idea how it compares to the Legions dressing room. The ground is owned by the City of Warsaw these days, but I think the Legia side of things would be more comfortable.
  7. Ozblue

    Smart new seats in the dugout!

    It's funny you should say that CB because 2 years ago I was given a personal tour of the Legia Warsaw stadium where the temperature was about 6 degrees Celcius. Now this was the day before Legia played their final game against Pogon Szczecin for the championship. When we went down to the pitch I sat on the Legia seats and they were nice and warm; the groundsman then invited me to sit on the away bench seats and I almost froze my arse off, it was so cold This is apparently standard practice for the opposition subs who have no chance of being warm before they go on the pitch. I hope we do the same.
  8. Ozblue

    Edmiston Drive

    Even although it was expected, it still comes as a shock. He told me he had lost the fight and that he thought it was time to go. so now he is at peace. My thoughts are with his wife and family first and foremost, so I offer my deepest condolences to them for their loss; he was some character and I know that whether he goes up with the Angels, or down with old Lucifer, some cunt is going to get their heid rattled. R.I.P. Tam.
  9. Ozblue

    Edmiston Drive

    I was talking to him the other week and although he knew he had a battle on his hands, he still retained his sense of humour even although he had accepted the outcome. Yes! he was a wind-up merchant of the highest calibre, but never once did he give a fuck what people thought about him. When I was battling cancer way back, he actually cheered me up with some of the stuff he posted, so I know what he and his family are going through at the moment. I will keep our conversations private, but one thing I can say is that we both laughed when we agreed that if we both end up in the big bad fire, the Devil will be asking for a fucking transfer. No surrender, E.D.
  10. Ozblue

    Katic and Barisic

    Katic trained as normal in every session and looked as sharp as a tack and fully fit. Barisic trained with the squad prior to the Hearts game. although I don't know if he did the entire session. Very weird indeed.
  11. Ozblue

    Gerrard and Katic press conference

    If he has any brains, he will wake up to himself and not get on the wrong side of Gerrard; if not, he will find himself alongside that specky fuckwit from the BBC who is banned from Ibrox.
  12. Ozblue

    Gerrard and Katic press conference

    I don't know who that idiot is, but it's not the first time Gerrard has cut him down to size when he has insisted on asking hypothetical and irrelevant questions at a press conference. If he keeps going in this vein, he will find himself receiving a right bollocking off the gaffer.
  13. Ozblue

    Wallace, Rossiter and Grezda

    Yes, mate! Woods was our #1 keeper (and the England #1 keeper) when he was sold to Sheffield Wednesday in August 1991 for £1.2 million. It wasn't because Woods wanted to leave or that Walter didn't want to transfer him; it was because UEFA had introduced a rule limiting foreign players, meaning that we could only field three non-Scottish players in European competitions (laughingly known in Scotland as the "8 diddy rule") so that's why Walter splashed out £1million to Hibs for Andy Goram (obviously the ruling wasn't going to affect the spoon burners much). Chris Woods was a brilliant keeper and financially was a bargain for us when Souness got him from Norwich City for £600,000. If I remember correctly, Woods took over from Nicky Walker, who had displaced Peter McCloy as our #1 keeper.
  14. Ozblue

    Plastic pitch on Sunday

    According to Gary Holt, they get a massive advantage from it. In fact, he said if they were offered a new one, he would refuse it because they train on it every day which gives them a big advantage at home.
  15. Ozblue

    Wallace, Rossiter and Grezda

    I think the only cunt who regarded Letizi as the No.1 keeper was Le Guen because he was as bad as Cammy Bell with his blunders, plus his injuries didn't help him any, so after Le Guen got shafted, Letizi was offloaded. Goram left around May (I think) and played for a couple of clubs in England before signing for Motherwell in January 1999, so he was long gone before Klos arrived. Incidentally, Klos replaced Lionel Charbonnier as our No.1 keeper.