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  1. Ozblue

    Jordan Rossiter

    There would be very few of us who would like to see ANY Rangers player go to that shower of shit, so if there are only them and Fleetwood interested, then I hope the lad goes to Fleetwood. If we rubber stamp a move to those cunts in Dundee, somebody needs a history lesson.
  2. Ozblue

    Vatican Assisted Referee

    "Lennon also suggested that compliance officer Clare Whyte, under whom the SFA's new disciplinary system has also come under criticism, had been "very impressive". Aye! She's about as impressive as fucking Craig Whyte....I wonder if there is any relationship between those two.
  3. Ozblue

    Karlan Ahearne-Grant - Charlton

    To be fair, he looked the part with St. Johnstone and I think Warburton thought his speed (especially against players in the Championship) was worth us shelling out £500,000 for him halfway through the season. He didn't sign him for his goalscoring exploits that's for sure. He was an absolute embarrassment in a squad of some very mediocre players. I shudder when I think that was only 18 months ago that he was our player.
  4. Ozblue

    Karlan Ahearne-Grant - Charlton

    It fucking is if you're a Tarrier who was a Useless-Cunt. In fact, O-Halloran should have got both barrels right in the baws after the way he acted.
  5. Ozblue

    Karlan Ahearne-Grant - Charlton

    Fuck that, mate, we just had one and he was deported to Melbourne. Some useless cunt called O' Halloran, I think.
  6. Ozblue

    Kevin Thomson

    This may be true, bur KT said on Twitter this morning that him becoming a Rangers coach was "A bit premature" so make of that what you will.
  7. Ozblue

    ***Official Cowdenbeath v Rangers Thread***

    It is if you go by what Gerrard said before leaving the training camp. He said that getting Davis and Defoe up to speed as soon as possible was vital because of the limited game time they have had lately and although they both are physically fit they are nowhere near match fit. Of course, the only way to get them match fit is by giving them minutes. It would not surprise me to see them get at least 45 minutes minimum against Cowdenbeath.
  8. Ozblue

    Hands up

    She's sweet, mate! All in good fun. Ironic you mention "galahs" as I have up to 40-50 of them wake me up every morning at 6.00 with their screeching. It's around 47 degrees at the moment so I'll definitely sink a couple of coldies this arvo. Cheers.
  9. Ozblue

    Hands up

    It was actually meant more as a humourous remark than a pedantic one, DC76. We colonials down in the Antipodes are very partikular about our grammer and speling, you know. Nice 42 degrees temperature these days, so all is rosy in the garden, thank you.
  10. Apart from the 27 players who are listed as our "first team squad" we have 12 players with first team experience on the books who are either under contract or loaned out. We definitely have to get rid of some of these (if possible) even if we have to give them a free transfer. Under Contract: Carlos Pena. On Loan: Ryan Hardie, Greg Docherty, Aidan Wilson, Jak Alnwick, Lee Hodson, Zac Rudden, Kyle Bradley, Liam Burt, Aidan McAdams, Myles Beerman, Jason Holt, Joe Dodoo, Eduardo Herrera. Obviously, the ones I've underlined are youth players aged from 18 years (Rudden) to 21 years (Hardie) so a decision will have to be made that benefits both the club and the player if they are going to further their career.
  11. Ozblue

    Hands up

    Is he any relation to the Jermain Defoe we have just signed?
  12. Ozblue

    Forward Line

    Yea mate, I noticed he had edited his post, but to be fair, he was just trying to copy Moscow Dynamo who had 12 players on the park when they played us at Ibrox on 28th November 1945.
  13. Ozblue

    Forward Line

    For fuck sake, mate, that system is antiquated Craig Levein played the old 4-6-0 formation in the Euro 2012 qualifier defeat in Prague in October 2010 and got slabbered (both on AND on the park)
  14. Ozblue

    Herrera (Out:Loan)

    At the time when nobody knew who the fuck he was, it seemed like a good bit of business; an international footballer in his prime with 9 caps for Mexico, scoring 3 goals. How the fuck did this guy ever get to play for a country that was ranked around 40th in the world at that time become such a shit player and an utter waste of money.
  15. Ozblue

    Lassana Coulibaly

    I've got a Scouse mate who reckons Gerrard has an involvement in a business based in The Wirral that deals in automotive parts called "Wheels on Fire" Something to do with hubcaps I believe. He's a mad Evertonian, so I'm not sure if his information is 100% genuine though.