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  1. Thanks mate! I've been through too much shit the last 7-8 years to give up the fight now. No surrender
  2. I agree with you,Turnberry as Rossiter has a bit of the mongrel in him when he tackles, much like a Stuart McCall in some ways, so I'd love to see him keep fit and show what he can do. In the health department I'm going ok at the moment, thanks. Went for a test 2 days ago and that seems to have stabilised...Go for another test next Tuesday and I hope that will be positive...then I go to hospital on the 31st of this month for another test, so if I pass that fucker then I'm putting my boots on for another crack at it, although I think I could only get a short contract as there isn't much calls for players around the 70 years old mark
  3. RESTED? That's a possibility but the fucker has been sitting on his arse/lying down for the best part of a year .....Although seriously; resting him from hard training for a few days makes sense. I hope to fuck that is true because this coming season is either going to make or break him as a Rangers player.
  4. I didn't see Tavernier at training yesterday, but he definitely trained the previous day; whereas Rossiter hasn't been seen the last 2 training sessions at all. If he doesn't feature against O.M. or Sheffield Wednesday I think we can safely surmise he is knackered again (Or he's on his way out)
  5. Thanks for you opinion, Elfi. I was keeping an eye on him when he was loaned out to Raith Rovers (twice) and St. Mirren and I noticed he hadn't started many games for those two clubs, which made me wonder if he was not progressing as he should be. I agree with your thoughts about the lack of space he would get with us and it will be interesting to see what direction his career takes in the coming season.
  6. Thanks for the report Elfi. Do you think Ryan Hardie has progressed enough to get a crack in the first team squad?
  7. I can honestly say he was the best player I have never seen play for Rangers (unless you count Daniel Prodan)
  8. I was dead set against Naismith coming back to us, but now I have changed my mind after what I have just read, so please, please,please bring back Naismith. I have just read that that other cunt Whittaker has signed for the spoon burners and rotter teeth Lennon, so I want us to sign Naismith and play him directly up against his pal so I can see them kick fuck out of each other on the park then never be able to play again. Justice will be served.
  9. It didn't escape my notice either; unless he's with some of the youth boys who aren't there, such as Beerman, Barjonas, Aiden Wilson. Surely to fuck he isn't crocked again?
  10. If I remember correctly, this question came up around 1989 and it was said that it was impossible in an engineering sense because ot the way the main girders were positioned on the main Govan stand; which meant the entire Govan stand would have to be rebuilt to make it possible. Perhaps more modern techniques could make it possible these days, but it would cost an absolute fortune to do it, so I can't see anything changing in my lifetime.
  11. Thanks for the report as usual,Elfideldo. It's difficult to gauge a performance when you score 8 goals and have untold opportunities to score more. It will be interesting to see if these lads improve from last year with the new challenges they will face from the normal development set-up.
  12. I presume you're talking about the 4-0 victory in 1963?...Big Harold scored around the 10th minutes off a deflection from Crerand (of all people) that looped over my big mate Frank Haffey. We got the second after Haffey palmed a fierce shot from Ralph Brand and Jimmy Millar was on hand to score from 2 yards (We can thank Crerand for that one also)... The third goal will forever live in my memory because it was scored a couple of minutes later by John Greig who won the ball from a sellic throw-in about 25 yards from goal, played a 1-2 with Brand, got a deflection off Murdoch (I think) and almost burst the net from 10 yards out. Big Harold and Baxter were running riot in the middle of the park and Millar and Brand were terrorising their defence, so it was no surprise that we got another with 10 minutes to go whem Davis made a complete arse of Kennedy who looked like a guy wearing roller skates on ice, pushed the ball to Jimmy Millar, then was kicked away by a defender but ricocheted back to where Davie Wilson was lurking inside the penalty box and he lashed it past Haffey from 6 yards. I remember getting into a fight when I got back home with my pal who lived across the road because he insisted that Ronnie McKinnon handled the ball inside the penalty box when we were 1-0 up, so they should have got a penalty kick...fucking bollocks; the ball bounced from the hard pitch and hit Ronnie....The scum were giving the referee pelters for it As to the story about Crerand; I can tell you exactly what happened at half time, because it was told to me by a sellic player who was in that dressing room and was only 2 yards away from Crerand. Sean Fallon (AKA Sligo Tim) was the assistant manager at that time and at half time he gave Paddy Crerand an absolute rocket because he thought Crerand wasn't trying hard enough, so of course Crerand took exception to this. It seems Crerand wanted to tighten up at the back (we were leading 1-0) and wait for a chance on us fucking up, but Fallon being the bombastic cunt that he was; and still is wanted to go all out attack. Crerand basically told Fallon he was a fuckwit and it was on no holds barred. Then the chairman,Bob Kelly walked in and had to stop it and of course took Fallon's side (as was right), so Crerand decided he wasn't going out for the second half, but McGrory the manager forced him to go out. The upshot was that Sean Fallon was a particular favourite with Robert Kelly and had lots of influence in that club, so Crerand was dropped immediately for all games for a month and then sold to Manchester United. I was also told that Crerand knew nothing about being transferred to Manchester United and that he found out about it when he was going home after being at the chapel and was approached by the doyen of sports reporters of the day; Jim Rodger who asked him about his transfer to Manchester United; which had Crerand stunned because he knew fuck all about it.
  13. Fuck me swinging,buster; we already have a RM member working right at the coalface of the DR who could give us all the stuff we need, so perhaps we could get The Dude to do that job if that's the route we are going to go down. I personally wouldn't give a fat rats arsehole if we never again heard anything from that rag; and in fact I would prefer if the bunch of lying bitter cunts all were put on the dole and the paper went out of existence..
  14. I was sad when Stevenson departed because he was an excellent player,but when you look at his replacement then it worked out fine. The reason I remember that Crerand went to Manchester United in 1963 was because my next door neighbour was John Clark and Crerand was a frequent visitor until he went to Manchester.
  15. Gascoigne giving some fucker the digit at Ibrox 1996