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  1. Liverpool

    Never mind locking it, mate... make sure you insure the fucking thing.
  2. Sunday is going to be more emotional for me...

    It's never easy losing your Father, Rab, no matter how old you are. My deepest condolences, mate!
  3. todays game

    What! Are you scared of water, or Sharks?
  4. todays game

    Stayed up all night as I decided to watch the aerial kickfest between The Motherwell Murderers and the Hearts Hatchetmen before the main event between the Famous and the Falkirk Fisters. Then watched the draw for the semi-final featuring the hilarious Gordon Reid impersonation of some drunken scum fan who made a cunt of himself last year on National Television. Dived into bed at 6.00am and up at 10.00 to go for a surf at Manly
  5. todays game

    Anywhere between a slab of beer and next Tuesday, depending on whether the cook wants you to do any hard yacka, mate!
  6. todays game

    I hope so too, mate!, but knowing our luck, the refereeing will be the standard of Johnnie Walker Red label and fucking waste it.
  7. todays game

    Well considering I am drinking my favourite Polish beer which is 9.5%, plus I've been hooking into a bottle of 18 yr old Glenfiddich ancient reserve single malt, I'm getting well lubricated
  8. todays game

    If I had any brains I would go for a quick 4 hour kip now, but I just opened a beer so I'll have to suffer it
  9. todays game

    In that case, I'll be on the half-staunch bus Not a hope in hell of me going to sleep during a Rangers game, mate. This is just a normal time for us in Oz.
  10. todays game

    All you pussy arsed snowflakes complaining about the weather; "aw man! it's cauld as fuck an' the Bovril will be cauld" etc. Think of us poor cunts in the Antipodes who either have to get up at 3.00am to watch it, or stay awake and get pissed before dragging the arse into bed at 6.00am. I'm on the staunch as fuck bus; Booze at the ready with just under 6 hours to kick-off
  11. Rangers after Sydney fc midfielder

    I guess there's always that possibility. Mark Allen has probably got a dossier on every young player up to the age of 25.
  12. Rangers after Sydney fc midfielder

    There will be no disagreement with you on that post, mate! We need players who are better than we currently have at the moment and as we both agree, O'Neill is not better than Goss. I actually think it's unlikely we are even looking at O'Neill, unless our DoF thinks he has real potential to be coached into a midfield maestro that could be sold at a profit; so it's my guess this is all paper talk to fill a column or two.
  13. Rangers after Sydney fc midfielder

    We will certainly disagree,MB that Rogic was a better player when he joined the scum than what O'Neill is now. If you read my post correctly you will see I stated he is nowhere near as good than Goss, and I stated quite clearly he would be a good squad player if we managed to sign Goss. There is no sense debating this point because opinions clearly differ.
  14. Rangers after Sydney fc midfielder

    That, unfortunately, would be the obvious assumption, because O'Neill is is virtually a right footed Sean Goss (but not as good at the moment) and we don't have any midfielder at the club who could replicate how Goss plays and that's why I said O'Neill would be a good squad player if we managed to get Goss next season. I will say this for O'Neill, he's a better midfielder than Tom Rogic was when he came to Scotland.
  15. Rangers after Sydney fc midfielder

    It didn't stop them signing Tom Rogic