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  1. That's a fucking nightmare of a memory especially when you got the skin removed from your shins (no shinpads in those days) and the trainer was rubbing that icy sponge on your bare bleeding bones Rule 1 for a player...never tell the trainer you copped it in the baws
  2. Naw mate! It's more to do with the battering the body takes from playing football in an era where if you stayed down in a tackle after having your legs halved in two behind the knees from a big dirty cunt of a defender and you had no body parts missing, your team mates would have told you to get fucking up and get on with the game. Wait until you hit the 70 mark and every bone in your legs and feet are fucked and you can hardly walk at times.
  3. Jimmy Millar played as a Centre half and a Half back for us way before he first played Centre forward for us at the end of season 1958-1959 In fact it was a fluke he played as a Centre forward in that friendly in Denmark for the simple reason big Maxie Murray was injured and Jimmy was chucked in as his replacement; we won 4-0 and Jimmy scored them all, so he stayed there after that performance. I might be auld but there's fuck all wrong with my memory
  4. Didn't seem to worry Jimmy Millar and he was only 5'6" (1,68m)
  5. Totally agree with your comments, mate! This kid can play and is gallus as fuck from what I've seen of him, although watching on telly sometimes can be deceiving, but I think he's worth persevering with.
  6. I know all about it mate!, Back in those days when I played there was virtually nothing known about the effects of spinal damage that then affected other parts of the body. Getting scudded from a 15 stone hammer thrower of a defender coming right through the back of you didn't help matters; but by fuck I'm certainly paying for it now.
  7. You would think that with the progress in medical science and scanning machinery these days an injury such as the one affecting Rossiter would be diagnosed reasonably quickly; although there is the possibility they know what it is but don't know the best course of action treating it. I hope for Rossiters' sake (and ours) they find a cure asap.
  8. The kid has just turned 20 yrs of age and IF they get to the root of the trouble I am confident he will prove a good buy for us.This "phantom" injury he has reminds me of a young player I once trained who was excellent but always had hamstring and calf injuries and no doctor/specialist could find the root of the problem; In the end a friend of mine suggested he visit a Chiropractor and see what he could do...now in those days Chiropractors were regarded in the medical industry as quacks, but the young guys father took him to the Chiro, who picked up the problem straight away and the lad was eventually cured. To the consternation of everybody the Chiro identified the problem as coming from the top of his spine which was twisted; I'm wondering if something weird like that is the cause of Rossiter having a problem?
  9. Thanks mate! I'll be raring to go for next season. take care.
  10. Thanks Turnberry I had a little bit of a setback in the health department for a bit but I'm back on track again so all is good.All this shit at the club over the past few months didn't help me any and knowing RM as I do I thought it advisable to stay away from the place after those deplorable performances against the scum and the sheepies (and the drubbing at Tynecastle) which raised my blood pressure to danger levels watching these fucking charlatans running around disguised as footballers...No fucking pride, no heart and no idea sickened me and almost had me in tears at what I stayed up all night to watch. So! Let's see if these "Saviours" who sit in the boardroom will give our new manager a decent chance at assembling a bit of quality that will give us a realistic chance of challenging the scum next season.
  11. Somebody is pulling your chain ya mad cunt or Billy 1984 is fucking dafter than you for believing it John Paul II International Airport is in Kraków,Poland...I refused to fly into it so I caught the train from Warsaw instead.
  12. Wallace got injured in the 1-1 draw at Ibrox against Motherwell and was subbed after 45 minutes, as was Hill (tight hamstring) and Hodson (fever) and this was our second game under Pedro.
  13. I have to admit some of his selections and formations have me wondering if I have to go to specsavers when I see the team names come up on the telly, but then I reason there could be several reasons for it like guys swinging the lead at training, injuries we don't know about, players who know they are getting shafted so couldn't give a fuck whether they play or not etc, so I will give him a decent go at it before I get too critical....All this depends of course how much King and the board are willing to invest in his style sand methods.
  14. I played midfield my entire adult life along with guys who were brilliant ball winners in the tackle; guys who could sweep behind the defence and pass the ball to me perfectly to let me set up attacks and be in the opposition box when I needed to be...For me, Windass can do none of this, yet he is classed as an attacking midfielder? Apart from getting hauled down outside the box yesterday all he did was mishit 5-10 yard passes and did nothing in the way of helping our defence. If I was Pedro I would have hooked him after the first 30 minutes as he was fucking horrific. It shows you where we were pathetic when our entire midfield were hooked with still 20 minutes left to go and an 18 year old youth player comes on and at least showed some determination to do his best.
  15. Yea! A fucking poofy Alice band for his hair....Apart from that? fuck all to be exact.