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  1. I think Wes will leave if any decent club comes in for him, because at 28 yrs old he will need first team football on a regular basis and he's not going to get it at Rangers as long as McGregor is there, plus the fact his contract runs out next month and if he was going to get a new contract it would have been done by now. There's a very good chance young McCrorie will go out on lone again, so that leaves Alnwick and Firth; Firth is only 22 yrs old and I've never seen him play except for his 10 minute cameo against Killie on the last game of the season, perhaps it will be Alnwick as 2nd keeper and Firth 3rd.
  2. It is possible but if that was the case the article should have read; "Derby County were denied permission by Rangers FC to speak to Steven Gerrard regarding the potential manager job if and when it becomes vacant" Steven Gerrard also stated "he is not interested in leaving Rangers". As far as I know, Frank Lampard is still the manager of Derby County, so if Chelsea end up with a manager other than Lampard then there are going to be a lot of media people looking rather stupid.
  3. The first thought that came into my head was that this story is a load of shite. It says that Gerrard rejected an approach, which if true means that Derby illegally tapped our manager, because Gerrard can't even talk to any club unless our club give them permission to approach him, which under no circumstance is liable to happen.
  4. I have no idea where LoyalRanger86 got the information from that Barjonas was gone, because as far as I know, he is still on our payroll.
  5. If that is the case, then Gerrard will have to put a good argument to the board as to why he isn't put on the transfer list. I would rather we try to sell him now and recoup something back instead of him leaving on a free when his contract runs out in May 2020. I definitely think there's a player there, but we can't afford the luxury of waiting 5 years to find out.
  6. I will agree with all that,Bee; The thing in Rossiter's favour is that Gerrard clearly thinks highly of the lad, so another loan to an English club in a higher division might be a good thing for young Jordan.
  7. Where did this information come from, and where has he gone to? because according to both the club site, and Wiki, he's still at Rangers.
  8. Good to see a mod who's on the ball, mate!
  9. I am sure he has a deal until January 2020 with us, so it wouldn't surprise me to see Livingston try to grab him on a full transfer before the season starts if the price is right, or get him on loan if we extend his contract soon.
  10. We also have Greg Docherty coming back, so it will be very interesting to see what we do with him and Rossiter. I think with those two it will give us around 14-15 midfielders on our books, and that doesn't include Barjonas, Stephen Kelly, Cammy Palmer. who have been getting big raps lately. I wouldn't be surprised if Hardie, Barjonas, Rudden, Docherty, and Rossiter could be loaned out again.
  11. I'm quite pally with three ex-grade 1 Referees here ( I certainly wasn't when I played and managed/coached) so I organised a little drinking session with them today to partly discuss this Compliance officer shite and my first question was; " who has the final say on the punishment of a player who commits an offence during a game?" The answer was unanimous- the Referee. The next question was; " Can a player appeal a card?". Unanimous answer. He can appeal a red card but not a yellow, unless it's a case of mistaken identity. All was plain sailing so far until I asked them my next few questions, which resulted in funny looks, raised eyebrows, and shakes of the heads: "If a Referee gives a player a yellow card during a game can he review it after he has restarted the game and change it to a red and a sending off"?...there was a bit of discussion about this but yes was the agreed answer. if the Referee thinks he got it wrong. Now it got interesting. "Can a player who has received a yellow have his punishment upgraded to a red after the completion of the game?" Definitely NOT they said. "Can a player who has received a yellow card be cited to appear before a panel who were not officiating at that game, or even at the game to possibly be suspended a few days after the game, making the Referees final decision null and void?" "Right you! stop taking the piss and get the beers in."
  12. Your post has just about summed up Tavernier in a nutshell. I've just looked at his stats in his 4 seasons with us and they are quite amazing in the rough and tumble of Scottish football. Season 2015-16: 50 games - 15 goals Season 2016-2017: 44 games - 2 goals Season 2017-2018: 46 games - 9 goals Season 2018-2019: 57 games - 17 goals. Total: 197 games - 43 goals. which is incredible for a fullback no matter what league he plays in. Christ knows how many assists he's had over the 197 games, but to replace a player that delivers that amount of consistency is going to cost a lot of money.
  13. That is the biggest load of shit I have ever read. I can assure you there will be a letter sent to the SFA tomorrow blasting their incompetence in the running of Scottish football in all areas from Juniors right through to the National teams. It won't do any good but I am making my feelings known. I will also be contacting UEFA and FIFA asking why a National association are allowed to bastardise the written laws of the game.
  14. I agree with what you say, mate! although maybe I'm missing something about how the hell somebody other than a Referee can decide what punishment a player gets after the game has finished, especially when rule5 clearly states (in parts); " The decisions of the referee and all other match officials must always be respected." The referee may only change a decision on realising that it is incorrect or on the advice of another match official, provided play has not restarted or the referee has signalled the end of the first or second half (including extra time) and left the field of play or terminated the match. The Referee can't change his decision after the game has ended.....The Compliance officer is NOT "another match official. DISCIPLINARY ACTION. punishes the more serious offence, in terms of sanction, restart, physical severity and tactical impact. REVIEWS AFTER PLAY HAS RESTARTED. (This one interests me) If play has stopped and restarted, the referee may only undertake a 'review', and take the appropriate disciplinary sanction, for mistaken identity or for a potential sending off offence relating to violent conduct, Considering that Clancy didn't review his original decision and give Flanagan a red card it stands to reason that the Compliance officer is acting as a de facto VAR after the game has ended, with the only difference being a VAR is used during the game and then the Referee makes the final judgement on the incident, which basically means that the SFA and the SPFL are saying that the decisions of a Referee as written in Law 5 are not final at all when it suits their agenda.
  15. Perhaps not in the football hierarchy, eejay, although there are quite a few with dodgy sounding surnames running the show and are just as inept as the SFA in running the game. Politically, we have had a mixed bag of leaders both in National and state affairs, but there has been a lot lately who seem to devoutly follow a certain faith that is led by a guy wearing a funny cap. I have to admit though that in my 53 years of living in Australia I have never seen bigotry or favouritism towards a club that you see in Glasgow; not even remotely close to it. In fact, I have hundreds of mates, acquaintances, and friends who I wouldn't know if they're a proddy or a tim, until they die and I find out if their funeral is at a church or a chapel. Of course, you find plenty (and I mean plenty) who strut around, mainly when they're on holiday or out shopping, wearing their green and grey rag, but I either laugh when I see them or put a hanky to my face when I pass them.
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