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  1. Unite our support? Aye that will be the fucking day...That cunt who supposedly turned Water into Buckfast couldn't even do that miracle.
  2. I actually thought he was in cahoots with Mini; although to be honest I am too far away to know the full circumstances. As to your second point.....I would suggest we are being treated as Mushrooms at the moment from the top to the bottom.
  3. As far as I'm concerned that cunt should never be allowed inside Ibrox, never mind being on a committee...sometimes something comes back and bites you on the arse; and it's time he got bitten severely.
  4. Exactly, CD...Karma is a fucking bitch.
  5. To Stewart Robertson & Directors of Rangers FC. Dear Sir/s. We the undersigned herebye give you notice that if Mr.S, Houston is not removed from all boards involving Rangers FC immediately, our purchase of season tickets will be suspended indefinitely until said cunt is banned from Ibrox sine die.
  6. Nowhere near it,mate; at least not in a general level like today. There was plenty hatred individually but nothing like today.
  7. I can envisage the scene just before kick-off as Joe Garner shakes hands with Georgios Sarris and asks; "Hey Sarris! Did you actually make that statement to the Newspaper?" Sarris: "Yes I did;why?" Garner: "In that case you fucking better book your stretcher and the ambulance now...And while I think of it, you had better tell Canning to warm up his substitute now"
  8. Yea mate! I read there were a fair bit of changes between the Cup Semi side and the one against the Pars, but I wasn't sure whether they were down to fatigue/injuries or because we had a lot of players selected for Internationals. It's amazing to think the team that walloped Killie are all legible to play in the U/20's again next season; and if I remember correctly we had 8-9 kids under the age of 18 in that game.
  9. Good report as normal, Elfideldo. It certainly was a changed team from the one that thumped Killie in the Cup Semi in extra time. There are a lot of young kids in that U/20's team, so do you think the game against Killie took too much from them in the short space of time?
  10. Talk about editing that makes it sound different to the actual for fuck sake...Here is exactly what was said. That fuckwit Charles somebody from Sky Sports opened the questions by asking him why he said Rangers were the biggest club in Scotland? He soon put him in his place. The guy from Sky then said; "You are taking over a club that has been in transition for a while and you are taking over a team that's not the best in Scotland at the moment; How do you intend to make it the best?" Caixinha replied that; "First of all, when I work with one team, for me the players that complete that squad are always the best ones, so this is the beginning of the process. I do believe that the players can have a better version that they are having at the moment...we need to work on it; we need to know each other but I do believe that these players can do good things until the end of the season...So the assessment from now until the end of the season is going to be another step, but we'll have time to do it. The questions then went to "What did you make of the performance yesterday at Celtic?" Now all that took 1 minute 26 seconds of the interview and what I have written is word for word what was said. Later on in the interview he was asked ;"At your interview at the club this morning you said you have watched the last 4- 5 games,analysed them; what you have seen of the playing squad here, what do you need more of that would allow you to challenge Celtic?" Pedro replied; "Ah,,it's an answer I can not give it to you right now, because right now I can not change a thing, so this is the squad... and we really trust on the players right now...As I told you since the beginning, for us this is the best squad in Scotland,so....we are going to work with the best squad in Scotland...we just need to give them that confidence. The question is; ah, it's quite a huge difference for you to watch the games on video or even from the stands and work with the players on a regular basis" The questions then went on to what he did/ said in the past etc, but At no time did he ever mention winning in Europe, never mind win a fucking cup in Europe.
  11. I agree with you,mate. Back in the day you wouldn't even have got a talking to from the Ref, never mind a booking. One of the first things I was taught about tackling was that if you are going to give the Ref a reason to put your name in the book, make sure you give him a fucking GOOD REASON and not for some silly mistimed swing at somebody. The likes of Willie Woodburn, John Greig, Harold Davis or Captain Cutlass would have been embarrassed with that effort
  12. I'm actually Zander's Brother......I paid him 50 quid to let that goal in
  13. I think you're doing the big fella a bit of injustice there,pcb. According to Tom Miller on his commentary he was saying Zander Clark is 6'5" so he's got a long way to get down to get to that. He wasn't helped that when Emerson Hyndman hit his shot there were 2 defenders plus Joe Garner directly in front of his line of vision; and in fact one of the defenders tried to shut his legs at the last second but was nutmegged as the ball zipped between his knees and feet and you can clearly see that's the point when the keeper got his first sight of the ball, but was too late. I actually thought Zander Clark was the difference between St.Johnstone being able to get back in the game and getting a fucking drubbing.
  14. Ref

    You can't be offside at a goal kick IF you receive the ball DIRECT from the goal kick; If you are in an offside position and receive the ball indirectly after the goal kick has been taken, then it's a free kick.