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  1. If a guy comes in who's about 6'8" and built like a brick shithouse, don't jaw him because he's a mate of mine and is a Proddy Rangers man. His name is Arkadiusz Bartkowicz.
  2. She still does, mate; in fact I'm sure she is the Rangers Media Officer, so that's why she sits in on press conferences. She's actually a Geordie and still has a ST to watch Newcastle United. whether she's a tim, I'm not sure.
  3. Well, Bobby! It would normally be Izabela Kruk the Media Officer I'd blame for that, but she is off on pregnancy leave, so I'll have to lay the blame at the feet of Magdalena Żarska who is the interim Media Officer while Izabela is away.😁
  4. That Polish guy who asked those questions to Steven Gerrard is the football sports writer for the Warszawa Przegląd Sportowy (Warsaw Sports Review) and it's actually the oldest sporting newspaper in Poland. I remember him being in that room when I did the tour of the stadium, and it might even have been him that took my photo sitting exactly where Steven Gerrard sat doing that press conference. His English is reasonably good, but what came out of his mouth wasn't exactly the words he wanted to use. 😂
  5. I can see me doing a lot of translating and answering questions during this game 😂 With all the texts, tweets about Warsaw and Legia, I should get a job with the fucking Warszawska Izba Turystyki (Warsaw tourist board) Anything you need to know, just ask. Glad to be of service.
  6. Those are 4MOVE energy drinks and are always there at Legia press conferences. 4MOVE are the official drink sponsor of Legia, but I'm sure the bottles of Lime and Mint flavour were not there by accident considering they come in Multi & Zero Multifruit (Both blue), Orange, Water Plus, Lemon, Lime and Mint. BTW! they are only there for sponsorship purposes, not to drink, Bobby Hume.😂
  7. It actually took me years to figure out the cause of that food poisoning. I finally remembered I bought some ham/egg sandwiches at an airport shop just before I flew to Amsterdam. I thought I was fucking dying. 🤢🤮
  8. If we fire on all cylinders, you might get that bet up, so best of luck with it.
  9. I agree, mate. I actually think that if the lads in the Zyleta stand (the ultras) put on their usual performance with the pyro, UEFA will ban Legia from European competition again because they have been fined so many times for their shenanigans, and if the Referee has to abandon the game for periods because of the smoke, we will be awaeded a 3-0 result.
  10. At the time, our manager was Davie White and after losing to Górnik Zabrze at Ibrox on November 12 and then being humiliated with another 3-1 defeat in Zabrze two weeks later, White was sacked the following day. Incidentally, he was the first Rangers manager never to win a major honour. I can assure you your Father wasn't the only Rangers fan that was shell shocked after the Ibrox result.
  11. It has an effect when the players can't see the fucking ball or the half-way line yet the referee lets play continue and the 'keeper is shitting bricks in case a goal is scored. I've been there when the Referee has taken the players off 4-5 times in the match and you end up with 19 minutes of time added on.
  12. Unless you and your pal are wearing a Legia shirt, I would highly advise against going anywhere in Warsaw with a football shirt on. Warsaw is my second home and even I wouldn't do it.
  13. It's not the amount of fans though,kanjo, it's the noise and the pyro/fireworks that is the problem. I have been in stadiums where the atmosphere is electric, but none come close to the Stadion Miejski at Łazienkowska 3. Yes, we have seasoned players that will handle it, but we have a lot of younger lads who haven't. I think we will leave Warsaw with a decent result as long as we disregard the racket and play to our strengths.
  14. I think the vast majority of Rangers fans back then were 100% sure we would wipe the floor with these "nobodys" from Poland, but the problem was that Polish teams were basically an unknown quantity being in the Communist bloc. The fact was the entire team of Górnik Zabrze were all Polish internationalists; at least 8 of them were very seasoned ones at that; none more than the mercurial Włodzimierz Lubański who is the second all-time highest goal scorer for the Polish national team. Our team was no slouches either, with a team of Gerhard Neef, Kaj Johansen, John Greig. Brian Herron, Ronnie McKinnon, Andy Penman. Willie Henderson, Orjan Persson, Jim Baxter, Willie Johnston, Colin Stein., yet we couldn't live with them either at Ibrox, or Zabrze.
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