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  1. Your wife was correct,mate, because if you smile at a stranger in any of the Baltic countries, you are looked upon as an imbecile that should be locked up and avoided at all costs. It's a completely different proposition when they get to know you or if you are booked into a hotel, then the real friendliness comes to the surface. Over many years I have enjoyed the company of many Poles, Estonians, Lithuanians, Latvians and people from all parts of the old Yugoslavia, but you rarely get a smile from them in general conversation. For anybody going to these countries for the first time, I'll give you a good bit of advice: don't expect any of these cultures to politely queue up for any type of transport, even if you have already booked a seat on a train or an autokar (tour bus) and they haven't, because the fuckers will trample all over you, so just barge in with the rest of them.
  2. Hat trick? The useless cunt couldn't even get a penalty kick on target in the development squad friendly against Carlisle United that we lost 2-1. Blasted it onto the roof of the Hummel training centre building.
  3. That's a good analogy of it, mate. I actually said she was "allegedly a tarrier" because of an accusation of her in a previous RM thread, about an article she had penned about Rangers that had a lot of our supporters (not only on this forum) infuriated and wanted her sacked immediately. What this article was or where she was working at the time, I have no idea, because she has worked for the BBC, Sky TV, and Al Jazeera (English) so perhaps it was an old article that had been dug up after she had been employed at Rangers TV. My personal opinion, whether she is a tarrier-NCUFC fan or not, is that she isn't a good enough presenter to be the face of Rangers TV.
  4. I don't know if her being a tarrier is true or not, but she certainly is a Newcastle United fan and still has a ST.
  5. In that case, I hope you use protection. About 10 of these should do the trick
  6. You obviously don't watch Rangers TV. Over the years since she has been at Rangers I have never seen her smile, so that is the face that greets us every game we play. To say she is not liked by many in our support is the understatement of the century. She is a 100% Newcastle United fan and is allegedly a rabid tarrier. Her position at Rangers TV is described as, "Content & Communications Executive for Rangers TV."
  7. I said something similar when we signed Helander that there may be a few games where Katic plays right and Helander plays left, but only in unusual circumstances. I also said that I don't think we will see too many Edmundson-Katic pairings because both are relatively inexperienced. There was no way we would pay such a fee for a Swedish international and have him there to sit on the bench every week, so obviously it was Katic who would get the short straw. Katic will certainly know why he isn't playing, or even in the squad, as will all players who miss out, because Gerrard shoots with a straight gun and doesn't sugarcoat his reasons. On a separate note, did you hear Tom Miller say at the start of the Feyenoord game that Goldson had been shuffled across to the right of central defence to accommodate Helander on the left? Now maybe I'm missing something but how many times has Goldson played on the left side of the defence no matter whether Katic or Worrall was his partner. I think he's losing the plot is Tam commentator.
  8. I can't remember Neilly Gibson playing, but I know his Great Grandson, Mel Gibson; A brilliant player and a real Braveheart to boot.
  9. He still does it at times. The easist way to find out is to ask Tavernier how he pronounces his name, and stick to it.
  10. Not quite that old, mate, but I know of Billy Arnison, who we sold to Luton. No idea about any Norman though.
  11. Oh I don't know mate! I've seen a heap of Dire players at Rangers over the 60+ years I've been a supporter 🤣 I actually wonder how to pronounce his name correctly; I'll bet if he makes it to the first team Tam Miller will make a cunt of it.
  12. Great title for a song; Trolling in the deep. I will fucking well guarantee that we, nor the tarriers, will ever play in the English football pyramid anytime soon. I remember vividly being over on holidays and walking into Ibrox with my cousin to see us beat Hibs 2-0 (Hately and Gough scored) and my cousin and his mates were all talking about us going to play in the English leagues. I almost pissed myself laughing and told them there was more chance of Ian Ferguson becoming the pope than us being allowed to play in England. They insisted we would because David Murray had said we would be playing in the English leagues within 10 years. Now that was 25 years ago and we are still in the same leagues as we were in 1872 so we better get used to it. Can you imagine us and the scum playing away to Boreham Wood or Chorley, meanwhile Aberdeen and Hibs are playing in the qualifying rounds of the Champions League/ Europa League year after year?
  13. To be fair, it's not the daftest post I've read on this thread; gets mighty close to it though.
  14. Apart from scratching my head on how the fuck BJK, Bobby Evans, and Bertie Peacock were all "brothers" unless they were all Masons, Obviously at Rangers it began with Moses and Peter McNeil in 1872. Since then I can only think of Derek and Barry Ferguson, the De Boers, Robbie and Ross McCrorie, Dire and Dapo Mebude. Jim Forrest and Alex Willoughby were cousins, Robert Fleck is the uncle of John Fleck, Ian McMillan is the Grandfather of Ian Russell, Ted McMinn and the tin man from Oz.
  15. I would bet the bookies will have him at very short odds for that appointment. unless the cunt has a heart attack the week before the game.
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