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  1. With all due respect to the OP, The result of the Hearts game pales into insignificance when I think back to some of the horror shows I've watched over the years, especially the worst of the lot at Hampden Park on 19th October 1957 when we got the worst hammering we've ever had against the filth in the final of the League Cup, 7-1. I'm in my 70's also and that was the first and only time I have cried at a game, so perhaps the OP is having a bit of a memory lapse.
  2. I don't either, but it would have to be more than Allen gets for bringing in Barker.
  3. Ironically they have the equal 2nd worst goals for record along with Killie on 17 goals. Only St. Johnstone have scored less with 16 goals. They also are equal with Hearts on the most defeats with 12 each, so if they've been parking the bus most games I think the fucking driver has left the handbrake off.
  4. You're a bit out on your goals against, young fella. They're the 6th equal best side defensively in the league along with Livingston with 29 goals against. Rangers-11 against. Bead rattlers - 13. Killie - 24. Aberdeen - 26. Motherwell - 27. Try and keep up
  5. Great guy, brilliant player, excellent tactical brain, but everytime I hear he is co-commentator I'm tempted to turn the sound off as it does my nut in, especially at 2:00 - 4:00 am when I've either got out of bed, or not had a sleep yet. It got so bad in one match where even Tom Miller was doing it; don't know if Tom was taking the piss out of the wee man or whether he had caught the "now" bug.
  6. I've had Rangers TV for ages and never had one bit of trouble with it except once. I could login in with my user name and find everything I wanted to see. Each segment had a date on it, everything was clearly listed, now it's a fucking shambles. That telecast last night was an utter disgrace with constant buffering and freezing, so why the fuck did RTV change something that wasn't broke? Whoever is running the show, get it fucking fixed before you lose customers and money. ๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก
  7. Mate, if they are giving Stranraer 59% possession in a game they were lucky to get out their own half, I'm convinced they're watching it from Circular Quay in Sydney, never mind Pacific Quay in Glasgow.
  8. It just goes to show that nothing is guaranteed when a player is regarded as having great potential and getting rave reviews in the development squad; seems to progress to where he is a regular, training with the first team squad, and in the case of Serge Atakayi, getting his debut against Motherwell, then out of the blue he is transferred out of Ibrox. I'm not aware of what the transfer fee for Rudden was, but at least we got a reported ยฃ100.000 fot Atakayi
  9. Ozblue

    Kris Boyd

    By fuck, those two cunts must have played blinders to get in instead of JT and Aribo.
  10. Thanks mate, I'm off to bed now after watching us beat Killie and I have to say it was rough watching at that time of the night/morning, but 3 points keeps us in touch with the scum. Merry Christmas to you.
  11. That would do me fine and splendid, although I wouldn't want the Lurgan bigot sacked You have to admit though, that would have to be a freak statistic that will take a lot of beating...Another record for The Famous
  12. I was reading the other day that Ricardo Sรก Pinto has been sacked as manager of our next Europa League opponent, S.C. Braga, which in itself is nothing new these days in modern football, but it got me thinking that in last seasons Europa League group stage every opponent in our group sacked their manager; Between our first game against Villarreal and our last game against Rapid Vienna we had Javier Calleja of Villarreal sacked on 10 September, then Massimo Carrera of Spartak Moscow was sacked 3 days before we played them on 25 October at Ibrox. Next up was Goran Djuricin who was sacked by Rapid Vienna on 30 September which was 4 days before we played them at Ibrox. Now when you take into account that Jaap Stam resigned his post at Feyenoord during this seasons group stage and also that Ricardo Sรก Pinto was also sacked as the manager of Legia Warszawa just before this seasons Europa began, is there a jinx hanging over these managers whose teams get drawn against us in Europe. If we beat Braga, there will be a lot of managers sweating about the draw in the last 16 round.
  13. I would say that it would be closer to half of the UK burnt out, but whatever it is, it's a fucking lot of trees. We are going to need it to rain every day of the week until March to put these fires out because there is no way in the world they will be extinguished any other way.
  14. Thanks mate! I'll try my best, so Merry Christmas to you and yours.
  15. It is scary especially when you realise the current fires have burnt out almost 6million hectares so far and the land mass of Australia is7,692,024 km2 , therefor if we don't get any rain, and lots of it, there's a bloody lot left to burn. The last time we saw rain here was last April when it rained for roughly 5 hours. To put things into perspective, The United Kingdom has a total area of 242,495 km2
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