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  1. Partick Thistle Vs Rangers (CUP) - Video

    Niko has never had pace,even as a youngster, but his football brain and skill was more than good enough to make him a sublime midfielder; unfortunately Scottish football ensures he won't get the time or the space to use those talents. Kenny Miller can still show flashes of brilliance and his football brain is still there, but unfortunately he has lost that yard of pace meaning he can't get into the areas we need him to be in. Windass? from what I've seen, he has the attributes but I think he lacks the moral fibre for the fight when the going gets tough.
  2. Partick Thistle Vs Rangers (CUP) - Video

    We should have a squad to at least compete with the scum,del, but will Caixinha put in the players who can do it? We can't afford to take a punt on Kenny or Niko or even Windass, because the first two haven't got the legs to battle in the middle of the park and Windass covering/tracking back is abysmal. Niko Cranjcar is a sublime footballer and I have always defended Kenny Miller since I first watched him score his first goal for us way back in the year 2000, but the scum at the weekend is a bridge too far for them if we want to get a result.
  3. Partick Thistle Vs Rangers (CUP) - Video

    Week after week we have the same problem regarding chances that go a begging , but it's not all down to bad finishing,except for some that are obvious such as mainly Windass, Kenny Miller and a few others missing sitters lately.Our main problem is a combination of two things...#1: Our build up where we try and retain possession at all costs by passing the ball backwards/sideways until we see an opening lets the opposition funnel back to their 18 yard box en-masse and makes it almost certain that our shots will ricochet off a defender. #2: The tenacity and effort every team puts in against us is unreal and since Pedro made this particular statement I've trolled through youtube etc to see clips of these type of teams and how they perform against the likes of the scum and the sheep...and the difference is chalk and cheese, believe me.The answer to the first example is two fast wide men who will take their fullbacks on and turn their central defenders when they whip the ball into the mix....easier said than done,I know. Our three goals were excellent; How the hell Carlos Peña managed to get his head to that corner still has me scratching my head AND it was no fluke. Candeias misses a sitter with his "kicking" foot yet scores a screamer with his left peg and that back flick from Herrera was a real gem . In answer to your question...I think a lot will depend on injuries and who we have available but if I was Caixinha I would be looking at a fluid 4-5-1 formation that could change to a 3-5-2 formation depending on how the game pans out. We MUST get a grip of that midfield and a 4-4-2 won't do it if we have any chance of getting something out of this game.
  4. Partick Thistle Vs Rangers (CUP) - Video

    I think we have all done that at one time or another,or something similar, but I hope he learns a lesson from it. As soon as you connect with the ball you immediately know you have fucked up and want the ground to open up and swallow you. His saving grace (sort of) is that he scored quickly in extra time and our players then didn't fuck up and try and defend in our own penalty box, although it remains to be seen what damage if any that extra 30 minutes did to our players energy levels.
  5. Partick Thistle Vs Rangers (CUP) - Video

    You are probably correct,Turnberry because that "effort" from Windass was easier to put in the back of the net than to fuck it up in such a fashion. The reason I said Candeias was even worse was because it reminded me so much of that open goal van Vossen had butchered at the piggery in 1996 ( I hate groundhog days)....The reason Caneias didn't hit it low was because after he took it round the keeper he tried to power it into the net (probably because a defender was right on him) and he ended up off balance and ballooned it into the stand.All he had to do was side foot it and it was past the defender and into the net. I hope he learns that lesson that the ball only needs to cross the line; no need to burst the net.
  6. Partick Thistle Vs Rangers (CUP) - Video

    It was a bit blurry but I wish you had blurred it a bit more so I didn't have to watch that horror attempt from Windass and that even worse effort from Daniel Van Vossen Candeias. Actually it wasn't too bad mate and thanks as usual for posting it.
  7. Foderingham new contract

    I think this interview with Pedro clears up who he regards as his top 'keeper at the moment, so unless he gets injured I think Jak Alnwick will be on the subs bench against the scum.
  8. Foderingham new contract

    It's a fact of life at any club where the position of your best Goalkeeper becomes polarised by fans (unless you have a top class keeper and his understudy is clearly inferior) and it's no different at our club where we have Wes Foderingham aged 26 yrs battling it out with Jak Alnwick aged 24 yrs. Now, both of these keepers are nowhere near the finished article because it's a fact that age and experience are the main factors for this position. I personally think that there's not much between them at the moment, so I think this extension for Foderingham is a very good move for all concerned. I won't be upset if Jak Alnwick gets the nod for the game against the scum,but I think it would be harsh on Wes being dropped. I'm sure our goalkeeping coach and Pedro Caixhina will look at how both keepers train for the rest of the week and make the correct decision; but my money is on big Wes to be between the sticks. then just behind them is Liam Kelly aged 21 yrs, young Robbie McCrory
  9. Herrera as lone striker on Saturday

    Well done,Colin! you have fucking excelled yourself with the catch of the season.
  10. Pena

    Ever since we lost in Luxembourg Pedro is on the verge of being sacked and it's thread after fucking thread about who do we want as our next manager? This might come as a shock to some people on here, but Pedro and his backroom staff are going nowhere, even if we finish 3rd in the league and qualify for Europe. There is no way the board could afford to pay that kind of compensation, plus the fact, what other manager could come in and buy better players than we have at present for the money the board is willing to shell out? I agree entirely with your comments,Keyser, especially your last sentence... You can not build a squad when your players are continually trying to fit in to a new managers way of thinking.
  11. Pena

    Is it ignorance or frustration that we have been in the shadows of the scum of Scottish football for the past 6 years and we desperately want a collection of players that will win us the league when in reality we are trying to do it with an entirely new team, which the majority of them are nowhere good enough to even pull on a Rangers shirt, never mind be good enough to win anything, according to the critics in the Rangers support. I have supported our great club for almost 65 years or so and never felt so proud of our supporters as I do now. We deserve to win the title, but unless King and the board find finance of a serious amount from somewhere, this is going to be as good as it gets until this unit is given time to gel properly and add a few more quality players in the next 2-3 transfer windows to go with the quality Pedro has brought in so far.
  12. Pena

    Pena has been getting bags of stick by every tom,Dick and Harry ever since he stepped foot in Scotland for all sorts of reasons and it's fucking uncalled for. I would ask how many of these critics have ever moved to a foreign country, without their family, without knowing the language, different food, weather, culture, style of football and a host of other things that he's had to bear. Everybody laughed when Pedro Caixhina mentioned he was not used to playing on wet pitches as if it was a stupid thing to say...it wasn't. I remember when I came to Australia in 1966; a land that spoke the same language, ate the same type of food, had the same culture (almost) and I was a fucking dud....why?because the grounds were nothing like I had ever played on. All my life I had played or red ash, black ash, waterlogged grounds, but nothing like Australian pitches. I think the lad is trying his heart out to prove he has class, but he needs time, which unfortunately he isn't going to get at Rangers. I hope he proves people wrong.
  13. Pena

    I would say you could point that finger to every player on the park tonight; some more than others. Every thing I learned not to do in football, we did it. Defenders letting the ball bounce (as what cost us a goal at the weekend) don't ball watch....don't give your opponent 5 yards space on the flanks...No need to try and burst the net with the goal at your mercy AND don't try and defend a lead in your own penalty box. Fucking hell! no wonder my health deteriorates watching us play.
  14. Candieas

    Neil McCann
  15. Windass

    Barrie McKay got fucking pelters (rightly so at times) for not tracking back....not looking interested...not choosing the right option...not scoring enough goals....so we fucked him off for half a million quid and put in a guy who does exactly the same, only worse. Those who defend him by saying he's only a kid conveniently forget that he is older than McKay and whereas Barrie definitely had skill and could actually control a ball and take a man on at speed, Windass has the touch of an amateur player and hasn't a clue where he should be on the park...As Warburton might have said; "His pitch geography is fucking shite" I am thinking that if he plays against the scum then either Lustig or Methadone Mick playing right back will have an absolute holiday.