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  1. Disgusting

    I wonder if that was around the time when Jock Wallace was our manager because I remember when a reporter (either a very brave or stupid one) asked Jock about the lack of Catholics in our team. Jock just glared at him, so the guy quickly asked Jock if he would ever sign a Catholic? Jock rasped out; "Of course I would, Son!" Now instead of accepting that answer and ending his interview, he asked Jock WHEN he would sign one. Jock replied; "When I find wan good enough" . The look on that cunts face was a joy to behold.
  2. Lee Wallace

    And that's your stunning contribution to the thread? I'm totally amazed you can tie your shoe laces.
  3. The Ibrox Trophy Room

    Don't worry mate; If that cunt Whyte had his way there would be heaps of space in it.
  4. ***Florida Cup Thread***

    It's known as "Read the Terms and Conditions before Participating". Fuck me swinging,DBN, back in the late 60's-early 70's I played in a pre-season tournament in Canberra where we lost the final...Now you might not believe this (neither did I at the time ) but here were the "Terms and Conditions" for the tournament. (1) Play is 2X20 minutes duration....Winners=most goals scored. (2) If equal goals are scored at end of match then team receiving most corner kicks are declared winners. (3) If teams receive equal corner kicks then winner will be the team receiving most throw- ins. We lost by trying to keep the ball in play instead of letting it go out for throw-ins. I dfidn'ty know whether to laugh or fucking cry after that.
  5. Lee Wallace

    I would find it difficult to disagree with any of that,mate. I had never heard of Goss and although I have seen a lot of Murphy when he played with Motherwell, I thought he was a Tarrier at that time. McCrorie should by rights end up a fantastic player(barring serious injury) He has all the attributes to be successful and as long as he keeps learning we will either have a captain for many years, or we will sell him for a Barrowload of Dembele dollars. Jack has been unfairly treated by referees AND that cunt of a compliance officer, but I agree he has to cut out the stupid situations he gets into such as that moronic episode with Broadfoot...BTW! Broadfoot should have been banned for his pathetic play acting in that one.
  6. Lee Wallace

    I would have to agree with you there old mate! Depending on how Lee performs when he is 100% fit and back to match fitness, Murty could have a selection dilemma on his hands; In fact, with the way we are going signing players, he's going to have a headache all over the park, not least in that potential midfield...McCrorie, Dorrans, Jack, Windass, Halliday, Candeias, Barjonas, O'Halloran, Goss, Murphy, Holt. Best of luck, Murty.
  7. Spongebob

    Naw! the tarriers don't need a sponge; they need a Brush, because their auld one is worn out. Maybe they can sign Basil on a pre-contract.
  8. Credit due to Mark Allen?

    I'm also a bit wary of jumping the gun before there are any positive results on the table, Smile; so you are correct in what you say. I'm fed up of fans falling into the trap and predicting we will run riot with new players we get, only for them to be a massive disappointment.
  9. Who is on the Flight........so far

    That was the first thing that came to mind, mate!
  10. Who is on the Flight........so far

    Looks like a loan until end of the season and we get first option on a permanent deal if the fee is agreed between the two clubs.
  11. Who is on the Flight........so far

    It might have something to do with the fact we have him on loan until the end of season and would cost us if we fucked him off before the end of the contract. I think it was part of his loan deal that he gets a mid season holiday in Florida before he goes back to Portugal.
  12. Rangers Sign Aidan McAdams

    Whether he is a tarrier or not, his ambition will be controlled by his ability, so if he wants to realise his ambition he has to become #1 at Rangers, which in turn means he has to be better than Ross McCrorie to begin with, which I doubt. Don't be surprised if the Lurgan bigot doesn't try to get him on loan as a back-up keeper.
  13. celtic Vs Rangers - Video

    Jules, you are an absolute prick posting that. I have replayed that game in my head about 50 times and each time I convince myself Tav scores the goal of the season and El Buffalo scores a double for us to gub the scum 3-0. Now you have fucked up my New Year by showing it ended up scoreless Only kidding mate That was a cracker of a video, so keep them coming Happy New Year to you.
  14. Tavernier christmas song get in the mood

    Fuck me swinging! I would ban that cunt from Ibrox Sine Die for coming out with that. I used to think that song by "Wee Wullie Bluenose and The Teddy Bears" was the worst I'd ever heard, but it's a number 1 chart topper compared to this shite For those who have forgotten the classic "We Don't do Walking Away" here is a reminder why Rangers fans should stick to singing TBB.
  15. If that's the team we will be playing with then we have a problem; Jak Alnwick is still injured and isn't available for selection; Ryan Jack is suspended, so Kelly will be cover for Foderingham and Barjonas will probably be in the midfield.