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  1. macdonut

    Options for Away CCCS next year?

    Totally agree. Why should I be in a ballot with so many pesky poor people. We need to price the tickets well out of their reach.
  2. macdonut

    Big Jock Knew

    According to the Daily Record back in 1996, New York police were brought in but took no further action when the abused boy refused to make a formal complaint (or more likely was told/persuaded not to for the sake of his career). Also Fergus McCann brought Strathclyde Police in when they returned from the US but, again, nothing came of it when nobody was willing to talk.
  3. macdonut

    Big Jock Knew

    A few times in that interview, there is reference to "celtic's Boys Club". That is subtly different from "celtic Boys Club" and the filth will hate it as it explicitly links the boys club to celtic. Oh, and it is a more accurate description.
  4. If they don't already have one, I reckon they should have a two-tier ballot system. One for "Tier A" games where there's extremely high demand and/or low availability (Hearts, Hibs, Aberdeen, celtic). One for "Tier B" games where there is a high supply of tickets and/or relatively low demand. Then you don't get someone missing out on one of the top games because they got one against Killi and St Mirren. You could even have a "Tier C" where there's no ballot at all but available to those on the CCCS/Away ticket schemes on a first come first served (e.g. Kilmarnock).
  5. macdonut

    Scum haven't taken tickets for the 29th (Rumour)

    You know they'll be holding their young kids up trying to get them cut by a thrown coin for maximum effect.... probably.
  6. macdonut

    Wednesday’s Daily Mail

    On it's own - quietly settled "without prejudice" out of court with an NDA in place preventing details being discussed. A class action on behalf of many victims is required to force celtic's position to be challenged in open court.
  7. macdonut

    Stevie Gerrard Q&A

    Damn it, sold out. Such a tiny cinema, looks to have barely 50 seats in total.
  8. macdonut

    Killie tickets posted out without emails being sent

    After I read this, I logged on to the Rangers ticket site and true enough, I've been charged for a Kilmarnock ticket. I didn't get the e-mail either. Quite chuffed though.
  9. macdonut

    no installments this year? zebra?

    It's a bit confusing, I had to phone them for advice. If you've selected items like All Home Games that need you to be on the CCS, then in the first part of the checkout you need to put in your credit/debit card details for the CCS. After you've done that you get given the option to ether pay for the season ticket by credit/debit or by installments. Maybe a few of us are just a bit thick but it could have been a bit clearer.
  10. macdonut

    Follow Rangers Shareholders Limited

    I've had a look at the FR site and that might not be the case. In the FAQ it says: "All Follow Rangers members will be encouraged to vote. We will poll our members and vote according on the results, i.e. if 70% vote for, 20% vote against and 10% don’t know, that is how the votes will be cast. This ensures everyone’s opinion is represented, not just the majority. Members will be informed of the results of all polls and ballots, both in % and numeric format, so everyone knows the full result." So, whatever the FR poll results are will be reflected in how they vote at any AGM etc. So, even if you are the only person who disagrees with the majority, your opinion will still count. Hope that helps.