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  1. Coplandbear11

    Durrant - Aberdeen fan sells more stickers than tickets

    Honest to fuck....these retards actually do still think it’s the 80s. The way they celebrate such a horrific attack carried out on one of British footballs brightest talents at the time, is very strange indeed.
  2. Coplandbear11

    Not making changes in games

    Some people always have to greet about something
  3. Coplandbear11

    Semi final allocation

    Sorted. £30 coming off 😎
  4. Coplandbear11

    Found wallet in CF1

    Glad to hear it mate. 👍🏻
  5. Coplandbear11

    Found wallet in CF1

    Stationed at turnstile 5 if that helps
  6. Coplandbear11

    Found wallet in CF1

    Gave it to a copper on way out at CF1 👍🏻 Hope it gets back to him safely. Thinking now I should have kept and it an tried to contact the guy myself but like a said, was so caught up in the celebrations I wasn’t thinking straight.
  7. Coplandbear11

    Found wallet in CF1

    If anyone lost a wallet tonight in CF1 I found it and handed it in. Was too caught up in the celebrations to even think about checking the guys name or that. Hope it gets back the fella.
  8. That’s my order came today. Ordered on 21/9. The wee mans kit looks rather big , age 5-6.
  9. Coplandbear11

    They just cannae get enough of us

    Knew that comment would come 😆
  10. Coplandbear11

    They just cannae get enough of us

    Wee laugh at work there.. Overheard 3 tarriers talking on this site about their game against Aberdeen today. One said will we get a link online from celtic tv? Other replied it’s usually hard to get a link for our games... it’s no like Rangers tv, I always get a good link for that 😂😂
  11. My order last Friday was marked as competed today but the tracking link says there’s nothing to track so far 😣.
  12. Coplandbear11

    Andy Cap(tain)

    I’m delighted he appears to have turned it around under Gerrard. The abuse he got from the support was fucking ridiculous. If there’s one guy I’d love to see be part of a successful Rangers team, it’s him. Especially against those tarrier bastards who didn’t miss the chance to rub the guys nose right in it last season.
  13. Coplandbear11

    Both semis on the Sunday under consideration at hampden

    It’ll be like a scene of carnage from a World Cup or Euros when there’s a few nations scrapping in the same city 😂
  14. Coplandbear11

    Jd selling our new kit from tommorow

    Still processing my online order from last Friday. Useless cunts.
  15. Coplandbear11

    Jd selling our new kit from tommorow

    Are they available in the ibrox megastore at all ?