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  1. Fuck me, if you think this is bad wait until we actually win this league. This is merely the warm up.
  2. Wee bit of pre draw fun Do your own Europa League draw https://draw.inker.one/#/el/gs/2019
  3. 5-6 is quite big made im afraid. My boy isn’t small small for his age, 6 in March, and his kit hangs off him. Been trying to source an age 4-5 in the other kits but no joy
  4. Jd sports on argyle street had a fair amount of home kits in all sizes when I was in yesterday.
  5. Fuck them. We shouldn’t be applauding common decency from the cunts.
  6. Sent ye a PM. Just in case it’s not wanted to be made public. A know a guy who works at hampden and sent it. ??
  7. That’s my order came today. Ordered on 21/9. The wee mans kit looks rather big , age 5-6.
  8. My order last Friday was marked as competed today but the tracking link says there’s nothing to track so far ?.
  9. It’ll be like a scene of carnage from a World Cup or Euros when there’s a few nations scrapping in the same city ?
  10. Still processing my online order from last Friday. Useless cunts.
  11. Are they available in the ibrox megastore at all ?
  12. Ek JD Sports only has home shirts. In all sizes. The look quite small made. The non stitched badge looks a bit dodgy, hopefully not another peel off shot. £55 right enough. Bit of a kick in the balls to those that ordered online last week and are paying more and will be getting it later than from the release in shop.
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