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  1. 5-6 is quite big made im afraid. My boy isn’t small small for his age, 6 in March, and his kit hangs off him. Been trying to source an age 4-5 in the other kits but no joy
  2. Brass neck some of the things I see on the Fan Pages.
  3. Thing is if the keeper does somehow momentarily spill it and Arfield hadn’t slid in we would be berating him no going for it. It was misjudged by him though as the keeper had it under control but I like the desire from him as reckless as it appears to seem.
  4. And why the fuck would u answer my reply on two different ocassions.
  5. Very good daft arse. I merely pointed out he’s actually turned up once before against them. Don’t need a wee forum geek to tell me what our club is all about. 👍🏻
  6. True but I thought he had a great game in a shite side the 0-0 game at the piggery.
  7. Not like our support to look for negatives when things are going well
  8. Record him from face on as he comes up from the concourse and sees the inside of the stadium for the first time. I’ve got a cracking video of my wee boys first time. Memories that last forever
  9. Not seen this in here. Interview with the gaffer. Good insight into the man. Looking forward to seeing his film. http://italyfans.xyz/2018/11/15/steven-gerrard-ive-got-two-teams-in-my-heart-now-Rangers-and-liverpool/
  10. Jd sports on argyle street had a fair amount of home kits in all sizes when I was in yesterday.
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