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  1. I totally agree with this. It's impossible to know exactly what the players were going through during those times and with the wages they were on it may not have even been feasible to keep them on the books until we had a club willing to buy them however the manner Naismith/Whittaker left with the interview etc was so disgusting and disrespectful to us fans that I will never forget. I could understand players leaving for not wanting to play in the lower leagues as most of them see it as a job first and foremost but Naismith, after helping him through 2 massive injuries, just really showed no respect to us or our club that he claimed to support. I never thought I'd forgive any of them and maybe time has softened my stance with accepting Shagger/Davis for the fact they are giving everything for our club again but with Naismith it is personal and beyond football.
  2. Also I hate when these types of topics end up about that rat bastard Naismith. I wish people would just let that cunt rot away with Whittaker into obscurity until they die.
  3. Yeah King now appears to be a bit of an odd signing.
  4. Frustrated we haven't scored more here but happy to get the points and get this shite team and pitch to fuck.
  5. What love to put a right good few past these thuggish bastards.
  6. You've just done what I did earlier with Aribo and Arfield 😂 Great goal from wee Alfie!
  7. Just happy to be winning at half time. Thought Kamara was good and feel like his confidence is back and he's a lot more aggressive and positive in his play. Hopefully get an early 2nd half goal and kill this game.
  8. If you have a player on as next scorer let me know and I'll have a go at him as well 😂
  9. Aye they just made a right arse of me but delighted about it haha!
  10. I'll take that haha! Hopefully that gives them both a boost!
  11. Fucking yass! Made me eat my words and I couldn't be happier!
  12. Arfield and Aribo are pointless. They just don't do anything.
  13. Purely on ability and potential I'd say Morelos is better than Jelavic however he did lead us to winning trophies which we would not have won without him in my opinion. If Morelos helps us to silverware this season then I'd say he's our best striker since Prso.
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