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  1. GaryMc


    He's our player so Gerrard may as well have a look at him in training but he'll be gone in January I reckon. I'd imagine with the money spent on him that the board would also ask Gerrard to run the rule over him to see if he could be of use before binning him completely. Pedro was a dud but Gerrard has got the best out of Morelos, Halliday, Tav and Candeias so the board may ask him to give it a go. Unless Pena was a bad influence etc in training (which I don't think he was other than being unfit) then it'll do no real harm letting Gerrard test him out.
  2. GaryMc

    Wee Things In Football That Annoy You.

    Centre backs barging into wingers and giving stupid free kicks away when there is no real danger. Midfielders who can't pass. Corners/free kicks hitting the first man.
  3. GaryMc

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    They cunts are miles ahead of us all over the pitch.
  4. Wonder if people are remembering now that Katic isn't miles better than Worrall. Both are just OK defenders and nothing more.
  5. Gerrard and fucking subs.
  6. Ejaria has been fucking terrible tonight. As has Arfield. Absolutely no control on the middle of the park.
  7. Great finish from El Buffalo. Thank fuck for that but we need to improve massively.
  8. Fucking get in! Yasss! I'll take it but thank fuck haha
  9. Dropping points here after the Aberdeen and Kilmarnock games should result in a sacking.
  10. How the fuck is that a foul Walker you fucking cretin!
  11. We do seem to make football look really difficult. We never shoot, we never play a weighted through pass, we never get to the by line and get a good cut back, we never score from corners or free kicks. We are just lacking everywhere when it comes to attacking.
  12. Our season is just winding down. Disappointing is an understatement.
  13. Fuck sake how has he not put his nut in that?!
  14. He looks a right shitebag.
  15. I'm not sticking up for Worrall even though I think he's decent (as is Katic) but I don't get how people are watching us and think that's the issue. We are absolutely honking in midfield/attack and that is what is costing us big time. Livingston, Spartak, Aberdeen and Kilmarnock results all came down to us not creating chances and scoring enough goals. One 0-0, two 1-0 defeats and a 1-1 highlights its our forward players that are shite just now.