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  1. Are celtic really that good?

    Compared to us, yes they are. I've said it a number of times but the sooner we as a club realise how big the gap is the sooner we'll close it. This ain't a few players to fix it. It's a whole mentality and squad we need to fix. We've practically got a squad of loosers whereas they have winners. I've actually decided to watch a few of their games this season and you can see they believe they've won the game before a ball is even kicked. We looked scared and just weak in every match. They are stronger in every department on and off the park. Fucking sickening.
  2. McCrorie

    Honestly hadn't really heard of him really until the Partick game but he looks a player.
  3. Jack and Dorrans

    Dorrans was shit. Has been since first game of the season. Jack was in there on his own and can be content with himself at least.
  4. How Many Managers?

    Why can't both be blamed? Board made a horrific appointment but Pedro has been horrific as manager. The money we've spent should guarantee us 2nd place but Pedro ain't going to achieve that in my opinion.
  5. Pedro: Time to go?

    This experiment needs to end. Get Eck in to at least get us 2nd.
  6. *** The Official Old Firm Match Thread ***

    Also Dorrans is fucking shite. Can't run the length of himself.
  7. *** The Official Old Firm Match Thread ***

    Honest to fuck don't know why and how we gave them so much space! Fucking absolute shite so we are. Years and years off from mounting anything near a title challenge.
  8. *** The Official Old Firm Match Thread ***

    Can't really do much else with the team due to injuries. Maybe Miller for Windass or Holt for Windass but that would be a narrow midfield. Not looking forward to it but let's fucking do this! Mon the Gers!
  9. Fucking terrible. Lack of quality. Too many of our players are a fucking man down. Last thing we need before an old firm which already looks like we'll get destroyed in is an extra time midweek. Shambles.
  10. Great header Pena. We've been better this half and more positive. Get another and finish this game.
  11. The scum are going to fucking murder us.
  12. We don't over run teams but somehow always seem exposed in midfield and defence. Is it just a lack of closing down and pressure from us? Sigh. We are pish.
  13. Is it just me or have we turned into a long ball type team? I don't mind going from back to front a bit quicker but it's hopeless lumps forward from our centre backs.
  14. Morelos partner of Rangers past

    Joey Garner.
  15. Are sections of the support right to blame Pedro?

    I said it was hypothetical. That was the point of my post in response to speaking about how hypothetical Pedro can turn it around. And Big Eck probably would have been better than Pedro. Shite football but would've been better at closing the gap. Then there was McInnes, Davies, Wright etc. To be clear I am not saying I necessarily wanted any of them but in my opinion they would've made far more sense than a random inexperienced Portuguese manager who has done fuck all in football and knows nothing of the British game let alone the Scottish game. Minimise the risk and you've got a better chance at being successful. The fact is we have got Pedro and he doesn't seem to have improved us enough if at all and his signings have largely been hit and miss. That's reflected in the performances and results. Bad decision by the board and Pedro is unfortunately confirming that fact. We've taken a huge gamble at a time we shouldn't have.