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  1. Tommy Wright

    I don't know why but Wright has always been my preferred option between him and McInnes.
  2. Possession based football

    Caixinha was a long ball merchant. His tactic was getting Alves to lump.it forward to Herrera. This tactic didn't change much when Herrera got dropped for Morelos which was even more baffling. Our first problem is not having a good manager who firstly can improve the curre t team and get us winning. Our second and biggest problem is we just need better players.
  3. Regime change needed

    So you want another bunch of sneaky bastards in charge that are waiting in the wings pick up the scraps of what is our club? How is that any better? Someone waiting in the wings to get us cheap and do what?
  4. Regime change needed

    I never understand this. Who the fuck else is there? Nobody credible wanted us when we were available for relative pennies. There is no one else. This is it. Certainly not people who will just pull money out of their arse to spunk on players. I'd love a board who were loaded and really wanted to over throw the filth but the fact is there isn't anyone else out there. King himself said he'd happily step aside if there was ffs! An £8m budget is enough to finish second at least. Is enough to beat Hamilton at home. Is enough to beat Motherwell in a semi final. The boards failing is picking a disastrous manager but there isn't another party out there wanting to take our team and club forward. There just isn't.
  5. Can't disagree but we should be targeting a top manager nonetheless. At least asking the question. We'll end up with a nobody again.
  6. Yeah we need a budget but if you look at how much they've actually spent on their first team it isn't much and had been over a number of years. Top manager who can organise a team and improve players is the key.
  7. Exactly. The filth have went from being average to a fucking a really good team because of a good manager. People bury their heads in the sand but I'd give anything to get a manager as good. We get Pedro. Murty is a good coach but nothing more just yet.
  8. We deserve better. We deserve a fucking decent manager at least.
  9. We got a manager yet? Worrying that people want Miller off for Hardie, Nemane on for Candeias and Holt off for Kranjcar. Not worrying that people are suggesting it, just worrying that's our options.
  10. Lewis McLeod. Without injuries he's our best footballer we've recently produced. Great ability on the ball. Being bitter doesn't deny that. Based on success at a higher level then it's Adam.
  11. I really like the fact McRorie is always looking to pass forward.
  12. Article today

    Fuck sake Popcorn teeth did better in Europe than Rodgers.
  13. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    They've been good but there's fuck all pressure on them and Bayern have key players missing. Still highlights how much we need to improve though as we'd get destroyed by any CL team with our current squad.
  14. Kenny Miller > Pedro Caixinha

    Not playing the long ball to a 5ft striker made a difference today. Delighted with the 2nd half performance and hope we kick on from this.
  15. *** The Official Hearts vs Rangers Match Thread ***

    When was the last time we came out and played better in the second half? Give Murty credit although I also put it down to the players being happy to get rid of that clown.