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  1. I'm in the "friendlies mean fuck all" crowd but by fuck would it hurt scoring a few goals now and again? Not against Hamilton though. Fucking terrible up front. People bang on about defence but we have no threat up front. Warburton bought midfielders. So has Pedro. They are a pound a penny midfielders though. Forwards cost money. Goalscorers and creaters cost money but they win games. We've spent fuck all on anyone who guarantees this. Maybe Dorrans at a push. Kenny Miller is still our best striker ffs. Not a dig at at Miller though but that is terrible. We'll scrape second. Probably after Eck is brought in at Christmas. I'm drunk but fuck it. Nail your colours to the mast in the hope you're proved wrong.
  2. Would have liked to have seen him play but by all accounts on here he was pish in bounce games and I'm assuming training as well or else he would've got more games. Makes you think how bad he was though if he couldn't shift Halliday out of the team. If we get a decent fee for him it could bring in extra cash to up our Walker bid etc.
  3. His management is fucking terrible as well. I also find it pretty worrying that not one player like Miller or Wallace have complemented the training or preparation work. Jack recently dodged around questions about this recently as well. We need better. Look at what a good manager did for the filth. Shite players turned into a team that won fucking everything unbeaten. We get a chancer who makes us worse.
  4. Ignoring the fact he seems to be a fucking idiot and nutter he just hasn't changed anything for the better on the field. Same shite.
  5. I honestly don't think the.players have faith in him and his work. Season is fucked.
  6. Don't really care if it's kneejerk but I'd happily cut our losses now.
  7. Cancel Dalcio's loan right now.
  8. Do we actually fucking train with goals? Fuck me!!!
  9. No green boots though....
  10. Aaaaand there goes European football.
  11. Probably a touchy subject but i'd take McKay and his few good games a season over Dalcio and Candeias on what I've seen from them. I just want to actually enjoy watching us play football. Buzzed for every game then kick off happens and slowly the buzz is drained away.
  12. Really not keen on any of the foreign singings so far bar Cardoso. Early days of course but they look terribly average.
  13. I like McKay as a player and think he has a lot of talent and will be disappointed to see him go as well as being disappointed at Pedro in not trying to work with him to get the best out of him. Always hate seeing a foreign manager throwing homegrown players to the side in favour of forgein player who may not be as effective for example Dalcio. Although Dalcio could end up a good player. However the fact McKay splits opinion so much actually highlights the fact he hasn't been good enough. If he was as good as we hoped he would be this wouldn't even be an argument. Disappointed to see him go for the reasons above but he along with the vast majority of the last few years squad haven't cut it in the top flight so maybe it is time up and we get in a replacement who will have more impact over the course of a season.