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  1. I disagree. If you setup up with 1 up top and midfielders incapable of going beyond the striker then it limits you. If you go 2 up it allows flicks on, stretches their defence creating more openings etc. We were chasing a game that was already gone by that point. Yassssss! El Buffalo! Must have been that formation change to 2 up top. 😂
  2. Yeah I get that but the players we have can't achieve that in this formation. Unfortunately we can't change the players therefore we need to try a different formation that allows us to change the way we play. As I said previously changing to 2 up top or getting bodies in the box would give us something to aim at it. We are setup in in such a way that it plays into a defensive teams plan perfectly. In game this like we should be bypassing the midfield and getting the ball into the forwards asap even with a long ball with supporting midfielders. However we only have 1 forward to aim at.
  3. The have a good formation unlike us. Move about as a team.
  4. So just keep trying what we're trying then and accept it because they are defensive? Need to try something. A formation change that cuts out the midfield and gets the ball into the forwards quicker could work. A formation change that gets more bodies in the box for crosses could work. We don't need to just accept they are defensive so what can we do?! We're passing sideways and letting them get into shape too easily. Good managers use tactics and formation to their advantage.
  5. Can't Gerrard try something different? This has been our team/tactics and game plan most of the season and it's been shite more often than not. Especially against defensive teams. Try 2 up top or something. Clueless as fuck.
  6. This is genuinely as bad as Pedro and Warburton and we've spent a lot more.
  7. We are shite. Just want to this season done with to hopefully see the back of Tav, Candeias and a few others. Kent can forget coming back as well. Overrated to fuck. Cut back after cut back but fuck all end product.
  8. Think Gerrard says Aberdeen in red and thinks it Liverpool so does his best to let them win.
  9. We made the semi finals last year.
  10. I don't see massive improvements. Not enough to make me hopeful for next season. We've got a midfield and forward line to rebuild as well and I'm not confident Gerrard has the ability to do that.
  11. 100%. If he wasn't Steven Gerrard most would be wanting him sacked.
  12. He better not be. We actually have a full midfield incapable of taking a free kick. What the fuck is that about?!
  13. If Gerrard genuinely can't get the better of McInnes when it matters he should just walk away and give up management.
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