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  1. Great performance and although it should've been more comfortable I'll take it as I wasn't confident before this game. Players done Fernando proud with the effort they put in.
  2. Fucking hell we need to practice shooting! So many chances wasted. Chuffed with the performance though but just need to convert these chances!
  3. We've been outstanding. Need to get another goal here!
  4. Get him off penalties now. Get a striker or midfield hitting them. He tries to be too precise every fucking time!
  5. This idea that Gerrard and Lampard got management jobs because they are white is nonsense. Both were tipped to be managers for the way they lead their teams as captains and players throughout their whole career. Gerrard also worked with youth teams before coming to us. Did Scholes have to start at Oldham because he is ginger? John Terry is a coach at Villa earning his stripes. The Neville brothers worked as coaches as well. They all won loads but didn't walk into top jobs. 2 top class players get big jobs and it's racist. If Lampard hadn't got his job at Chelsea and it went to say another Italian the go to comment would then be "young British managers don't get a chance". Nonsense the lot of it.
  6. Thank fuck. Yass! Really worried we are struggling to score from open play in the recent league games but at least we are making set pieces count.
  7. Who is Halliday crossing to? He's just hitting and hoping. Get the head up and have a look first!
  8. Halliday got away with that there big time by the looks of it. Wake up.
  9. I know it's up to us to break teams but no team out with the filth in this league have any fucking interest at all in playing football. Negative as fuck.
  10. That's all we need ffs. Hope he's ok and to be honest I was surprised he started.
  11. We really need to work on just hitting the ball when near the opposition goal. Too many times we take an extra touch and fuck it up.
  12. As always a great report and win. Cheers mate.
  13. I'd be happy with that unless Kent signs before Sunday. 😁
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