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  1. Could watch that header against the scum all day long. Love the big Niko!
  2. Wouldn't mind getting in a target man type striker on loan just as another option for those scruffy games playing against a parked bus. Especially with the quality we have in Borna and Tav for crosses into the box. A better RM and a goalscoring midfielder would be great as well but they cost money and I don't think we'll spend much in January.
  3. What a year it's going to be fellow Bears! WATP!
  4. Aye but we won Bill. Get it up you!
  5. He's just a top quality player. Always has been and always will be. Played a massive part in our win today.
  6. He knows what it's all about. He's the one to take us back to the top.
  7. Cunts put in there place!
  8. Fuck the papers. It about us. WATP!
  9. Not a chance and don't want him. Can get cheaper lumps him.
  10. If we score first we win the game. We win it easily if Alfie scores first. If the scum score first they'll win it. That's my opinion.
  11. Hearts are terrible and have one of the worst midfields I've ever seen.
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