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  1. Met Ronald de Boer at the Christmas shows in George Square when I was about 12. I remember being starstruck and I think all I managed to say was "you're my favourite football player".
  2. His first touch isn't great all the time in my opinion which results in him giving the ball away too much when it's 100 miles an hour in Scotland. I've noticed he seems to try and control the ball with the outside of his foot quiet a lot which results in a poor touch. His quality of pass and vision is without question therefore if he just nailed that first touch more often in tight areas he'd get away with the lack of pace I reckon as he'd be able to play the pass he wants quickly. Looking at the chances created in that video on the first page of this thread it's clear to see he'd have more assists to his name if the people he passed it too didn't miss clear chances.
  3. Glad to finally score and well in Kent for having a go! Would love nothing more than to score another one now and put this to bed!
  4. Anyone of them can come off and I wasn't just picking on Davis however I'd say it's more likely that Hagi, Kent or Aribo will create something if there was more happening up front.
  5. Chucking the ball in from wide areas to nobody is just pointless. I'd like us to take Davis off and put Kamberi up front with Morelos to at least have people in the box for the crosses. Need to try something different to get out of this run of form.
  6. Just wanting a spark from somewhere. Feels like another game that we'll huff and puff at then concede a stupid goal.
  7. From all the issues of our current form that's the one that annoys me most I'd say. Everybody knows we're going to chuck it into the box from wide areas but for some reason our players don't flood the box.
  8. Is there really a need to play Kamara, Davis and Aribo today? Don't know why he doesn't give Kamberi and Morelos a go upfront together.
  9. He needs to go but you can't help but feel this is going to drag on for a bit.
  10. That's a disgrace. Hopefully that's him played his last ever game for us.
  11. A freak result can happen but this ain't a freak. He needs sacked now.
  12. Couldn't care about it and if getting pumped means he'll finally fucking go then so be it. Domestic football is all that matters and he's done no better than Warburton or Pedro on that front.
  13. As bad as our defenders are our midfield and strikers are incredibly pish as well. Can't create a goal against Hamilton at home.
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