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  1. Don't know if it's deliberate or an accident but the comments from Doncaster and Lawell in that article are identical. We all know Doncaster is his puppy anyway and wouldn't be surprised if they just used the same statements.
  2. Do we have a PR company for stuff like this? It's pretty common for companies to have PR teams to document, scrub, spin and bury bad news stories for them. We know the scum do this and have it with Hollicom and due to their disgraceful history they want to bury a lot but is it a service we use? It probably wouldn't help with us though as the media are full of they cunts and I'd rather not use it out of dignity and transparency but all these little negative type stories add up and damage your brand & reputation.
  3. So have they voted as that's some size of statement without saying anything worthwhile.
  4. That pesky firewall again blocking their statement?
  5. I'm guessing it's because they are probably going to change the 11-1 rule to force it through. Corrupt so they'll figure out a way to do it.
  6. Hope the SPFL get that and it doesn't trip their firewall.
  7. Wonder if that'll be Partick Thistle being trouble makers now as well according to the media. Great statement and hopefully the start of hammering these corrupt fucks.
  8. Dundee are actually being painted as the saviours of Scottish football in that Daily Record piece. What the fuck is actually going on?! Time release this evidence Rangers or it's too late in my opinion and will get buried.
  9. There is no doubt about that. Something happened that wasn't above board. I really fucking hope whatever evidence we have is concrete. We can't let up in this and need to end this corruption. I'm getting anxious if I'm being honest as I can see this vote getting rushed through and the compliant media burying this whole episode. I hope I'm wrong.
  10. The vote was submitted as a no. It wasn't changed last minute. It was submitted and arrived as a no vote and the evidence is there. Now if the goalposts have moved and reconstruction is on the cards if this goes through shouldn't the vote be done again with the new terms of the resolution being discussed? Surely they can't add in stuff to the resolution during the vote? I don't have a clue about any of this but it just seems so corrupt that I can't get my head around it.
  11. I've struggled to keep up with it all to be honest but just reading that I can't believe they are actually using it as a legitimate excuse. It's mental. Surely that alone stinks of corruption or at least foul play. You can't submit a vote then change your mind. The simple fact that this is the deciding vote also makes it obvious foul play has went on. Anyone thinking otherwise are at it.
  12. So Dundee submit a no vote, it conveniently disappears, something happens behind the scenes, they change their mind and ask their vote to be disregarded then their vote arrives but is no longer valid? Our evidence better be top notch as we need to clear this whole corrupt regime ruining our game.
  13. This whole thing is reeking. I really hope we have a smoking gun here and hammer these corrupted cunts.
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