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  1. Again a good shift by Murphy and glad he's actually got something to show for it.
  2. Really enjoyed the second half. Goss has a real bit of quality about him when it comes to crossing and passing the ball about under pressure. Docherty has had a better second half. Murphy got an assist and we've scored some good goals. Only Ayr but always good to win these games comfortably to get confidence and momentum going.
  3. Shame he was offside as that was a good cutback from Docherty.
  4. Brilliant from Cummings! Fucking yassss!
  5. Murphy has a great knack of hitting an opposition player with every cross or shot! Great cross by Windass. Come on Rangers get the 2nd and put this game to bed!
  6. Cummings is getting himself involved but you just feel he needs a chance on goal as his touches are all outside the box.
  7. What? Just commenting on what I've seen so far today. Don't think I said anything too unfair and giving him the benefit of the doubt as he hasn't played much.
  8. Murphy is honking at shooting for a forward player by the way.
  9. Not overly impressed with Docherty to be honest. Seems a bit static off the ball and isn't getting involved much but probably a bit of rustiness. I don't really know what type of player he is and only know what I read about him but I hope he's got more in his game than he's showing.
  10. Great finish from Morelos. Thank fuck for that!
  11. Get the feeling this just ain't going to be our day...
  12. Well timed run from Windass but he needs to bury that header.
  13. He's bailed us out a few times this season so it's about time the other 10 do the same for him.
  14. Josh Windass

    I can't really think of many if any games where he has been involved from start to finish and plays great. He scores the odd goal or has the odd run but that's it. Considering how much game time he gets that's pretty poor.