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  1. Yass! I'd be raging if a penalty was given against us for that but it's about time we got a break!
  2. Good play there but just overplaying it a bit.
  3. You can just feel this game going the same way as most games against these cunts! We really need to make this good play count. Everything but a goal so far.
  4. I don't get why people are saying Gerrard calling them out for the shitebags they are will affect their sell on value. Who was going to pay any decent money for 2 shitebags players who have been injured most of the season anyway?
  5. I honestly think we have been a top quality attacking goalscoring midfielder away from winning the league this year. So many points dropped because we didn't have that little bit of quality or surprise in the last third with a pass or goal from outside the box. So gutting.
  6. GaryMc


    I'm highlighting our biggest games of the season that he's done nothing in. The games that normally define your season. Also he couldn't play in the games because HE got booked or sent off. For the 3rd time now I will way I know he's had a great season and scored a lot of goals and some really important ones but he's hurting the team big time with his idiocy.
  7. GaryMc


    Don't see what I've made up. Semi final against Aberdeen he was suspended for it because of too many bookings which are mostly down to him being an idiot. Quarter final against Aberdeen he done fuck all. Replay of the quarter final he done fuck all. He got booked though as standard. First OF of the season he done fuck all. Got booked though as standard. Second OF he played well but didn't actually do much other than try to get sent off. Got booked again though as standard. Today's OF. Gets red carded and fucks his teammates over again. Only thing he guarantees you in the big important games is a booking or red card. That's the reason a large number people on here and also the manager with his post match comments are done with him. I'm not stupid to the fact he has dragged us through a lot of matches and got us wins on his own hence why I said he's been great this year. However when we really need him in the big matches he doesn't turn up.
  8. GaryMc


    Whether he caught the cunt in the face or not doesn't really matter. He's swung has arm towards him. Nobody made him do it and it's his own fault. The wee guy has been great but he's done fuck all of note in most of the big games when it matters other than get sent off. That's why we won't get anywhere near the stupid figures being banded about for him. People on here are quick to slag that Eduoard for the scum and say Mo is better but you just need to look at his OF record and goals when it really matters to see that we need far better quality to actually compete. To beat they cunts we need all our players to be at the top of their game and also have a bit of luck. Mo getting sent off for being a fucking idiot is not what we need.
  9. Not a single one of these fuckers cared about what would happen to the Scottish game or national team when they put the biggest club in the country into the lowest division available. They can all fuck off.
  10. I disagree. If you setup up with 1 up top and midfielders incapable of going beyond the striker then it limits you. If you go 2 up it allows flicks on, stretches their defence creating more openings etc. We were chasing a game that was already gone by that point. Yassssss! El Buffalo! Must have been that formation change to 2 up top. 😂
  11. Yeah I get that but the players we have can't achieve that in this formation. Unfortunately we can't change the players therefore we need to try a different formation that allows us to change the way we play. As I said previously changing to 2 up top or getting bodies in the box would give us something to aim at it. We are setup in in such a way that it plays into a defensive teams plan perfectly. In game this like we should be bypassing the midfield and getting the ball into the forwards asap even with a long ball with supporting midfielders. However we only have 1 forward to aim at.
  12. The have a good formation unlike us. Move about as a team.
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