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  1. Sorry I missed you on Sat. I went down to john Greig statue with skipper but couldn't see you. Can you send me a link and I'll try and send it via PayPal Thanks
  2. I doth my cap to you Govanblue. Enjoy your retirement.
  3. 9 pm tonight. All the usual presenters. Can't wait. Keep it going for the Rangers as Bridgeman would say.
  4. Will catch up with you at the Rangers radio bistro at the start of the season govanblue. Wee donation to give.
  5. Well done Darth. Keep it going for Erskine.Every little helps.
  6. Nice to put a face to a name sweetartangirl.
  7. Show on tonight between 9pm and 11pm.
  8. he was from my village yep hes a shettleson harrier got a bad injury whilst at Dundee utd acl I think
  9. So motherwell have had 4 players suspended. Surely they as a club should be charged with not keeping their players under control .
  10. Its not the Rangers way.Only manager in rangers history to have this much turmoil. He deserves to the end of the season at least.
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