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  1. Does this mean no champions league for them? :lol:
  2. He didn't sign any autographs when he went to his car either.
  3. How about calling Sky and ESPN saying we will boycott them aswell.
  4. Guidetti who play for Man City but is on loan at Feyenoord has scored 15 in 13 games.
  5. He was suspended.
  6. I spent most of the time get battered so I hardly see the game.
  7. Was amzing. You don't understand how good the ub are until your in with them.
  8. We Are All Grant Adam
  9. :broadfoot:
  10. You can see it for a few seconds in this video at 2 minutes
  11. Ally's first OF game managing. Must win. Mcgregor Whittaker Goian Bocanegra Wallace Naismith Edu Davis Wylde Jelavic Lafferty