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  1. BLUEDIGNITY - I agree with your sentiments! So much so I basically done my own thread making the same point. My Apologies! Mon the Rangers!

    Let's put boardroom stuff to one side for a day and concentrate on willing the team towards a positive result. After the game last Sunday I looked ahead to this game and genuinely thought we were going to get horsed. As the week has gone on, I think we can cause an upset. It just looks so unlikely just now, it might actually happen. No Surrender. Post yer favourite party tunes!
  3. A Dinosaur rears his head.

    Rangers are more than a club. The OP is much better with words than I am, but he expresses it extremely well. I support Rangers not purely because of the football team, I support Rangers because they represent more than a football club. It's a culture, tradition, even way of life that has been ingrained in me. A club with morals. Ask any true Ranger and they'll know what the club means to them.
  4. Would love to see it at ibrox. Like other posters have said, slim Jim would want it at ibrox.
  5. Rangers to play Linfield at Ibrox?

    I reccommend a reasonable price of £5 a ticket.
  6. Motherwell roll call

    Bought my ticket earlier for BF4, Mon Rangers!
  7. £6 for students to watch the Hearts (SFL3 feeder club) game tonight. Do Rangers ever have student prices for games?
  8. Crowd update for Well gane

    I'm hoping to make it. Will be a tough game and the lads need our support.
  9. please help rangers fans!

    Filled out one earlier. Would love to see how she twists the final conclusions to suit her Celtic supporting agenda.. 'Rangers fans voted overwhelmingly against supporting Ireland in the Euros which suggests they are Infact bigots.. ' :L
  10. Argyriou (the Greek guy)

    He was our worst player today :s
  11. League Cup Draw

    See if we get the scum at home, is that one of the games where we can have it added onto our season ticket smart card?
  12. Bunch of paedos. Then that rat with green teeth celebrating as though he's just won the competition.
  13. Celtic 1-0. That was disgusting, Hooper a yard offside. Clear as day aswell. Helsingborg have been cheated there.
  14. Anyone watching the Tims game? Helsingborgs looking alright, just lacking cutting edge like first leg
  15. Latest TV figures - and they're down again

    See how we had to sacrifice our television rights to the SPL, do we know just how much this has been split? Leggo was saying the Tims get £2m whereas we get like 7k. Even though our games are getting the higher viewing figures.