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  1. I've met Dingwall / Grandmaster Suck before and he's preached about Rangers fans singing from the same hymn sheet. He's the biggest hypocrite I've ever met in my life as he preaches one thing and acts another way. He's no fans representative and I'll never go back to FF. At least here, I can express an opinion freely without having to conform.
  2. Very good
  3. That was a great game, just a couple of sloppy mistakes cost us.
  4. I'll be happy with a point, regardless of what happens during the game
  5. Great bar
  6. Ewan Chester probably got that scouting report from the Daily Record
  7. Yea Walter will never sign him now
  8. Thanks celtc for that £5.8mil
  9. Bit harsh its not really It is really.
  10. Brilliant day, wonder who will hog the back pages tomorrow though?
  11. I would go for that.
  12. He never left to go to Brimginham because he wanted to stay.
  13. Laudrup just used to breeze past players effortlessly Their fans were animals then and still are
  14. If we're bringing in anybody, it will be Lovenpants
  15. Express