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  1. 'Rangerspedia.org' Website Now Online

    Very good
  2. ***The Official Champions League Draw Thread***

    I would go for that.
  3. *** The Official PSG vs Rangers thread***

    The big black boy at center half for PSG was incredible. If it wasn't for him, we would have humped them.
  4. *** The Official PSG vs Rangers thread***

    Delighted the Rangers are back on British soil playing
  5. Tim on Clyde: "We would have been better with the Wheel of Fortune" Doesn't even make sense
  6. There probably will be a dodgy stream kicking about because it's the CL
  7. ***Official NEW Jersey Discussion Thread***

    cracking top
  8. The USA's defending has been awful.
  9. Setanta dead at last

    Yea hopefully it's Sky!
  10. ***Official NEW Jersey Discussion Thread***

    Are we Airdrie?
  11. ***Official Holland v Scotland thread***

    What's up with Ferguson?
  12. ***The Official Rangers v Hearts Thread***

    No Dailly?
  13. ***The Official Co-Operative Cup Final Thread***

    Bring up the jungle bastards!!
  14. ***The Official Co-Operative Cup Final Thread***

    I would go with this, but no chance