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  1. Living in Sydney took the day off work tomorrow! Heading to Rangers bar soon 2am kick off. lets fuckin do this Rangers!!!!!!!
  2. What’s the best kind of laptop to play this on? Thinking of buying a 2nd hand laptop!
  3. What’s your tips for Tomorrow!! gutted for you tho mate
  4. Albertz_11

    FIFA 18

    Any updates on our ratings?
  5. Albertz_11

    FIFA 18

    How you do get access to the beta? Is it just friendlys you get to play? 29th September is too long away!
  6. Albertz_11

    FIFA 18

    Where's the best to pre order this ? Some people always end up having it like weeks before!
  7. Looks like mines will come tomorrow then!
  8. When do use think amazon will deliver ? Thursday? Dying to play it now after watching YouTube ?
  9. Hopefully get it a wee bit early by ordering it of amazon ? Probs not get it till week after lol
  10. Is there anyway to get the game early?
  11. Is this a public sale or for season tickets?????
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