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  1. What’s the best kind of laptop to play this on? Thinking of buying a 2nd hand laptop!
  2. What’s your tips for Tomorrow!! gutted for you tho mate
  3. Albertz_11

    FIFA 18

    Any updates on our ratings?
  4. Albertz_11

    FIFA 18

    How you do get access to the beta? Is it just friendlys you get to play? 29th September is too long away!
  5. Albertz_11

    FIFA 18

    Where's the best to pre order this ? Some people always end up having it like weeks before!
  6. Looks like mines will come tomorrow then!
  7. When do use think amazon will deliver ? Thursday? Dying to play it now after watching YouTube ?
  8. Hopefully get it a wee bit early by ordering it of amazon ? Probs not get it till week after lol
  9. Is there anyway to get the game early?
  10. Is this a public sale or for season tickets?????
  11. Is there anyway to add leagues a think would be good to put the juniors in it!!
  12. Albertz_11

    FIFA 13

    Is the Scottish 1st div gawnny be in it?
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