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  1. Anyone know where the best place would be to park for this one?
  2. CM72

    FIFA 17 Ratings

    Packed Griezmann this morning, sold for 237k. Thats pretty much sorted out my Prem team, added Mustafi, Koscielny, Alderweireld, Vardy, Kane, Rashford and Alli with a tidy wee amount sitting in the bank. Packs are a load of bullshit though, thats one player from about 20 odd packs thats even been of note.
  3. Shite, shite and more shite. Very fortunate to come away with the 3 points today. If Lee McCulloch seriously thinks our squad is in a fit enough state to be competing in the Premiership then he's kidding himself on. Played well for 5 mins and that was after the 2nd and the disallowed goal. A wins a win though, Onwards and upwards.
  4. CM72

    GTA V

    Went into town today, 11am tomorrow if anyones interested from that shop that normally sell it early.
  5. CM72

    GTA V

    Anyone know roughly when G Force will be selling this?
  6. Yaaaas, he's gonna be a big player for us this year. Cracking player IMO
  7. What are the Gers like on it lads? How much cash do you get?
  8. Aye a pm would be nice, good effort though lass.
  9. ironically got my shirt today mate, its too bloody tight for me! raging haha

  10. i ordered an AC Milan shirt from that maxxsoccer how long does delivery take? ive been waiting a week as it is?

  11. In my second season, Knocked out of the League cup to them 3-1 at the San Giro. Went 1 up and dominated the 1st half before the tides changed and they equalised then snatched a second in the 85th min. Went to Overload and put 9 players up top, conceded again, but ah well shit happens. Sitting top clear by 7 pts and showing no signs of stopping as we are racing to secure this title in record time and not a last day helicopter sunday like the previous season. Won through to the Scottish cup quarter finals where we will face ICT. In the last 32 of the Champions league and drew Man City, (OUCH) Hopefully cause an upset but not holding out much hope. Signed a few crackers at the start of the season, Scott Allan on a free (£1M Compensation - Dundee Utd are wank ) Trump was a free LB (ex Zenit) and has also been cracking. Salihi from Rapid has been a revelation, banging in goals for fun. Got Carlos Fierro for £5m (£2.5M up front and £2.5M over 48 months). January window and I signed Kostas Fortounis from Kaiserlaustern. What a prospect with 4.5* Potential. Was hefty at £5M but will hopefully pay off
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