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  1. Stoke, Werder Bremen, Valencia, Hamburg £1.00 returns 24.
  2. The Robbie Keane road show, doing his trip of Scotland before he goes home with his tail between his legs. 65k well spent eh shaun? Go on on Ewan!!
  3. This coupon is becoming a joke now! I won 27 quid on a euro acca last week but that's all i've had in about 4 months after a glorious start
  4. Has greegs reported this to the police if he hasnt reported that then hes crazy Don't know mate, he works in the Easterhouse division so he doesn't cover the city centre. He's working at the game on Sunday so has been briefed on what happened but as I said I didn't get full details just the injuries.
  5. My mates a Polis and what he got told is McGregor has a broken eye socket and got slashed on the back. No idea of other details but looks like he's got a bad one
  6. **BREAKING NEWS** Keane is on his way back to spurs. He was only on loan till the end of Celtic's season.
  7. Tony Moybrays the white John Barnes, Tony Moybrays the white John Barnes, Tony Moybrays the white John Barnes
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