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  1. Expect them anytime now. Ticket office line closed at 5 so they wouldn't send them before then to save the grief
  2. Wes Tav Hill Wilson Hodson Halliday Holt Windass MOH Garner Dodoo
  3. Wes Tav Hill Kiernan Hodson Holt Halliday Crooks MOH Waghorn Dodoo Rest Wallace and Mckay. Waghorn through the middle for me. Doesn't cut it out wide.
  4. Foderingham Tav Senderos Wilson Wallace Halliday Holt Krancjar Windass Waghorn McKay
  5. I paid for every game but was unable to attend any due to work but i got 1.
  6. Ok league fixture was at 5.02pm for sure ?
  7. I am sure that for the last 2 old firm games e mails were sent at 5pm
  8. Our ticket office needs a boot up the arse. Not blaming those on the 'front line' in any way as they can only answer what they know. It's unfair on them and especially us not knowing when we will get notification of a ticket. Some of us need to book flights, ferries, hotels etc. Not fair Rangers ?
  9. Gilks Crooks Senderos Wilson Halliday Forrester Holt Windass O'Halloran Garner Waghorn
  10. WTF happened there? Defence + dom ball were feckin gash.
  11. Rangers 6-1 Raith Rovers 18/10/14 Att - 33,956 Simonsen Foster Mcgregor Mcculloch Wallace Aird Black Law Macleod Boyd Miller Subs used - Templeton, Clark, Daly 6-1 let that sink in a second and just think what this team are capable off compared to last seasons starting XI. Foderingham Tavernier Kiernan Wilson Wallace Holt Zalalem Halliday Mckay Waghorn Miller
  12. Wes Tav. Kiernan. Wilson. Wallace Holt. Law. Halliday Mckay. Waggy. Temps Shiels, Miller & Clark to come on for Holt, Temps & McKay
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