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  1. “We are also looking to have someone, because this is going to be my third experience of working abroad, and I always look to have one local assistant in order to provide a bridge between the culture, the history and the traditions. “They help with everything; what it means living in Glasgow, what it means to live in Scotland, how to behave with the opponent’s managers, how do they like to play or how do they not like to play, all the competitions in which you are involved and the players you are going to start working with. “So I like to have someone for all those situations that you need someone to bridge the gap but also to tell me about the good ideas which existed before. “But also I need to educate and coach him about the way we want to put things into practise.
  2. I think it's quite clever to leave him out. It's saying to the players that at 22 they're no longer considered a young/youth player and they'll be judged like everyone else. At 22-23 they should be established players in the team with a few years of first team football. It takes the piss when you see guys like James Milner win a young player of the year award when he was 24 and 7/8 seasons of 1st team football.
  3. Won't silly myself voting in this crap.
  4. He had a lot of it at hearts too and was still pish imo. A highlights player. The type that looks ok on sportscene. Watch him over a full game though and he's shite apart from 1 or 2 moments every couple of games. On a list of most overrated players in recent times in Scotland beside other shite like Goodwillie and Allan.
  5. I could see what Pedro was trying to do with the "local assistant" that he spoke about. Then he interviews guys like Novo and Brown 🤦🏼‍♂️
  6. What's a relatively small investment? The Brighton owner has stuck in £250m so far. Derby, Sheffield Wed have invested heavily and still need more. Leicester & Boro spent a fortune getting promoted then even more to try and stay there. The Championship is getting richer and richer every year now too and teams are buying players for over £10m. It's not cheap to get teams promoted and you'd need to be quite lucky to do it on a small investment. Then once you get promoted the rewards are high but that quickly disappears on transfers & wages.
  7. 🤦‍♂️
  8. 🤦‍♂️
  9. I wouldn't be surprised if Warburton goes for Paterson.
  10. You think Pedro has came in and wants to appoint a "local assistant" for the fans benefit? People are just talking shite now because they don't like Ferguson and it might be him that gets the role.
  11. Looks like an error with the linking more than anything else because he did talk about us and Barton it's just in a different article.
  12. You guys will kick yourselves when you find out the answer
  13. "I think they'll entertain a wide variety of coaches, but I'd be surprised if they go for someone like that. "Rangers need to be sorted out at first-team level. I am not sure it would be the right appointment, but if it is him, you have to give him time." Then elsewhere said Rangers should do all they can to get McInnes as manager. Could that person work under a manager that they didn't think was the right appointment? This was McCann that said that. People are saying Ferguson shouldn't get it because he was against the appointment yet want McCann who was the same.
  14. He's been a waste of a wage since he signed. Sure I'd be happy to see him play and play well but I don't see it happening. I'd rather he was moved on, although I know that's a very slim possibility.