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  1. So a transfer paid over 2 years. Not any different to most transfers. Plenty get paid over longer periods. Tell them to bolt.
  2. Looking forward to seeing him play. A midfielder that gets in the box, on the end of things and scores goals from all over will make a huge difference. Fingers crossed he hits the ground running.
  3. Waghorn needs to be binned and punted. Miller should only ever play as a CF. I didn't want him to get a new deal and the main reason is that we'll be watching him play on the wing and midfield most of the time he plays. I know we have Pena to add but I'd like to see us get rid of a few midfielders and add another creative offensive mid. If he gets injured or doesn't hit the ground running then the midfield is going to be a problem.
  4. You wanting an hourly update?
  5. Taigs would need to have an absolute calamity of a summer transfer wise and we'd need to get 95% of signings right and gel quickly. I don't see it happening. Looking at our current team on paper there's still improvements needed and IMO a lack of goals will be an issue.
  6. Going to wear my new lionbrand top.
  7. Hat and a balloon for him.
  8. Some handbags there
  9. I'd love an orange top but unrealistic for this season if people want it to sell in the kind of numbers they think it would sell in. 1 of the seasons in the lower leagues the strip was late in getting to production and so they were limited numbers made. At this point of the year an orange one in production would be the same.
  10. No because that would be stupid. Transfers will come from season ticket money, also Dave King and others have just put more money into the club funds as mentioned today.
  11. Is it letting anyone pick a seat? They let me pick an area then they give me a seat.
  12. Aye. Hopefully suns out and have a day in a beer garden then the footy.
  13. We really aren't.
  14. Kirk Broadfoot
  15. Aye German league mate, finished just behind Dortmund and Hoffenheim, that's how we're all confident of beating them.