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  1. After the new year game they blocked us off at the Albion car park until all the taigs had cleared. Took about 20mins until they let us through.
  2. Idiot. If you're going put the head on someone you may as well do it properly and give them something to roll about for.
  3. I'm just glad we have someone that's on the level of the Europeans and modern football to bring us such knowledge. Wouldn't get this from the average backwards Scottish people 😠
  4. Thank god for that analysis. I'd never have noticed any of that.
  5. No. Probably closer to 3rd than 1st again.
  6. Community Interest Company maybe If you're talking to a burd it means cum in cunt.
  7. Do you think he'll go out on loan or just leave?
  8. Nope. We'll see. I hope he proves me wrong but given I don't rate this season by him I can't see that changing next year.
  9. I don't think they downed tools because getting to the final would mean less of a holiday but it's not out of the question that they would down tools if they are not happy with certain things. I don't think it was though, they were just shite.
  10. Think he'd be better leaving permenantly and trying to get 1 of the better Championship sides to take him on. We have a few forwards that are already here and we'll maybe get rid of 1 of them and add more. How much game time would Hardie see if he stays? Not much. If he goes on another loan he'd be as well going permenantly.
  11. Not fussed on him, not worth £1m.
  12. Probably going to cost us a fair bit in holiday pay or some shit. Nothing Pedro can do about it really. The country needs to sort out its football dates better when they know teams have to play qualifiers and fit in a pre-season. The winter break was pointless, get rid of it and start/end the season earlier.