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  1. Yeah, and I'd say most that follow English football would have. His move from Fulham to City was in the news a fair bit due to the potential cost of a teenager that hadn't played many games.
  2. Confident of a draw.
  3. Too slow. No creativity or drive in the middle of the park. Players not shooting when they have the chance in the middle of the pitch and instead wanting to pass across the park a few times before someone crosses it into the packed area where we have 2 players against 7. 1 wide man that's hit or miss, the guy on the other side can only use pace to try beat the opposition but if they sit in he's not going to do anything. A forward that runs all over the place moaning at everyone else. Our other forward that should be staying central has to run out to the wide areas to get the ball because the other forward has fucked off. The midfield and wide men are too slow in getting up to support the forward or take his position. A weak bench that doesn't really have anyone that can come on and change a game. Probably missed out a lot.
  4. You're just making up costs in your head to suit your point. £2500 per head How do you know what the majority want? If you want the male toilets and disabled facilities improved are you willing to pay for it? £3500 per person should cover it.
  5. One of few players I like. Unfortunate that the midfield isn't creative enough and the other forward fucks off leaving him up there himself having to run out of central areas.
  6. I don't think he's the spark we need in midfield and I've said a few times Jacks not my type of player at all. I'd like to see a more offensive player beside Dorrans in these type of games. Against shite at home a dm is posted as a waste of player IMO.
  7. Remember he's 2 steps ahead of everyone else and once they catch up we'll be fine
  8. You've said that before the other day. Difference between realists and surrender monkeys. Can you give any evidence or facts to suggest otherwise? Anything apart from fantasy bullshit.
  9. Many wanted him to be given a new contract and I'll get pelters for this but they deserve to watch him.
  10. Depends how many the fans can deflect onto a referee, or an opposition manager being a wanker.
  11. I think there's a problem when you hire a guy that's never experienced Scottish football. Scottish football is shite but for some reason it's still difficult. People that haven't experienced it don't understand what's needed. We either get someone that's experienced it or throw £50m on signings to make up for a manager that isn't smart enough.