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  1. Full rebuild required

    And that's the problem with our team. Average players who should be at Aberdeen, Hearts, Kilmarnock, Motherwell etc, and that's some of our so called better players.
  2. Full rebuild required

    I go through our team and there’s a lot of players who’s level should be playing for the other teams in the league.
  3. Full rebuild required

    3 goals from 3 shots on target. They rarely even got near our box yet still manage 3 goals
  4. Bruno Alves

    Really wish we’d avoid these types of signings. Never learn.
  5. Full rebuild required

    Flip flop flip flop
  6. *Official Rangers v St Johnstone Match Thread*

    Murty will take most of the blame while people kid themselves on this group of players just need a manager.
  7. *Official Rangers v St Johnstone Match Thread*

    Defending and goalkeeper
  8. *Official Rangers v St Johnstone Match Thread*

    Jack & McCrorie aren't needed together in these games. Kenny Morelos needs to stay in and around the box. Tav has been better going forward since Candieas got out his way.
  9. *Official Rangers v St Johnstone Match Thread*

    Fuck right off. Defending appalling
  10. *Official Rangers v St Johnstone Match Thread*

    Midfield middle 3 aren't doing enough from an attacking POV, and we're too one sided wanting to go down the right too much. Bench is dreadful looking.
  11. *Official Rangers v St Johnstone Match Thread*

    Manager and a magician if we think anyone can consistently get good performances with this group of players.