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  1. Jim White & His Taig Scarf

    Jim Shite.
  2. I'd probably go same team as the last game apart from change the keeper.
  3. Ashley

    The people that found owners for Chelsea & Man City have tried previously to sell Newcastle but struggled to get any interest. Given how much money it takes down there to get anywhere in the league I'd be surprised if they were sold anytime soon.
  4. When the January window opens...

    Can't see us doing much in January. Maybe 1 signing, 2 at a push if we try to get any of the expected pre-contract guys early for a small fee. I don't expect any pre-contracts to be done until March/April time. It's become more rare that people sign pre-contracts as early as January. By the time summer comes personally hope we avoid the likes of McLean & Walker. They'll be no more than squad options going forward. We need players in the first 11 as a priority, if we sort the first 11 the guys they replace become squad players and give us more depth anyway.
  5. The position of goalkeeper

    Agree, best few weeks he's had in ages. Different class through the international break.
  6. Poor wee guy having to get his boots dirty for 30 seconds
  7. Poor wee guy having to get his boots dirty for 30 seconds
  8. Much better there, won the ball and attack straight away. Well taken.
  9. Good cross and well taken by Pena. Horrible with the ball at his feet at times but makes the runs and gets into the right positions in the box.
  10. Good play from Morelos to get a shot away. We're getting a couple of chances here, need to take 1 before the inevitable defence or keeper fuck up.
  11. No. I've never seen anyone on here that hates him.
  12. Haters Are you a teenage American?
  13. Few of them must be having a competition to see how bad they can be.