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  1. Well done the rangers! Stage 2 complete!! WATP
  2. lets just get bulmers as our sponsor... go head to head in the cider market
  3. to be honest it makes no real difference. I will just download the whole of division 3 and rangers from the creation centre like I have already on FIFA 12.
  4. great stuff cheers for translating
  5. stop being so shellfish, ive haddock with all of you (we're all having a whale of a time)
  6. The Leeds situation was exactly the same situation as ours. They had their CVA rejected by HMRC and were forced to go into liquidation. Bates then bought all of the assets back (then sold them on to off shore accounts in his name too, but thats another story) and set about acquiring the 'Golden share' to allow them to compete in League 1. This is where the similarities end though... The media did not report the story negatively and it all happened so quickly that nobody really knew what to make of it. The rival teams in League 1 were eventually called together by the Football League and voted that Leeds should be allowed into the league as long as they started on -15 points for that season. Leeds went on a great run, coming back from -15 and just missed out on promotion as they were beaten at Wembley by Doncaster. BUT Because of how this has been picked up by our Mhedia in Scotland and because we are still a top flight club and everyone seems to want to kick us while we are down I fear that we will end up with far more severe penalties from the other sides in the SPL. I still feel physically sick.
  7. one day... the whole of BF will be like that EVERY WEEK!!
  8. good to see, well done all
  9. Tarnished treble? NO... Discredited double? NO... Just a tainted title :crabflute: :crabflute: :crabflute: funny to see that wee ned run all the way across the pitch to have a go at the ref aswell... funny how he didnt say a word to the linesman who allowed hoopers offside goal to stand GIRFUY
  10. absolutely unbelievable... PROUD TO BE A RANGER
  11. we should all just stay behind and celebrate being the people's champions 2011/12!! after all... WE ARE THE PEOPLE glasgow rangers... peoples champs... ooooooo oooooooooooo :uk: :uk: :uk:
  12. their tainted treble has become a search for a defaulted double...
  13. "Never fear, inevitably we shall have our years of failure, and when they arrive, we must reveal tolerance and sanity. No matter the days of anxiety that come our way, we shall emerge stronger because of the trials to be overcome. That has been the philosophy of the Rangers since the days of the gallant pioneers." (Bill Struth) :crabflute: :crabflute: :crabflute: :crabflute: :uk: :uk: :uk: :uk: :uk: :uk: :uk: :uk: :uk:
  14. As I have put above we are not asking for money, not at all, just support and for as many bears to sign up to our trust for FREE as possible at And the comment about Corby fans donating money to Rangers, there are at least 50 that I know of. Whether that be through collections at the Corby Rangers Club, through going up to the matches and helping to sell out Ibrox (6 hours from here) or by giving their money to the club through merchandise etc. There are a hell of a lot of Rangers fans in Corby, who follow both Corby Town and the bears and believe me we are all dipping our hands into our pockets to help our the Rangers, just as every fan is around the world. Thanks again for the messages of support
  15. Hi guys thank you for the messages of support. I am not asking for any donations or money etc. and as a bear myself I totally agree that charity begins at home. To start with we just want as many members as possible to join the new trust. The more members we get the more sway we will have with the current powers that be. The debts are much smaller scale than rangers, things like matches being postponed and low crowds have caused a cash flow problem. Also a couple of our main sponsors have hit hard times and pulled the plug on deals. Again thank you all for your support! Here is to 5 years time, when the Gers are celebrating 4 in a row and Corby Town are preparing for life in the nPower Football League, with the fans at the heart of how the clubs are run. Here's hoping!