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  1. hooooootchy


    Booked for that. Ridiculous
  2. hooooootchy

    Football Trivia Questions

  3. hooooootchy

    Football Trivia Questions

    Who 😂😂
  4. hooooootchy


    Katic looks to be a great signing, early days I know, he's a big presence in both boxes. However big goldson for me is the defender we've been waiting on, a big commanding centre half, organising things n good with the ball. Think we've won a watch with him. They 2 n mcgregor makes me feel a lot more relaxed at games. Even flannagan, although unspectacular, will do a good job defensively
  5. hooooootchy

    ***The Official Rangers v NK Osijek thread***

    Delighted with last night, back 5 were brilliant. Jack was motm his best game for us, candieas wasn't far off it though never gave them a minute. Their left back didn't have the same influence because of him. Morelos has a good game too. Kent and ejaria were really frustrating, weren't in the game as much as I'd like. Ejaria, especially, had some nice touches but his decision making let him down. I thought the subs were wrong. But fuck it we're through and looking better every time we play. Bring on maribor
  6. Nice one mate cheers
  7. Can Rangers TV be put on to the TV through chromecast? don't fancy paying the money to watch it in my phone
  8. hooooootchy

    Match Analysis

    Was like watching Pedro's team. No real clear tactics or plan. A just a give it to our better players n see what happens approach
  9. hooooootchy

    14 Minutes

    You struggle against shite like them you've got to expect abuse
  10. hooooootchy

    What (who) are we missing?

    Steven Davis isnt the same player that abandoned us 6 years ago. Nowadays he's more of the same of what we've got. We need a proper number 10 to give us that wee bit of class to unlock defences. Hopefully Gerrard sees that after last night's show
  11. hooooootchy

    Ross McCrorie - good enough?

    He wasn't great but last nights not the game to judge him.
  12. hooooootchy

    Steven Davis

    Having 1 rat back is bad enough. Hope we stay well clear
  13. hooooootchy

    New Tops released (official pics included)

    Too me it looks like we have very little creativity in that team. I wouldn't be playing both rossiter n mccrorie and we're badly lacking a more advanced creative midfielder and a deeper lying one to dictate the game. Tbh I haven't seen too much of arfield but I'd always heard of him as more left sided. Plus I'm getting a bit off topic here lol. But nah I don't think they're the new tops
  14. hooooootchy

    New Tops released (official pics included)

    Interesting seeing flannagan centre half. Saw Gerrard say he could play in a back 3, wonder if that's what's planned for him
  15. hooooootchy

    Scotland Under 21’s

    Gilmore looks very good at that level. Liked the look of the big striker for Scotland. Mcrorrie should have done better for 3rd but mistakes in midfield and defence led to it. Burke, considering he's went for 20 odd million, doesn't even look good enough for a match like that. I'd of liked to have seen Middleton get on earlier. Dasilva, cork and the striker,that got the double, were a step above our team. They could even afford to leave tammy Abraham out