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  1. Aye we weren't good enough . But you think we were set up in a way to stop their biggest threats ? I don't. Sinclair with Tierney is a threat, tav with no one couldnt really stop it it . Roberts is a threat , an inexperienced beerman (who couldn't handle the same threat 6 days ago) couldn't stop it . Caixinha says he learned from last week . I don't think he did
  2. You can't get hammered playing a narrow midfield then play an narrow midfield and expect better
  3. Nice one mate . Cheers
  4. Was at the semi final in there and it was some atmosphere . Anyone know if it'll be open again for the 10th ?
  5. Best offer I've had ?
  6. Tell me about it . Club deck was all that was available when I bought . I will sell separate. 30 quid
  7. 2 x club deck tickets for sale . Paid 60 after booking fees . Looking for the same back
  8. The 'journalists' are absolutely shocking , constantly trying to goad Warburton into saying something controversial. You'd be forgiven for forgetting that the press conference was about the qos game for all it was mentioned . Great to see we have a manager so much more intelligent than these journos and can put his point across with class and with facts to back his opinion up
  9. Oduwa . Wow
  10. Recorded the game to watch it soberish.say what you want about Miller and especially Boyd . They talk sense
  11. Never seen waghorn play but his stats don't show him as the consistent scorer we need . And although not been prolific in his spell in England we know he can score goals up here , for 700-800k for May , I think he'd be a steal
  12. Gazza Laudrup McCoist Mols Albertz
  13. Sir Davie its exactly the type of player we need now. His place in our history is well earned
  14. Darren mcgregor even though he hasnt been great
  15. Think it'll be more likely to be 3-5-1-1 again