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  1. hooooootchy

    Ross McCrorie

    He's 20 Yr old, had a decent amount of game time in our top league, with some very good performances (some very poor ones too admittedly, but what 20 Yr old hasn't) . Now our squad has improved and he's learning from better players and with Gerrard, one of the best midfielders of his generation, guiding him. I'm nowhere near writing him off yet
  2. hooooootchy

    OUT: Lee Wallace [Twitter]

    Sentimental reasons I'd like to see him lift 55. Be nice have someone complete the whole journey with us, Realistically though he's not good enough anymore so get rid n free up the wages for someone who will contribute to it
  3. hooooootchy

    ***Official Rangers v Villarreal Match Thread***

    I don't think its a case of weaker or stronger teams for Thursday compared to Sunday, just different to suit the teams. Thursday : ---------------------mcgregor--------------------- Tav--------goldson----worral---------halliday ----------jack-------arfield----ejaria------------ Candeias---------morelos--------middleton Sunday: ---------------------mcgregor------------------------ Tav-----------goldson--Macauley-----barasic -------------jack-----arfield----coulibaly------------ Grezda------------morelos-----------Middleton
  4. hooooootchy

    Football 5 aside.

    Buffon Marcelo Modric Messi Ronaldo
  5. Wattereus F. De boer Gio R. De boer Mols
  6. How do put I pic up? Got a pic through whatsapp that shows why it's off
  7. Ah nice one. Was getting worried. Was ready to phone his mum
  8. I didn't know, only heard from the spartak press conference he'd miss that game. Been in a mood since then so not seen much about this game tbh
  9. Doesn't answer my calls anymore
  10. 422 on sky, 553 on virgin. Really looking forward to this. Was at a boca v estudiantes game years ago, in with the away fans. What an atmosphere. Bocas is easily my favourite stadium outside ibrox.
  11. Could agree with that, I only put lafferty in cos he's , although not the most physical, a big guy. Motherwell are a team of hammer throwers n will try n bully us again.
  12. ----------------mcgregor------------------ Tav------goldson--worrall------haliday -----------------mcrorrie---------------------- Grezda----------ejaria ----------middleton -------------morelos---lafferty---------------- Obviously won't be the team but I'm sick of the same 4-3-3 with 3 like minded central midfielders. Go out and attack them. 5-0
  13. 2-1 us, Katic anytime
  14. Yeah get that about Kent, but after Candeias n Middletons performance the other night. I think we'll need him. Agree with that. Think we're in for another poor 90 minutes to watch