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  1. -----------------------fod----------------- Polster--edmunson-helander--barasic -------docherty ---king----aribo ------- Stewart----------defoe-----------hastie Game Time for barker, mcpake and possibly Murphy to see where he's at. Actually is hastie still with us? Not heard much about him in a while
  2. No reason not to play the strongest team. Make sure of this and rest a few at the weekend
  3. Shagger - 6 not much to do Tav - 8 better as game went on driving forward Katic + goldson - 7 not really troubled, comfortable and strong when hibs has their 5/10 minutes Flanagan - 5 poorest on show today. Davis-7 kept it simple n rarely lost the ball Aribo - 7 some lovely touches, kept us on the front foot. Jack -9. Motm for me. Winning balls, passing was positive and driving forward. Jones - 8 terrorised them first half, fell out it in second Ojo - 7 has done touches of class, could be involved more. Got his goal Defoe - 9 great hat trick, could of had another couple. Alfredo - 8 immediate impact and 2 really good goals. Stewart - 6 felt he was maybe trying too hard Haliday - 6 wasn't involved too much
  4. hooooootchy

    Joe Aribo

    Aribo has everything in him to be some player, he's really impressed me in flashes with some of his play, I'm buzzing to see how he does this season. Been choking for a 15+ center mid since maybe Barry? I think he could be the man (I know Barry only did it once)
  5. Didn't always beat his man but never stopped trying. Constantly having a go at the full back (who looked a decent player tbf) winning us throws n corners up the park. Few dangerous deliveries and done brilliant for big aribos goal. Can be more than pleased with his night
  6. He's the best player in the country. We lose him we're not winning 55 this year
  7. Aye that's true. Dunno if you seen boyds interview about retiring, pretty much saying that kinda striker is dying out in the modern game.
  8. Loved wee rod. What a finisher. Don't know if I'd say underrated cos I've not really spoke to anyone who didn't rate him but maybe not remembered as highly as he should
  9. If it was a totally clean slate for everyone basing just on pre season n early qualifiers I'd say it would be katic n edmundson. Though taking everything into consideration I think it'll be goldson because he was our best ch last year and Gerrard trusts him and probly helander purely on the price as I've not seen enough. Tbh id be comfortable starting the season with any combination of the 4 and thats a good place to be
  10. Really don't get everyone writing off Jones. Always thought he was a dangerous player at killie, hasn't looked out his depth in internationals and has been ok in pre season ( and is only pre season) . The way people are going on your think he's falling over his feet, hiding from the ball n costing us goals left right and centre
  11. Played well I thought, created a lot of chances, never gave them a sniff and controlled the game. Only concern again is we need to be more clinical in front of goal. Should of won that by a few
  12. Again an easy win, dominated all the ball. We really need to start being more ruthless though . Gave them a couple sniffs when the game should be out of sight. Overall 5/10. Thought edmundson and aribo played really well. Ojo I thought was poor (everyone I spoke to in louden afterwards disagreed). Tav below standard and the rest a bit average
  13. Amazing turn out, fine atmosphere, okayish performance. Sums up my night at ibrox
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