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  1. I only watched the first half, I thought Jones was decent. Willing to run at defenders and put one on a plate for the sitter from (can't mind who). Still think it's a position we didn't need to add to but I think he can be a useful squad option
  2. Hasn't said much wrong. No need for these before every game. Whats changed in 3 days. 1 a month would be sound, pain in the arse
  3. Isn't morelos the same age as katic? Morelos both player of year and young player of the year
  4. After that game I genuinely thought we had a player on our hands. What a game he had 😂
  5. Has there been progress? Questionable
  6. hooooootchy


    Still have grezda coming back too, I know he hasn't done much so far but get him fit and a full pre season behind him going into next year then who knows
  7. Same team that started last night. Same result
  8. We're not good enough to rest players unfortunately. Strongest team when available
  9. They have 6 league games before the split including hearts away, and us and the sheep at home. Theres good opportunity for them to drop points. If we could get the points down to around 5 going into the split I'd fancy us, it'd mean we've taken something from the paedo dome and pressure would be fully on them. It's our own inconsistency that worries me though. On our day we're better than anyone in the league but we haven't been able to match their winning runs. The next couple games will be massive in how the season pans out.
  10. Open season on Rangers players. Do what you want
  11. ------------------mcgregor------------------- Tav--------goldson--worral-----barasic ---------Jack------kamara---arfield--------- Candeias--------lafferty-------------Kent Last chance for barasic to show hes our no1 left back for the rest of the season. Keep the team the same from Wed with the obvious exception of morelos. Lafferty over defoe because defoe just can't play that role, at least lafferty has a bit of presence and will put himself about. Has to take any chance that falls his way though.
  12. A bit harsh on Jack I think. I thought he had a good game. Morelos 9 Kamara 8.5 Tav candeias Jack 8 Goldson worral Kent 7 Arfield barasic 6 Fod , literally has nothing to do
  13. Hopefully arfields back, we badly lack a midfielder getting into the box without him. Him kamara and mcrorrie could give us a good balance with Jack probly out. Im split about barasic, he was as poor as anyone on Saturday but I want him to get a extended run in the team (I know performances dictate that so will have to improve fast). Candeias needs to find his form again, Hopefully grezda gets back soon, if anything else to give him competition. Maybe Kent right n Middleton left?
  14. Lafferty was the least of our problems today. I'm more concerned about defoe, Candeias, Kent and Davis doing fuck all
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