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  1. hooooootchy

    Officialdom Conspiracy

    1st one he's leaned into it and it's hit his arm, it's a pen imo. Had he not leaned towards the ball and the same contact happened I could understand if it wasn't given. 2nd one the defenders tried to cut across behind morelos to get goal side and accidently clipped his foot. Accidental or not it's still a pen, it's put him down in the box. The fact people think we're lucky because we got correct desicions in our favour says a lot about the standard the refereeing has became.
  2. hooooootchy

    Europa League rival watch

    Spartak losing 3-2 at home to arsenal tula. 15 left
  3. hooooootchy


    Ideally we're comfortable on Sunday to give him a good run out as main striker before the semi final
  4. hooooootchy

    Joe Worrall.

    I dunno about him yet. Decent enough v villareal, Really poor at livi, great game v rapid then poor again v hearts. Mixed bag.
  5. hooooootchy

    Games of two halves

    Hammered a team that were flying and unbeaten in the league in the first half. 2nd half we were still the better team, aye they scored, aye we were more complacent, but we had the better chances n were pretty comfortable.
  6. hooooootchy

    Absolute mind numbing negativity....

    "yaaass, we won, get it up ye other Rangers fans"
  7. I don't think barasic has been that bad. Maybe not the type of player I thought we'd be getting in an attacking sense but he's been decent enough and the whole defence has suffered with the changes we keep making. A settled back 4 I think he'll look a lot better, same too with goldson actually
  8. hooooootchy

    ***The Official Livingston v Rangers Match Thread***

    Last minute choice. Here's hoping 🤞
  9. hooooootchy

    ***The Official Livingston v Rangers Match Thread***

    What's the chances of a couple of tickets? Going through just now
  10. hooooootchy

    Ryan Kent

    What kind of money would it take to get him permanently?
  11. hooooootchy

    Europa League rival watch

    Vienna eventually won 5-4 on pens
  12. hooooootchy

    Europa League rival watch

    1-1 Vienna. Going to extra time
  13. hooooootchy

    Europa League rival watch

    Villareal away to bilbao tonight too in the league. 0-0, started at 7. Spartak won 1-0 away to a team, I'm not gonna embarrass myself trying to spell, in the cup
  14. hooooootchy

    Europa League rival watch

    Vienna drawing 1-1 away to mattersburg at HT in the cup
  15. hooooootchy


    For the money we spent on him, there's no way on hell we could replace him for the same. I really don't get the hatred some fans have for him