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  1. Alves v Hill

    Hill done alright but we were shocking defensively last year . This year we're not much better . Personally think alves has done ok so far . Maybe not the top class defender we hoped for . We get a a settled back four with extra protection from midfield in mcrorrie n Jack( admittedly hill didn't have that) I think he'll shine . So in summary, fuck knows who'd of been better
  2. *** The Official Rangers v Aberdeen Match Thread ***

    Probly same team as Friday . Probly same result
  3. Suprise - weir - thought he was a decent enough defender . Had a good career . Thought he'd be here 6 months to help out n that'd be it . Could never of imagined how good he'd be and how important hed become. Outstanding signing . Disappointment- Mladenovic - weird one I know but I remember getting caught up in all the 'Serbian zidane' hype and thinking we'd have a cracker on our hands. Didn't quite turn out that way
  4. Kenny Miller > Pedro Caixinha

    Miller was brilliant yesterday but do we just forget he was rotten at the start of the season , do we forget he was most likely the leak and was one who undermined the manager . What if miller doesn't like the new manager ? What if the new manager does see him good enough to start ?
  5. Best Summer Signing

    Morelos is my vote , has been great . Couple games without a goal but I have no doubts he'll start banging them in soon again . Candeias, alves n Jack next . becoming very important players in the way we want to play . Dorrans n Pena after that . Dorrans has the talent to be the best midfielder in the league hopefully as we settle more he'll prove this . Pena is a weird one . Has looked great and awful . Hererra . Hasnt had enough game time . Got us to this semi with his et performance v partick . Cardosa . After a promising start he's becoming a liability. Lucky to be starting with the emergence of mcrorrie. Dalcio . Shit John (loan) . Looks to be more than capable and could solve our left mid problem when Wallace comes back
  6. *** The Official St Johnstone vs Rangers Match Thread ***

    Hopefully Herrera starts with morelos . See if they can form a partnership, n hope holt is no where near the starting 11 . Contributes absolutely nothing
  7. Declan John

    I'm too busy with my white supremacy for proper punctuation
  8. Declan John

    That's how white people speak
  9. Declan John

    Just jealous of the guy is all
  10. Declan John

    😂😂 was hoping this wouldn't be remembered . Hes proved me wrong . Was a poor debut for the boy but he's settled in a bit more and looking the part . Keep improving n keep making me look like a dick wee man 👍
  11. *** The Official Old Firm Match Thread ***

    Mcrorrie had a decent game . Tav , I thought , played well . Sinclair is by far their biggest treat n he was kept quiet . Jack was alright considering he was doing the job of 2 . Windass worked hard n gave an outball Dorrans was shocking, I was closer to their midfield sitting in the govan front. Hodson could possibly be the worst player at the club. Cardosa was poor , panicky . Candeias didn't really do anything . It's maybe time alnwick gets a run of games . Pena done a job , I know he wasn't effective on the ball like he should be , but he sat on the Lego eating cunt n stopped him playing . Morelos worked hard n fought every ball .
  12. Declan John - Ruled out tomorrow

    Injured too 😣😣
  13. Declan John - Ruled out tomorrow

    For me that means it has to be a back 4 with hodson left back . Terrifying thought of windass left mid now , I was hoping he'd miss out but we dont really have a choice anymore
  14. *** The Official Old Firm Match Thread ***

    That first team for me (mcrorrie for alves now ) Hard working players on the wings who will defend . Undoubtedly the biggest threat from then is down either wing . Jack sitting in front of the back 4 . Let dorrans try n control the midfield n stop that Lego eating prick from strolling about . Pena trying to support morelos. Wee bit of unpredictably about him . In morelos we have a genuine goal threat again . Defence will have to have the game of their lives . We can't switch off for a minute and we need to take our chances . Very hard ask right now , but do able 2-1 Pena , morelos
  15. Our Declan

    Id want both playing . I don't trust our other left mid options to put in the defensive shift that we'll need