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  1. Best player in the league, I don't understand people wanting him to go. 30 a season strikers aren't exactly easy to come by. Wed been crying out for a real striker since jelavic. I get the argument he's went off form after Christmas and hasn't scored v the bheasts, he seems to take the flak for our drop in form or bad old firm defeats, maybe because we rely on him too much. Id rather bring in real quality help than get rid and pray we can find someone, cheap, who can replace his goals.
  2. - - - - - - - - - - - - shagger--------------------- New rb - - new cb---helander-----barasic New rw - - -Jack - - - - - aribo-------Kent ------------------hagi------------------------- --------------------morelos-------------------
  3. I get that point, but if we can't celebrate these things then the funs gone right out of football.
  4. Course we can celebrate doing well in europe, beating the bheasts and last minute winners. If we can't then we might as well chuck it
  5. Pretty much change my mind on this depending what classic game I watched last. Watched Laudrup final not long ago so Laudrup was the better player.
  6. Good riddance to all the losers released today
  7. 100% sign him, but don't play him right of a front 3.
  8. it's taken a few years but I can seperate mccoist the player and mccoist the man/manager again. Mccoist is far and away my favourite player. Gave us so many great memories. One of best strikers in europe at his peak, a real winner and loved a goal against the bheasts. Laudrup, Albertz, mols and Barry are up there. Cuellar deserves a mention. Was around that time I became too fat and unfit to play cm anymore and moved to center half and loved watching him.
  9. I don't see Gerrard changing formation, our width will come from our full backs. So it would be tav or a better version of tav I think. If we can find that or not Is a different story
  10. I agree he's not really the best at actual defending. But he's a defender, if he's not good enough in his position then we should get rid, not move him around
  11. I'm not a massive fan of tav but I don't think you can slag his goalscoring. For a right back he has a very good record
  12. Jonas thern. I remember he scored a couple belters but I can't really remember how good he was
  13. Dundee had a few mad ones, I remember ravanelli there too
  14. Big prso. Wish he could of played another couple seasons
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