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  1. I hope the fact we can make 5 subs doesn't mean we're inclined too. Those attacking options are brutal. Maybe helander aside (maybe) any change weakens us quite a bit
  2. I love the big guy. Showed touches of real class last season but no where near often enough. Massive year coming up for him, I think he'll step up
  3. "vile troll.... Gaming account..... Ivory Coast flags" no condemnation of the ira stuff. Straight into Kilmarnock fans racially abusing him. No mention of what team this racist supports
  4. I thought kamara done well, kept possession and had a good few interceptions and won possession a lot. Like so many others in the squad, has talent, need consistency. On topic, barasic played well again v a tricky winger (traore?) in their no 10. And another assist. He'll be vital in anything we want to do this season
  5. No idea the teams. Seen on fb, we went one down after 8 minutes. Bassey header just before ht to equalise. Then buff penalty in second half after raft of changes
  6. 'We shouldn't have a Poty the year because we were so bad after Christmas' Fuck off Buff n aribo
  7. Barcas come back v psg. Depor hammering a quality Milan side 4-0 after losing the first leg 4-1
  8. I'm not a fan. Looks like kinda wallpaper I would of had about 8 Yr old
  9. Says more about kamara and Davis than mcrorrie
  10. I'm not sure on kamberi. Ideally I'd want a striker to challenge alfredo and push defoe to 3rd choice. But for 150k and low wage it'll be low risk. If it happens I won't be too excited and if it didn't happen I won't be too gutted
  11. Think he started 3 games before his injury
  12. Could be a very good team. Koulibaly constantly linked with a move to england could make that defence pretty strong. Wonder if they'll stick with kepa as no1 and hope for a de gea type turnaround
  13. Loved Wallace, wasn't the biggest, strongest, fastest but was an intelligent player, knew where the space was and knew how to finish. As far as comparison, maybe a bit like defoe?
  14. Exactly right, we can rely on buff to get 30 a year but before Christmas, if Kent could hit double figures I'd be surprised, and right wing I don't even know who it is. Arfield? Aribo(who I rate as an am)? Ojo? Maybe double figures between them. If it's down to me -----------------mcgregor----------------- Tav-------katic---------helander------borna ---------------jack-----new cm-------------- New rw-----------hagi---------------Kent ---------------------buff------------------------ Ideally new rb but we have bigger concerns than the defence. I've probly put a totally different team before, probly in this thread, but fuck it
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