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  1. According to my score app he was brought on after 22 mind cos zapata got injured
  2. Katic has been good but I think it's unfair on helander to judge him purely in that livi game. Katic and goldson struggled badly v livis physicality a couple weeks before. Probly what gave helander his chance in the first place
  3. I reckon we tried a couple things on Saturday like edmunson in mf and Alfredo and defoe together, because it was such an easy game and they were never getting back into it, a wee experiment to see if itd work. I'd be suprised to see it tonight
  4. ----------------mcgregor--------------- Tav------goldson--helander----barasic ---------jack------Davis---kamara------- Arfield----------morelos----------ojo What I think the team will be, not what I think it should be. Reckon helander will play after a couple games out, after impressing v feyenoord. Seems to be the starting 3 in midfield. Ojo for his pace down the left. 1-2 Alfredo and tav
  5. -----------------mcgregor----------------- Tav---------goldson---katic---------barasic -----------Jack-----davis----arfield---------- ---stewart---------morelos---------ojo----
  6. Whole defence bar borna was shocking. What a turn around
  7. Teams will make a point to play a big cunt cf and bully us after how easy that was tonight
  8. Suprised by that, especially mcgregor. Not that I'm complaining though
  9. I don't know, maybe thought we'd be comfortable earlier on and he could of rested goldson for edmunson. Obviously no one really knows what's going on yet, Im just not jumping to. he must of upset someone or felll out with someone
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