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  1. Out?: Alfredo Morelos

    Think he's a fantastic player and that age he's only gonna get better. Really don't understand people questioning his attitude. Raging when he misses, has no support and we're losing.only happy when scoring goals. Isn't that what we all want?
  2. Liam Lindsay (Barnsley)

    We were linked with him at Partick n he looked decent but I can't picture Gerrard having any idea who he is
  3. Permanent Deal for Murphy

    Happy with this. Shown he can be a very effective player in this league. Has to produce v the scum next season though, he was decent in the 2-3 game but woeful the next couple. A good solid left back and more attacking options and I think he'll shine
  4. Ryan Jack fitness

    Aye that's what gave me the thought. Id hope we have better options in midfield next season, but I do think he could do a job in the squad
  5. Ryan Jack fitness

    Could he be re trained as a right back?
  6. Steven Gerrard MBE - New Manager

    Just watching sky. the reporters outside ibrox, the fans starting to turn up. Cutting to press conferences from the prem clubs all talking about us. Can really feel the excitement growing
  7. I’d genuinely play the youths from now on

    Like the idea in sentiment . Ditch the shitebags n play the youngsters who've been brilliant against some top European teams at that age . In practice though . They're young boys still developing. Bringing them into this toxic angry atmosphere would likely break a few of them .
  8. Allan McGregor (Hull)

    One of the traitors who shouldn't be allowed back . Is he better than Wes ? 100% but it doesnt have to be a straight choice between the 2 . I don't want either for different reasons
  9. ***Official Rangers v Taigs Thread***

    Dunno if the it's the rum talking but Im feeling good about this . 3-1 . Murphy running the show
  10. Bates is off

    Another one who didn't realise how lucky he was . He'll never play with a club like ours again . Enjoy Dunfermline or the likes in a couple years big man 👍
  11. ***Official Rangers v Taigs Thread***

    ----------------------fod---------- Tav -------martin---alves-------john ----docherty---mcrorie -dorrans---- Candeias--------------------------murphy --------------------morelos---------------------
  12. Any tickets

    Looking for a few tickets for the Scottish national 21st April. Any help would be appreciated
  13. Goss

    Love this type of player . Just strolled it , was spraying the ball around for fun
  14. Greg Docherty

    First half he was excellent , his pass through for windass was pure class . Second half as the game ran out of steam he wasn't involved too much and a few times could see him getting frustrated with himself for poor passes . Decent game overall for him
  15. Greg Docherty

    Thought he was very poor after watching the game live . But after watching it back i was maybe a bit harsh . Done more good than bad . A solid 6/10 . Lets see him kick on from here