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  1. Trying not to look at this as an 'if my auntie had baws... ' point. Why are we only" 80 minute champions "? Is it mental toughness that's been mentioned, is it lack of experience and of players who have won leagues. Is it over confidence thinking we can see out games with a goal lead, is it failure to take our chances when dominating and not killing off teams? Probly a bit of it all. I think Gerrard did try and rectify some of this, Davis coming back, a proven winner, experienced former captain. Defoe a clinical striker to help kill off games. It seems to me hes learning and I'm feeling good about us being 90 minute champions next year
  2. hooooootchy


    He's rapid off the ball, chasing things down. On the ball is a different story
  3. hooooootchy


    Aye its a strange one
  4. hooooootchy


    Seen on skysports saying he's agreed a 3 year deal. Not official yet
  5. I would love to keep him another season, he's the best player in the league and the markets we shop in it would be extremely difficult to replace. I think Kents a great player but the idea of punting morelos so we can pay 5-6 million for Kent is crazy to me.
  6. hooooootchy


    Today showed how important he has become, and maybe shows the level haliday and Jack are really at. (I know kamara was as poor as the others but he's shown he can be an important player).
  7. hooooootchy


    Jones, Candeias, Middleton, Murphy, hastie, Stewart, grezda. As it stands they'll be the ones fighting for the same roles wide of the front man. I don't think any are good enough to start. Murphy and possibly Jones/stewart on the bench with loans for Middleton n hastie. Grezda can get to fuck. Candeias can leave and I'll wish him well. Hopefully get Kent back and anthother quality attacking player to go straight in to the first team
  8. -----------------wes---------------- Tav-----worral--katic----barasic --coulibaly--Davis -mcrorrie--- --------------------Kent--------------- ------------defoe------morelos------ Loans ending, possible players last match. Nothing game. Some youngsters coming off the bench
  9. Strongest team, win the remaining games. Give wallace or youths game time I we're comfortable
  10. Could tell he was gutted at the 2nd pen, was amazing
  11. I only watched the first half, I thought Jones was decent. Willing to run at defenders and put one on a plate for the sitter from (can't mind who). Still think it's a position we didn't need to add to but I think he can be a useful squad option
  12. Hasn't said much wrong. No need for these before every game. Whats changed in 3 days. 1 a month would be sound, pain in the arse
  13. Isn't morelos the same age as katic? Morelos both player of year and young player of the year
  14. After that game I genuinely thought we had a player on our hands. What a game he had 😂
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