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  1. Just knew this would happen. Another sack Pedro thread. FFS. We were playing great football a goal up in three minutes a bit of luck would have seen us two up after twelve. Then we got sucked in by shite faces tactics, put in the aggro, and we reacted . The red card was a joke. Yes I'm blaming the ref for his decision it was horrific as was a lot of his other ones. Lennon was always going to bait us by turning on the physical side and we should have known it.
  2. Wee boys no idea about reality. Three out of the four predicting a Dunfermline win. Big bad Rangers fans scaring the fuck out of them.
  3. Miller may be getting old but he still the most consistent striker we have at the moment. I hope Morelos will develop into into a star, he did well tonight and we do need to find a replacement for Kenny. But anyone who thinks he is not worth his place in the team at this time is daft.
  4. Foderinghams lack of ability to control his 6 yard box is his biggest weakness. He makes some spectacular saves but lets himself down on balls coming into a crowded penalty area. In saying that our fullbacks Wallace, Hodson, Tav need to do more stopping the crosses coming in. Thought Windass had a good first half in attack but woeful in defence, disappeared in the second half.
  5. Fods Tavernier Alves Cardosa Wallace Jack Candieas Pena Kranjcar Morelos Herrera If that team can't beat Motherwell the we are in trouble.
  6. Must feel better to get that off your chest.
  7. Great statement by this group again. All Rangers fans should be aware that there will be haters at this game in Sheffield with cameras at the ready, looking for anything that can be sensationalized into a bad story for our club. Unfortunately regardless whether our fans are involved or not, any trouble that happens in Sheffield over the weekend will be attributed to our fans by some sections of the Scottish mhedia.
  8. How much of the pre season games have you watched? His ability to read the game and deliver the ball to feet or into the space is sublime.
  9. Who seriously gives a tuppenny fuck what some scum loving prick writes. Obviously hurting over UEFA fining them again over their latest offence at the Linfield game and warning them if they re offend they will be banned.
  10. First up, his game commentary was spot on. The few times he has been on as a guest he has called it down the middle. Second his comment re Dorrans booking was correct. Thompson is a shite. Third when he played for us he was a no nonsense type of midfielder we would have crawled over broken glass to sign over the last five years. Maybe not the flair of Niko but the opposition knew he was there all game.
  11. Same thoughts as most on here, good strong target man. Will score lots in the SPFL.
  12. Dry yer eyes Baz. Good player when he could be bothered but clearly that wasn't often.
  13. Klos Gough Caldow Baxter Laudrup Brand Gio Grieg R deBoer Henderson
  14. Good post OP. Sets the whole thing out exactly. All the clubs mentioned said they didn't need Rangers, that their supporters would come out and support their clubs. Five years on we know that to be a fairy tale it didn't happen. How many of them now are on the bones of their arses, most of them.
  15. How many more of these stupid threads are going to appear before the season even starts? Positives --- Well he has brought in a new set of players who we all hope will do the job. Most of whom we have never heard of, but does that really matter, lets wait until at least the first half dozen games before we hit the panic button. There are some on here would not be happy unless we had Mourhino or someone of a similar level as manager and we were signing Ronaldo etc. Wake up FFS we are not in that market, we got what we can afford at this stage of our rebuilding.