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  1. All the very best Scott, you can beat this.
  2. Loved Andy's committment to the club, he is a bluenose and I wish him every success in whatever he does.
  3. The main problem with this present squad is mentality. We went to Parkhead and won, played them off the park, then we go on a break to Dubai and come back a totally different squad in the worst possible way. Losses to Hearts, Killie, draw with St Johnstone, loss to Hamilton who we had previously beaten 4 - 0. Same squad yet in the middle of the losses we beat Braga home and away. So why? We have a squad that pound for pound is better than 90% of the players in the SPFL yet we have lost crucial games that we should have won at a canter after the winter break the last two seasons WHY ? It has to come down to mentality, they cannot handle the pressure of being in a winning position and its not just one or two players it was the majority. Other than selling the lot of them and buying known pressure players, which we can't afford, what is the answer. celtic have a mediocre squad apart from a couple of stars yet they have the winning mentality, they grind out results even when they are playing rubbish. So what are they doing that we are not. Have they got better sports psychologists than us, do we have sports psychologists because something is missing.
  4. The motto of Kirkintilloch is " Ca canny but ca awa " is one my father used on many occasions and we as support need to accept that while it seems so many things are against us, we shall emerge stronger.
  5. His offer to fund a fully independent inquiry into the SPFL must be making a few sphincters to quiver at Hampden. One of the sticking points being thrown up by those against an enquiry is the cost to clubs in the present financial situation. There you go fixed. Now lets see who is serious.
  6. A lot of reasonable questions on what appears to be at the minimum very poor executive board decisions. Seems like there was and is a lot of smoke being blown up peoples arses by by SPFL board members who have a lot to hide. Plus the usual biased pundits dismissing Rangers claims as having no substance. If they have no substance then there should be no problem with a truly independent investigation into the whole affair. This would either back up Rangers or discredit them as whingers.
  7. Agree that the team don't adapt to change well at all and as I stated they have to be able to adapt to different teams. There are teams that 3-5-2 works well against but you need players that can play in different shapes and it seems that at the moment we don't. 4-3-3 seems to be the setup they are most comfortable with and it works with teams that sit off us and allow us to play e.g. Europe but in the more physical SPFL a 3-5-2 I think would work better but we are not in control and until we become far more financial Gerrard and the current squad is where we are.
  8. Bottom of the table Hearts 2 Rangers 1 Hamilton 1 Rangers 0 against a team we had humped 4-1 in the cup two weeks before. Maybe not so much how they played but how much we allowed them to play.
  9. Another sack the manager thread. To bring in who? Given the players we currently have in the whole squad who do you think would perform better under any manager you care to mention. Old saying " you can't make a silk purse out of a sows ear " Gerrard was not on the park passing the ball continuously to opposition players since the break. You can only coach and drill players so much then its down to them and their desire to win. Tactics mean fuck all if the opposition doesn't play the way you anticipate. It comes down to adaptability and our current squad haven't read that chapter of the book. We can't have just one or two players off their game at any one time, we seem to have the lot of them. Until we get someone with deep pockets to back us and lash out millions on top drawer players we have to go slowly one step at a time. So for fucks sake get off his back.
  10. I was lucky enough to see Baxter and Laudrup play at Ibrox, sublime players. Baxter was a genius but in a different era. Laudrup for me is the best player to ever wear the famous shirt. His body language that could make a defender believe he was going right but he was always going left, his speed and acceleration in going past defenders just left so many good defenders and thugs in his wake.
  11. Obviously didn't know the history of it. Would have no doubt been bombarded with offended fenians afterwards.
  12. Laudrup for me was majestic he glided down the sideline with the ball on a string. Left a lot of good defenders in his wake and made the cloggers look stupid. Gazza was a different talent cheeky, irreverent loved taking the piss out of defenders tremendous feet.
  13. Rangers players and staff = Class.
  14. What else wouldhe say prick.
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