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  1. Good promising debut from an eighteen year old. Solid at the back good pace and some good crosses into the box. Well done young man.
  2. Never thought they were that thin skinned, poor babies. They are having a massive meltdown because this season we have the beating of them and they know it. Look out if we win our game in hand and they either lose or draw a game in the run in. There will be mass suicides and wife and wean beatings.
  3. Happy New Year to all Rangers fans everywhere and to the moderaters at Rangers Media for all their great work during the year.
  4. Great statement by C1872 highlights what we have all known for years. Hopefully they will dig up the necessary evidence and present it to the press standards people nad also to the police. Then lets see how unbiased the press and the law is in Scotland.
  5. Having just read all this in the daily retard I think its really wonderful comments from anyone who has ever had anything to do with celtic and some who just hate Rangers. All crying about something from Kent and Morelos' gestures to SG 's handshake. Not a word about being outplayed over two games, an offside goal, a goal from a handball a penalty from something that happens in every 18 yard box in every game throughout Europe. Nothing about their 12th man and his biased decisions, only big bad Rangers. Away tae fuck you bunch of weans.
  6. Quality, quality he has come on this season. Best full back in the country.
  7. The very fact they demonise him, scrutinise every tackle, move looking for any fault means only one thing. They are afraid of him and us.
  8. Yes smart arse he has played mostly for us on the left but he is a natural right footer as is seen the number of times when running down the left he had to cut back inside to get the ball on his preferred right foot. That is why I said as Kent will be the better option on the left he could play on the right.
  9. I think we should keep him he is a good option for right wing.
  10. Its the lack of consistency that is the problem. If the law states clearly that any show of that nature is a yellow card then apply it across the board not just as the OP has shown it only applies to Rangers.
  11. bluenose48


    Can't blame the ref for our failure to beat Foster he had the game of his life. We should have been 2 or three up by half time.
  12. That back four were absolute shit tonight. Why Flanagan was there instead of Halliday I don't know. Helander is too slow and against celtic he will be a bombscare, hopefully Barasic will be fit for Sunday and we should play Emundson alongside him.
  13. Panic has set in on RM again. Nobody is denying we should have won last night but a draw against Aberdeen at Pittodrie is not the end of the World. I predict we will win on Sunday and there will be a lovefest again.
  14. Spot on I think that pairing is worth a try. Helander is ok as long as they are coming to him but smart attackers just knock it past him and run over him he runs like he is dragging a bag of cement behind him. Goldson is similar if he is given time he is great but if he gets more than one attacker at him he seems to panic.
  15. To quote the boss, one game at a time,but we need to beat Hearts today and well to give us the belief and momentum going to Pittodrie. Win that one then I think we will win the cup.
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