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  1. KM would love to play upfront and he would score goals. That is if we had a midfield who could string two passes together to our players and feed the strikers. Unfortunately we don't, that's why he gets back in defence and the midfield to try and get those lazy useless bastards to do something.
  2. Wes

    Think he is a great shot stopper. He has saved our arse on numerous occasions this season. My only criticism would be he doesn't take charge of his area on corners, free kicks etc. Would like to see him come out more and take the ball off the heads of everyone. Don't know if that's just him or what successive coaches want him to do.
  3. Here we go again, it seems like only yesterday we were singing the magic hat. Then it all turned sour. Same posts on here, no plan B, no tactical sense, sets the team up wrong. All of us would have preferred de Boer but it didn't work out for whatever reason. Now Pedro is the bogey man, same complaints same answers. Solutions -------- None. Because he is playing with someone elses clubs ( golfers will understand ). The clubs don't fit him or his style so the game is rubbish. Lets see what he does next season with his own clubs. Before we hang him out to dry.
  4. Regardless of whether the OP is a fud or a comedian he is right about zonal marking. Basic defending 1:01 stay between your man and the goal and don't allow him any space.
  5. No don't want him back. He was a good player for us but too injury prone. He's getting older and those knees won't handle the pressure for long.
  6. Sorry to see the bright lights and big money got to you Billy. Hope you fare better than so many other Scottish youngsters who have fallen for the same lures. Best of luck to you lad.
  7. Bye Phillipe.
  8. Sorry to see him go although it was always on the cards. A real step up in ability to most of the dross he had to play with. Good luck for your future young man.
  9. Thank you for your service Clint. You will be remembered as one of the few signings to have earned your wage. All the very best with whatever you choose to do next.
  10. One of our own writing for that rag can only be a positive step. At least your bias will be slanted for us rather than against us. My question is how the fuck did you pass the interview process?
  11. Good read, my feelings apart from the part that states King is a Rangers fan. He is a businessman. The only reason he wanted to own us was to recoup the 20 mil he invested with SDM and never got the return on. He is now slowly getting that money back. When he has he will sell us to the highest bidder.
  12. I am a 69 year old Rangers supporter. I have supported my club since I was 10 years old. With this timescale I have been fortunate enough to witness some of the great Rangers teams over the years. Great players such as Jim Baxter, Eric Caldow and the rest of the Scot Symon team of the sixties. I have delighted in the artistry of Brian Laudrup, Paul Gascoigne and Ally McCoist. I have also seen the bad years when we were nowhere in the Division one. I watched with great sadness as events unfolded in 2012, how could this be happening to my team? How was it allowed to happen? Yet we the fans still turned up in the thousands at Ibrox and sold out our ticket allocation to tiny stadiums all over Scotland during our time in the lower divisions. We, the fans of this great club, balanced the books of so many small clubs in Scotland for years to come, because we love our team. This season saw a record number of season ticket books sold, we have seen Ibrox packed so many times with fans, like me, who live for this club. Yet for the last five years we have been duped by charlatans of all descriptions. Some have sold our club for one pound, another bought it for one pound under the pretence he was a multi millionaire. We were then subjected to a pissing contest by supposed millionaire businessmen from all corners of the globe. We were subjected to derision and abuse from all corners, the Scottish media came to feed like jackals on our carcass, fans of other clubs delighted in our demise screaming like banshee's at every piece of bad news. Yet we kept following. Now I don't, nor claim to, speak for all Rangers fans but I believe this morning there are thousands waking up in disbelief at what we have witnessed over the last two matches against Celtic, a complete capitulation to our greatest rivals a disgrace to the memory of the history of our club. Again come Monday morning fans will be subjected to torment, abuse and derision at their workplaces because we are Rangers supporters. We were reportedly promised, by our Chairman, various sums of money to make us competitive in the premier league this season. A very small percentage of this money has been seen, especially in the transfer market. Yet the season ticket money and various sponsor deals have realized millions of pounds. We will be expected to blindly turn out in our thousands to purchase season books for next season on probably the same empty promises of more money for players, better players, competitive players. Are we such a toxic brand now that we are unable to attract investors willing to put real money into the club? Or perhaps a new owner? We the fans have been the only constant over the last five years, we have poured millions of pounds into the club, the only return we have received is, our club is still alive. We don't invest for profit unlike the businessmen, we invest our hard earned pounds, at times, ill afforded, because we love our club, it is our life our passion. We deserve better, much, much better.
  13. Voted yes as I am always positive about the future.
  14. I think Pedro is assessing who he wants to keep for next season, those he thinks will fit into his style of play. The others will be sold if possible or left out in the cold until they get fed up and leave. He will have a good idea of who he would like to bring in for next season.Those he chooses to keep from the present squad, he feels, will gel with those he wants to bring in.
  15. Well deserved one of the very few players who understand what it means to be a Rangers player. Sure he has off day's but he still works his arse off for 90 minutes.