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  1. bluenose48

    Ovie Ejaria

    Both Ejaria and Middleton are a breath of fresh air. Their movement off the ball and Middletons pace will cause plenty of SPL teams trouble. But as SG says they are both young and need nurturing. Hopefully Sadiq proves a proper striker because Morelos again proved he cannot score with the head or his feet. Windass had one effort all match needs to be benched and Middleton given his spot.
  2. bluenose48

    14 Minutes

    Yes he did. Did you watch the game??? Admittedly he only came up to his chest but the forward movement of his head was there.
  3. bluenose48

    14 Minutes

    Fans are entitled to have a go if the team is not playing to their expectations. Should have had a microphone in my lounge room when that diddy Morelos missed some sitters then tried to stick the nut on the big defender. As for that numptie Windass how do you not at least hit the target from inside the six yard box when the ball is put right on yer nut, yet he can manage to put it over the bar.
  4. bluenose48


    Interesting comment, there was a player on the field that looked like Murphy, wearing his number 7 shirt who was beating players all night and scored a goal. Young Middleton has all the hallmarks of being a good player, solid build doesn't get knocked off the ball, can beat defenders and puts in good crosses. But will need more time to develop.
  5. bluenose48

    Our club; our colours; our cause: is it too late?

    Yes there have been people queuing up to have a kick at us while we were down. Other wee shitey teams, the media and some politicians. But we have not helped ourselves, our management have crawled away like cowed dogs when we are challenged. They have signed second (maybe even third rate) managers and players hoping to challenge septic for trophies on the cheap. The only constant has been the support that fill Ibrox and other grounds every week. This season is promising to be a lot better, we hope. Winning games is the only way we can put these bastards back in their cages. When we are back fortress Ibrox and winning with style against the lesser lights in the SPFL then we will regain the respect we lost.
  6. bluenose48

    How long have you supported the Rangers?

    Since 1958. First time at Ibrox was with my uncle. We played Dundee pretty sure it was in 1961.
  7. bluenose48

    Greg Docherty

    Docherty has the makings of a good midfielder. Too many on here writing people off before the season's even started. An old adage say's if you play with shite long enough not only will you smell like it but you will start to look like it.
  8. bluenose48

    Gerrard keeping Wallace

    There is a big difference between youth team and premier league and he wasn't up to it.
  9. bluenose48

    Gerrard keeping Wallace

    Murty was a good youth team coach, end of. He was thrown in at the deep end by the board ecause they had done nothing to recruit a new manager. He was out of his depth from day one on team setup and tactics and yes if Wallace did have a go at him he was entitled to as team captain.
  10. bluenose48

    Gerrard keeping Wallace

    A lot will depend on the defence formation 3 or 4 in the back. If three Wallace will be a bench warmer and so will John. If four John will play LB and Wallace will be a sub, but a sub worth keeping. None of us no what was actually said or to whom in that bust up and until we do Wallace would be a good squad player.
  11. bluenose48

    what do we still need?

    We should have the centre of defence sorted now. Next we need a proper striker that knows where the goals are and can crack them from 25 yds as well as inside the 6 yd box. Something we have missed for a while. We have McCrorie as cdm and Rossiter as his back up. Arfield, Dorrans, Docherty and Ejaria are supposed to be the attacking midfield. Jack and Windass as backup in there. Candeias and Murphy on the flanks and as I said a proper striker in the middle and Morelos as backup unless we get offered good money for him. I don't know where the money has come from to get the six that we have got in so far. So we need to unload all of the dross we have sitting on the books before we can even think about adding any more.
  12. bluenose48

    Welcome to Rangers Ovie Ejaria

    You're right no one has labelled him a failure at Rangers as yet. However some yourself included have raised doubt as to his suitability to the SPFL when he has not had a chance to prove himself either way. I am not as you claim trying to shut down debate over a players ability, merely stating my opinion based on the fact that Gerrard thinks he may be able to improve our squad for next season and I would value Gerrards opinion slightly above any on here. That is my honest opinion and I don't care whether you like it or not.
  13. bluenose48

    Welcome to Rangers Ovie Ejaria

    I know we have had some fairly sub standard loans in the last couple of seasons but lets give this lad a chance before we label him a failure.
  14. bluenose48

    Over 30 or Under 20 .. good or bad?

    Any sucessful club has a blend of ages all depends on the player and where they have played. Over thirty is fine as long as they are fit and their legs have not gone. Usually for DM or centre backs because their experience in reading the game is invaluable and they have usually learned enough not to be bullied by opposition hard men. You also need youth with energy and stamina as attacking mids, fullbacks and wingers in the modern game. Hopefully if we sign Goldson we also get someone slightly older to pair with him in the middle of defence.
  15. bluenose48

    GERRARD, THE NEXT 3 SEASONS - What would you take?

    A good European run, at least one cup and a very close second in the league the first year. Second year the league title another good run in Europe and see these fenian bastards greetin.