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  1. bluenose48

    Pena returning is it a 👍 or 👎

    No , fat ,lazy useless footballer. Had his chance to show what he had before and did nothing.
  2. bluenose48

    1955 and Now

    Apathy is the cause of most of the Worlds problems. We allowed the bleeding hearts and the PC brigade to control what was printed then said and now they would control our thoughts if they could.
  3. bluenose48

    Lack of winners?

    Reading all the comments on this topic is like a night at the comedy store. A new team, a new manager trying to gel in the red hot atmosphere of Ibrox and European competition. Yes some of the players are not up to the standard but we have not got the money to compete for the name players. The last time we did that got us into the shit we are in now. First loss in a european campaign, the best we have done since 2008, yet its all doom and gloom. Sack the manager and get who? Sack half the team and replace them with who? Money is the common factor and we don't have any. We may if we qualify for the knockout phase of the euro cup get the best cash injection we have had for 10 years. We are third in the league with a game in hand five points off the lead, four behind the scum not really that bad. Yes we have had some bad results and some players are not up to standard such as Sadiq and Flanagan but we are in better shape than we have been for years.
  4. bluenose48

    4 January Signings Wanted

    Leeds Bear is spot on. A good quality number 10 should be priority, we have two strikers that given the right passes will score.
  5. bluenose48

    Candeias Red Card

    Gollum is a disgrace, should be sentto the lower divisions for the rest of the season for that display. Not only Candeias red but for some of the biased decisions he made whole game. When since is a challenge through the back only a free kick for any one but Rangers. Really pissed off at the lack of protection our players get from scottish referees. All it does is encourage the hammer throwers.
  6. bluenose48

    Barry Ferguson

    Lennon deliberately winds opposition fans up, he has done it to us more than once. But to assault him in any form only gets him the publicity and sympathy he craves. The guy is a moron, but he continually plays the victim card and the moron who threw the coin at him deserves everything that's coming to him.
  7. So many on here saying the domestic comps are more important than Europe, why? If we make it to the knockout stage it gives us money to spend in the January window, regardless of the loss posted. Gerrard was signed for four years and at least deserves two before the noose comes out. IMO we need a quality number 10, we don't have one at present that can unlock stacked defences as per Moscow, Aberdeen and killie. Other teams in the spfl have improved this year not just us and they set up to frustrate us because of our style of passing and movement then hit us on the counter. I think from his comments SG agrees we don't have the quality in the final third, we are predictable, knock it around then get it out wide and either try to cross it in or play our way into the box. Too easy to defend against, We need players who can mix it up, shoot from outside the 18 yard box with accuracy or go through the middle and shoot.
  8. bluenose48

    Europa Group G Table

    The negative pish on here is unbelievable. Yep we could have beaten them and no we didn't play as well as we should have. But cast your minds back to when Gerard was appointed all the doom and gloom merchants were in full flight. They were here again when the Europa cup qualifiers started but we managed to get through that. Then when the draw was made for the groups even more wailing and gnashing of teeth. Now here we are three games in, three to go sitting on top of the group and they're at it again. Even if we don't qualify, the manager, the team, the play is so far ahead of where we have been for the last five years its like day and night. If you gave some on here a bar of gold they would complain it was too heavy to carry.
  9. bluenose48

    Gascoigne Bites Back

    A great comeback from a great player. He is in the only Hall of Fame that matters. We will always love you Gazza.
  10. bluenose48

    Are we on the verge of finding our best 11?

    I think it's fantastic to see a post like this, well done OP. A discussion on who our best eleven is, no one being slagged off for their opinion just positive comment. The squad that has been selected is fantastic and will be rotated depending on opponents or injury. What a fantastic turn around in twelve months.
  11. bluenose48

    Edmiston Drive

    Sorry to hear that news, its a shite of a disease. All the very best ED.
  12. bluenose48

    Kris Boyd fat walloper

    Some people on here have very short memories, they love to bag any ex player who dares to criticise any of the current players. Threads on here bagging Kris Boyd because he has a go at Morelos, tearing Kenny Miller apart because he played for them. Forget all the fantastic goals they scored for us over their best years. Yes both were past it in their final stints with us but they still scored some fantastic goals as a pairing up front. Morelos has been slagged off on here for his inability to score simple tap ins not just once but quite a few.
  13. bluenose48

    Your lifetime Rangers squad

    Showing my age here a bit. Goram Klos McGregor Amoruso Caldow Gough Weir Shearer Papac Numan Laudrup Henderson Greig Gascoigne Albertz Baxter R deBoer Cooper McCoist J Millar Brand Stein
  14. bluenose48

    We have came a long way in a short time

    The priority this season is to start the long road back to where we belong. It has started by employing a manager that everyone knows and respects. he has brought a first quality management team with him. He has signed 14 new players of a far better quality than we have had for six years. He has offoaded most of the dross that were on our books. We have qualified for the group stages of the Europa league, which has brought 10 million pounds into our coffers. Six games against good European opposition which will bring in more money. Yes domestically we have been slow to start, its only September, if we are still in this position at Christmas then maybe there is room for panic. Some on here expect miracles. Get a grip FFS.
  15. bluenose48

    Never winning the title this season

    We were really panicking in the first half, lumping long balls down to nobody. Midfield were overrun. Second half better but still no end product. The team and Gerrard will learn from that and after all its only September.