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  1. Ashley

    Just saw on BBC news this morning in Australia. Newcastle United board have announced owner Mike Ashley has put them up for sale. Could this have any ramifications for us?
  2. Nacho Novo

    Geez Oz I noticed you had been a bit quiet recently. As so many on here have said watching Rangers these day's should carry a health warning like the fags. Hope you are feeling well enough to watch against St Johnstone. Take care pal.
  3. If you won the lottery...

    Buy the majority shareholding. Give King and Mini a shove down the marble staircase. Convince some real money men to invest by putting my money where my mouth is. Fix Ibrox, make it a stadium worthy of the best club in the World. Then hire a board that knew what Rangers stands for. Buy some players and a manager to take us back to the top in Scotland and make an impact in Europe. Aw shit my missus just woke me up and told me to take out the garbage. Back to reality.
  4. Boyd

    Nobody cares what Kris Boyd says or thinks. Is he not a striker for the team sitting on the bottom of the table? If KM has done what the rumour mill is churning out, then he has got what he deserves, dropped. The number of posters on this thread and others slagging off Kenny have very short memories. Rack your tiny brains and remember the number of match saving goals he has scored for us over the years. He has been a great servant for us and does not deserve some of the comments. Ok his best day's are past and I agree he does not rate a starting jersey any more but some of the others would not get to carry the drinks in Rangers teams of the past either, but we have got what we have got, deal with it.
  5. Windass

    Windass is a lazy player. He has got speed and some nice touches but goes missing in defence 90% of the time. Pena seemed to be at another game yesterday. Not fit, lazy not a lot of ability. Herrera has lead boots just can't get off the ground and slow.
  6. Why are our youth teams filled with tarriers?

    Fuck off you idiot you know nothing about me.
  7. Why are our youth teams filled with tarriers?

    Tarrier / Catholic always thought they were one and the same thing.
  8. Why are our youth teams filled with tarriers?

    So if you are a Rangers player at any level you are not allowed to to be friends with or associate with any known catholic. FFS.
  9. Remove The Cancer

    Simply one of the best from VB.
  10. Fight Fire With Fire

    Good article by VB but I will be very surprised if any mainstream media outlet in the UK show any interest in it. The press have had enough of stories about child abuse because too many of them would be found complicit in the cover up. From the catholic church to Jimmy Saville paedo's are rampant in high places and the media is too scared to dig any deeper in case the genie gets out of the bottle and they can't get the stopper back in.
  11. Sad news -- Bear passing

    RIP Jocky.
  12. "The Fans Will Be Happy. The Fans Will Be Very Happy."

    Anyone who has followed Rangers for more than 10 minutes. We have brought in a solid central defence, something we haven't had for about 5 years. We have now got two solid midfielders in Jack and Dorrans again something we have been missing for the same period. So don't tell me the squad is not stronger. Yes it may need a bit more time to really gel but some of the play I've watched has been really positive.
  13. Ronald De Boer Speaks Rangers

    To quote an old song title "Those were the Days "
  14. Not sure how I feel about this

    I agree with Del. I expected to beat Hearts easily, but we didn't. We controlled the game were apart from one attempt under no real pressure from their attack. We missed a couple of real chances but for the most of the game didn't really put their keeper under any real threat. What this say's to me is we do not have any quality finishers. Miller has his moments, scores some spectacular goals but misses some sitters. Morelos runs around a lot scored a couple but not a predator like Boyd was or McCoist. He is rarely in position for some of the crosses that Candeias puts over. I thought Herrera may have been the right man but so far disappointing. The less said about Dalcio the better. Maybe Dodoo up front with either of the three previously mentioned might be the answer. Anyway you look at it we need a quality striker and we haven't got one. Defence looks solid, midfield is strong, but if you can't score goals you are always open to a runaway goal from the opposition, no matter how shite they may be.
  15. Will the board speak now

    Voted no as we got the right result.