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  1. A Spine

    What we need is a proven goalscorer, a poacher like McCoist was, like Boyd was in his day. Our present lot get the ball into the last third then fanny about, passing back and sideways until a pass goes astray. Have a shot at goal from the 18 yard box FFS, mix it up, that way the defence is not sure which way the attack is coming. The way we are at the moment opposition teams just stack the box knowing either we will stuff up or a defender will get a foot in and the chance is lost.
  2. maybe not the most popular of opinions however.

    So you think a bit of TLC is what is needed. Come over here son and cry on my shoulder, don't worry about those bad supporters. After all they are only the ones who have poured millions of pounds into this club over the years. Some of them have ridiculously unrealistic expectations of you. They want you to put in a real shift every game, you know 100% what a quaint idea.
  3. maybe not the most popular of opinions however.

    Unless there are significant changes in ownership, the board, the manager and sponsorship or a new owner with real money. We will be in the same position as we are now for the foreseeable future.
  4. They need to spend the next week at training learning how to pass the ball to a Rangers player. The number of passes that went straight to an opposition player in the last three games is ridiculous. We put the defence under pressure all the time. The number of little flick passes to fresh air is terrible " Oh I thought you were there " doesn't cut it at this level.
  5. I think Murty could be a good prospect. The old adage of a good manager " Speak softly, but carry a big stick ".
  6. Let’s End The Uncertainty

    Listening to his interview after the game. He said what most fans saw and would have said as well. Unlike our last few managers who would have tried to have put some sort of positive spin on what was essentially a very poor performance. We were lucky end of. Really piss poor passing, slow to react to their attack. Saved by the post twice by a blind linesman and Fod.
  7. "Just now"

    Stay strong mate. Positive attitude will win out in the end.
  8. Who are our best ( outfield) 3 players at the moment

    Alves, McRorie and Jack and on recent form Danny Wilson has been solid.
  9. Not bad considering

    Been a big fan of Miller but even I have to admit he has been rank in the last couple of games. His first touch is abysmal. Pena should not even be in the squad he is even slower than me and I'm 70. I think he's as fit as he'll get. So no amount of extra training is going to make him any better.
  10. He may not have an extensive managerial career but anyone who could motivate our squad the way he has done for the last two games will do me.
  11. Ange Pestecoglou

    At least they qualified for the World Cup.
  12. Bruno Alves

    Some of the comments on here about Alves are comedy material. Break Brown's legs FFS the guy is a professional footballer with top international experience, they don't go out to break any ones legs Watching him play has been a pleasure compared to what we have had over the last few seasons. He reads the game well, times the tackle and distributes the ball. What more do you want.
  13. The Evil Within 2

    Can't stand the suspense.
  14. Questions for the AGM

    1/ What external income streams have been looked into and when if ever they will be put into place? 2/ What is the criteria being applied to our search for a new manager and is it similar to your last two efforts? 3/ Ditto for our search for players who actually give a fuck.
  15. David Edgar nails it again

    Regardless of your opinion re FF or 1872 the bloke has it spot on. We, the fans, I count myself and all the overseas support as fans are fed up to the back teeth with the shambles that is Rangers. Most of us older supporters have been through the ups and downs of supporting Rangers over the last, in my case, 60 years. The fans have been the only constant over the last six years. We are the ones who are subjected to the ridicule in he media, other fans e.g. Dundee fans singing you're no Rangers any more and from workplace mates. The fans who have turned up year after year paid their hard earned money are the ones who have been mislead. They are the ones who turn up at Ibrox each game and fill the stadium, turn up at all these wee clubs grounds and given them their best game receipts of the season. The various boards we have had over the last six years have all failed dismally to resurrect our club, despite their hollow claims to be true Rangers men. They have all been and are charlatans of the highest order. The only thing keeping this institution alive is the fans. For without the season ticket money the gates would have closed years ago. Unless something miraculous happens at the AGM and the appointment of a manager that will get the team winning again we had better get used to not being Rangers anymore.