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  1. bluenose48

    Sack traynor ASAP and bring in Tommy Robinson

    Typing error should have been dragger.
  2. bluenose48

    Sack traynor ASAP and bring in Tommy Robinson

    Why would anyone want that fascist thug anywhere near our club. We have enough knuckle staggers of our own without importing them.
  3. bluenose48


    Too many tippy tappy passes. Possession football is great as long as it has an end product. We had nothing going forward.
  4. bluenose48

    Morelos incident

    No complaints, Alfie needs to grow up and quickly. Anybody who thinks he didn't try and rake McKennas leg and followed through on his groin is blind or so one eyed to be an embarrasment. They were at it from the off and Alfie fell for it again, how many times did he barge into players when the ball is nowhere near them. A far better striker this season but really needs to grow up.
  5. bluenose48

    From now till may

    Spot on mate. We cannot afford to lose against the wee teams, home or away.
  6. bluenose48

    Official: Steven Davis Returns

    Welcome back Steven. You could be the difference we are looking for.
  7. bluenose48

    The House of Cards

    Fantastic post. The rumble will be heard all the way down here in Australia when it happens.
  8. bluenose48

    Ross McCrorie

    Ross is what we have been crying out for, an animal in the DM role. He played an absolute blinder.
  9. bluenose48


    Halliday was brilliant today. That's what it means to be a Rangers player.
  10. bluenose48


    Good onya Craigie boy. Alway's Rangers.
  11. bluenose48

    Jamie Carragher interview with Steven Gerrard

    Good interview. Shows he knows the size of the job he signed up for, down to earth, honest. He was a winner as a player with a team that like ours are expected to win everything. Given the right backing he will deliver.
  12. bluenose48

    Lee Wallace

    Lee deserves more respect than some on here are giving him. OK maybe not the best player we've ever had at LB but he stuck with us when so many others jumped ship. He may not be legend status but deserves a bit of respect as a former Rangers captain. All the very best to you Lee no matter where you end up.
  13. bluenose48

    Merry Christmas bears.

    Merry Christmas to all the bears and their families and a Happy and Prosperous 2019. One where we really upset the fenians and win number 55.
  14. bluenose48

    Even Though We Ain't That Great (Yet)............

    Been said before but, if you were given the option of our season so far, back in June we would have taken it. January window could be crucial for us. I said back in Novenber we need a top quality number 10 that can dictate play and score goals. The rumour mill claims Steve Davis is a possibility, he fits that bill perfectly. He may be getting on but his experience in the EPL and his knowledge of Rangers and what is expected could be the signing we need. We also need another striker if Alfie gets injured we will really struggle.
  15. bluenose48


    Areed we do everything right until we get into that final third. I gets pushed out wide either left or right then back into the box to players who do not head the ball well. We need a good striker and and a good number 10 who can slide rule passes into the box.