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  1. bluenose48


    Can't blame the ref for our failure to beat Foster he had the game of his life. We should have been 2 or three up by half time.
  2. That back four were absolute shit tonight. Why Flanagan was there instead of Halliday I don't know. Helander is too slow and against celtic he will be a bombscare, hopefully Barasic will be fit for Sunday and we should play Emundson alongside him.
  3. Panic has set in on RM again. Nobody is denying we should have won last night but a draw against Aberdeen at Pittodrie is not the end of the World. I predict we will win on Sunday and there will be a lovefest again.
  4. Spot on I think that pairing is worth a try. Helander is ok as long as they are coming to him but smart attackers just knock it past him and run over him he runs like he is dragging a bag of cement behind him. Goldson is similar if he is given time he is great but if he gets more than one attacker at him he seems to panic.
  5. To quote the boss, one game at a time,but we need to beat Hearts today and well to give us the belief and momentum going to Pittodrie. Win that one then I think we will win the cup.
  6. Taking penalties has nothing to do with the position you play in. Its all to do with confidence and ability. When you are knocking them in its all good but if you miss a couple or the keeper saves a couple you start to question yourself. Tav has been brilliant but has missed a couple recently give him a break from the responsibility and he will bounce back.
  7. Goram is probably the best of a great bunch of keepers we've had. McGregor second. In my lifetime Niven ,Ritchie, McCloy, Woods and Klos were all great keepers in their respective era's.
  8. That's why McLean got subbed early even Austin could see he was on a red very soon.
  9. Gerrard has the experience dealing with the press. Knows which questions are traps and whichhe can answer. I really think we can beat Porto 2-0 tonight and throw the whole group open.
  10. Maybe he can't name names because he hasn't any proof that could be tabled in a court of law. Because that's where he would end up. Nobody can deny there was something dodgy about the way he and Lee Wallace were forced out of the club. Yes I know he played for them for a while but who gives a fuck, he played well for us and scored a lot of goals that helped us win. Maybe not a legend but deserved better treatment than he got.
  11. MacGregor Goldson Katic Barisic Davis Tav Jack Aribo Kent Arfield Morelos
  12. So we don't win this year and we sack Gerrard. Who do we get in. If we don't have the cash to buy better quality players to make sure we win the league, how do we fund a top line manager. Gerrard is the biggest name we have had since Walter, he has attracted players to come to Ibrox that would not have otherwise come. So this constant cries of sack the manager if we don't win this or that. We have made progress under him and his team the game on Thursday proved that we blanked Feyenoord in the first half then withstood one of the top european teams defensively for long periods in the second half. Lets see how we progress in all competitions up until Christmas before we started all this sack the manager shite.
  13. bluenose48


    Thought, as so many dd, he was unplayable tonight. His strength on the turn is unreal, his best game for us this season.
  14. What a brilliant game. The high press and energy was beautiful to behold. Too many players had their game of the season so far to mention individuals.
  15. Murphy is still a good option to have. Ojo like Kent is having a bit of trouble settling into the pacier and more physical scottish game. But like Kent I think he will come good easpecially in the european games which are more open.
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