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  1. For whom the bell tolls

    Arguments as to which convicted felon is worse helps nothing. The convicted felon who is currently in charge of our club is the real danger. If he cannot or is unwilling to pay millions to the other shareholders as per the TAB ruling. What happens to our club? My wish is King gets thrown in jail for his crime and the rest of the board get found " not fit " by the SFA. Then possibly someone may come in who has real money and get us out of this predicament.
  2. I doubt we have the mentality as a club to go forward

    Because its a fact. Real money not down the back of the sofa or in their kids trust fund. Fan ownership will not fly, too many factions. We cannot agree on a manager let alone run a club the size of Rangers. We have been sold down the river by real Rangers men, I don't care if a buyer is a Rangers man as long as he knows how to un a business and is prepared to lose a bit for a few years.
  3. I doubt we have the mentality as a club to go forward

    Spot on Junior. I have been waiting for 7 years for someone with money to buy us. Get DK and his band of merry blood sucking parasites to fuck. The fans back up every year in the vain hope that something will change, but it doesn't. We lurch from one crisis to another. We have a board that has no ability, no money and no knowledge of how to attract good trouble free money. This board are mediocre and that's being nice. They have hired four mediocre managers and umpteen mediocre players. The only outstanding asset we have is the fans who have turned up and purchased season books, fill Ibrox every game, fill every other shitey stadium In Scotland in the hope this will be the week it happens. Yes we have had good results, yes we are closer to them than last season in points but we are dross. Against Killie we had the opportunity to show that we had some pride in the badge, bounce back and give them a hammering, but no, we were terrible.
  4. shitebags today

    Probably get stick for this but Morelos should not have been on the park. He bottles it time and time again in important games. Cummings should have started and should have brought Miller on when they went to ten men.
  5. Two Centre Backs + Goalkeeper

    Thank Christ for a sensible assesment of the game. I have been on here reading all sorts of opinions of who to blame. I was thinking was I actually watching a different game. I thought it was a great game, we took it to them for most of the first half and scored two good goals but their first a good strike by Rogic the midfield should have shut him down. How many similar goals has he scored not only against us should never been given the room. Second was from a wonder pass from Broonie, he could not repeat it again if you gave him ten chances. Caught Cardoso sleeping and a simple chip over Fods head, meat and drink for a good striker. Third one again Edouard allowed too much room and allowed to cut inside criminal defending and a great strike. People on here blaming Fod for the loss FFS. Try blaming the real culprit, Morelos, missed two sitters one early on with the head coming in from the right keeper was on the left half of his goal, a good striker would have hammered it into the right side but no he tries to flick it to the left straight to the keeper. Still can't believe he missed that tap in, my nine year old granddaughter would have scored that. Yes Morelos may have scored a lot of goals but he has missed a lot more especially vital ones. He should be playing in China now and we would be 7 or 8 mill better off.
  6. Ginger Maldini Speaks

    Severely limiting our signing market. Must have a west coast accent and no gingers need apply. lol
  7. Ginger Maldini Speaks

    About as important as the colour of their hair.
  8. Who should start on Sunday?

    I would play both and drop Windass he seems to go missing against tough opponents. Although saying that Morelos needs to find is shooting boots again. Some of the chances he has missed recently is nothing short of criminal. He won't get time to think to long on Sunday.
  9. Ginger Maldini Speaks

    Who actually cares what accent our players have got. Scottish, English, Colombian as long as they can play football and play well for us. By the way some of the Glasgow accents are fucking terrible as well.
  10. Old Club/New Club - An update

    Good and informative post Lawman. Those of us who support Rangers already had read this and knew the truth. Unfortunately the morons like to think we are a new club, do not understand the law or rational thought.
  11. Greg Docherty

    He is what we have been missing in midfield ability with a fair bit of dig. When young McCrorie comes back fit it will be a defence to be feared.
  12. UPDATE: the remotest chance of winning the league this season.

    Keep believing. Pressure does funny things to the mind and they have not had real pressure for six years.
  13. Happy Birthday Sir Walter Smith

    Happy birthday Wattie. Just three day's older than me.Good month and a good year.
  14. Interesting Comments From Murty After Yesterday's Game

    Murty is right, we were sloppy for large periods of the game. Six minutes on the clock and we give away a sloppy goal. Which against better teams could have lost us three points. Our defence was woeful at times they were panicking when Hamilton closed us down and made us think quick. Even if you are six goals up you need to keep your shape and not give away stupid goals.
  15. Best XI?

    Foderingham Tav Bates Martin John McCrorie Candieas Goss Windass Murphy Morelos I feel the back six pick themselves in a fully fit squad. Candieas and Murphy, in the few games Murphy has played, have great skills and delivery into the box. Goss can slide rule a pass in and has a good dead ball delivery. Windass has to play behind the central striker otherwise I would not feed him. But he has proved he can score from that area and Morelos is a must.