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  1. CaptainofIndustry

    Newcastle Lads To Play Every Game

    No Rangers manager should be told which team to pick. Then again, McDowall is no Rangers manager. We desperately need all 5 players and more besides but McDowall has to step up and do his job or else do the right thing.
  2. CaptainofIndustry

    ***the Official Rangers V Hertz Thread***

    I agree. The more I see the same team playing exactly the same way post-Ally, the more I question what McCoist actually did. It looks to me like McDowall selected the team & the tactics while Ally told the jokes.
  3. CaptainofIndustry

    ***The Official Hibernian vs Rangers Match Thread***

    Stevie Smith at LM? Oh FFS, Kenny.
  4. CaptainofIndustry

    ***Hearts v Rangers***

    Stevie Smith at LM. WTF is the point playing a 2nd LB in front of Lee Wallace? MacLeod at RM; I don't like that midfield lineup at al.
  5. CaptainofIndustry

    **** Falkirk vs Rangers (Fri KO 7:45pm) ****

    I actually see positives tonight. I sense the whole place will receive an enormous lift when McCoist finally fucks off and we can have our football team back.
  6. CaptainofIndustry

    **** Falkirk vs Rangers (Fri KO 7:45pm) ****

    So McGregor RB with Jig CM and MacLeod out wide again? Oh good.
  7. CaptainofIndustry

    Ally McCoist - all chat in here

    If you're happy following a mid-table championship team, keep Ally for ever. If you have any ambition beyond that for Rangers, though, you have to fire his useless fucking ass tonight. Please, Mr Easdale?
  8. CaptainofIndustry

    Rangers Chat Live Phone In

    Very true. I'm one of them.
  9. CaptainofIndustry

    Rangers Chat Live Phone In

    I'm there, dudes
  10. CaptainofIndustry

    Rangers Chat Live Phone In

    Are you a regular contributor, Gogz?
  11. CaptainofIndustry

    Rangers Chat Live Phone In

    I plan to join Rangers Chat more often. I feel the need to unload...
  12. CaptainofIndustry

    'McCoist is clueless'

    I have no idea what the purpose of this thread was. "Don't disrespect Ally. Cut him some slack. He's done so much in the game." What a worthwhile viewpoint. Totally deserving of over 500 replies.
  13. CaptainofIndustry

    'McCoist is clueless'

    This is the type of thread which ruins fans' forums for me. "Don't dare criticise the manager, think of everything he's done for us." After struggling to a 1-0 win over Forfar? Not for me.
  14. CaptainofIndustry

    Time to get a few things off my chest

    How predictable. Another pro-Mark Dingwall post. Yawn.
  15. CaptainofIndustry

    Imran hits back via Bill McMurdo

    Everyone who backs Paul Murray to return can explain why?? I must have missed a lot of posts, in that case. I've never seen any reason given other than "he's a Rangers man". Is that the "great detail" you meant?