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  1. never mind, just read previous posts
  2. Exactly mate. Think positive. Jelavic himself will probably be gutted though. I'm sure one of the main reasons he came was for the Champions League.
  3. The work permit for Jelavic has went through. It was on SSN earlier before the CL draw.
  4. Haha yep alot of the seats at Rugby Park are like that. They're all tilted towards the pitch
  5. Gregory Vignal & Thomas Buffel definitely. My first time posting on here in ages btw
  6. http://www.whoateallthepies.tv/kits/35299/photos-kenny-miller-models-new-rangers-away-kit-back-to-the-atletico-madrid-rip-off.html They've listed it as 'An Atletico Madrid Rip Off' Of course written by Ollie Irish
  7. Don't Liverpool do this?
  8. Is it hour 1 or hour 2?
  9. I done the current players gallery and added the Kits & Squad photos galleries. If your needing anything else done that isn't too hard then ask me.
  10. Sorry if this is a repost.. http://twitter.com/MauriceEdu
  11. Only a couple of hundred...? Well, sorry Mr. 17,000-odd...! Hark at thee... 'If you have no experience ye cannae get the joab' 'How can I get experience if ah cannae get a joab?' spot on