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  1. This. Decisions have been mostly apalling.
  2. Legend in my eyes, think he would make an excellent coach for our young atrackers, defo improving with age.
  3. Stay clear bears. This be raised in holyrood if it was us but cos it's hivs, it's ok? Disgraceful.
  4. What a fuckin goal Kenny fuckin Miller. Rangers number 9
  5. Magnificent stuff.
  6. Totally fuckin dominated that. Keep this up Gers. We Welcome The Chase
  7. Yaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssss 9
  8. obviously forgetting i've paused it on sky.....
  9. A Truly awful decision, chopped off for offside. fuckin lino bottled it.
  10. evrything hateable in the modern game so far. But brilliant defensive work on Madrids part, barcas (pass into feet) pass back then spin is well read by madrid.